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  1. Our daughter was allowed to move up. It does depend on how full the clubs are but we had no problem. She was 14, a freshman in high school but she played varsity sports and was a cheerleader.(So mixed with grades 9-12 regularly) She ran with the older kids on a regular basis, not the younger junior high age kids at all. She was light years more mature and would not have enjoyed the Circle C stuff. (However, when she was 12, she did like Circle C).
  2. How much is the taxi from the cruise port to these? They're all close so probably the same price......they're about 25 KM....30 hour Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus Dreams Dominicus La Ramona Viva Wyndham
  3. Yes, you are absolutely right! Thank you
  4. Sometimes, the bartender hands me a fountain pop. Sometimes it's a glass of ice & a can. Yes, you can use the machines but when I was on the Celebration last fall, the machines were always out of order all over the ship. Although, the ones at the back by the Pig & Anchor worked but the pepsi tasted really weird. Some of them ran carbonation only (if you scanned a credit card to pay for a pop....then you paid for a nasty carbonated water. So really not effecient or convenient.)
  5. For those worried about travel advisories. Have you looked at the US passport / travel site? There are advisories for just about everywhere! Different levels 1, 2, 3, etc. I'm going on an 8 day in May to Aruba, Dominican, & Curacao. Guess what? They're all on the list !
  6. When in May is the Magic scheduled for dry dock? I'm booked on the May 4 sailing.
  7. We always choose early dining since that's about the time we eat dinner at home. I wouldn't eat late, especially when the kids were little & in bed by 8:30. We made it to all the shows on the Celebration (and all the other ships) without any trouble after eating.
  8. I've sailed the Sunrise multiple times - but only because we had crazy cheap (almost free) offers for that ship. I've been on the Magic once , sailing again in May. The Sunrise is fine. I prefer the Magic. It's bigger (but not giant like the Celebration. I wasn't a fan.), has lots to offer.
  9. Pop (Pepsi specifically) is my coffee too. I get it !
  10. I have always preferred Pepsi to Coke, so was very happy when they switched !
  11. We had a Havana Cabana on the Panorama. It was our first cruise out of California. We went in July. A couple important things to us: At night, around 6:00 it got cold. We sat outside to eat and they used patio warmers. In July. The first sea day and the sea day coming back, it was cold on the deck & a lot of people stayed inside. Definitely not the typical Caribbean or even Mexico weather we're used to in July. Mexico itself was warm and we enjoyed it. We don't care to sail out of California again though. We are from Missouri where everything that didn't stay open during covid, opened back up in May. We flew to Mexico for vacation, took a cruise, our daughter got married, had a new grand baby.......then summer 21 we sailed out of California. ALL they talked about - the cruise director too, was "we're back" and we're finally 'out' and the majority of the passengers were from California. Literally all they talked about - first time out since covid and all we could think about was 'what have you people been doing?!' I know it was different everywhere, but the whole vibe , atmosphere, everything was different than any other cruise we've taken. Not bad. Just very different.
  12. I have read a few times that there are TWO buffets. The SNACK buffet has the hamburgers, fries, etc and the other one has a lot of food. People didn’t realize there was another option until others talked about their experience
  13. Do any hotels offer a day pass in La Ramona? I saw a video of people at the Hilton on Bahibe beach area.
  14. Yes! We booked it for like 3:00 before sail away. We figured it wasn't as busy then and wouldn't risk it being full later on.
  15. It's been years since we've been to La Ramona. Is this the port that has the ski lift kind of thing that takes you to the beach right by the ship?
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