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  1. The fact that no one under age 12 can stay in the Havana area was/is a main selling point to me. I work with kids every day and when I'm on vacation, I just don't want them all over the place. I like them NOT being in the pool, not laying on the chair next to me, not whining because they can't go where ever, and not jumping into the pool. It definitely has an adult vibe. The kids can stay up in Water Works.
  2. I've sailed from Galveston twice. Once on the Magic and the 1st week of September on the Dream. Both cruises DID have country music. Trivia.....Country night in the disco/dance club.......One man band who sang country & requests......country music playing in different places as background music.......country line dance class. Agree that either you like it or not.....however, I can't stand the club techno music that plays most of the time on our ships out of Miami. I was really disappointed in music options on the Horizon in May. Ended up spending most of our time in the Havana area. One complaint I've had on every cruise so far: 80's night in the disco/dance club. They don't play 80's music. It's always 70's disco and early 80's. (Like to 82 maybe). They need real 80's. Big difference between "Celebration" and "Living On A Prayer".
  3. I have stayed in both and would choose the 4J hands down. I don't like being on deck 1 (or 2 or 3.....) . I like the light the bigger window lets in, the added space, and location .
  4. We don't usually sail this time of year but we're already coming to Galveston for a wedding on Sunday ! Thought we might as well hop on a ship while we were there........Board Monday (Labor Day) on the Dream. What are the odds of us getting out of the Gulf? Short 5 day cruise with stops in Progresso & Cozumel.
  5. When you check in for Your Time Dining, you tell them how many people then you wait. They'll sit you together. We had 6:00 early seating on the Horizon in May. Those fixed times go fast.
  6. I had a Havana Cabana on the Horizon in May. Loved everything about it. I'd stay there again. As far as it being under utilized....completely irrelevant. The Havana guests paid dearly for those cabins regardless if they packed the pool or not. (The Horizon cruise cost more than our Alaska one......) Good extra money maker for Carnival. On our cruise....pool was busy with guests all day every day. Almost empty at night.
  7. Also typically much longer - like 15 days. Lots of throw back activities too.
  8. Agree - we wish the basketball court was open later. However, I think it is above the steakhouse on some. The bouncing is really loud. But they could reopen after dinner hours.
  9. My daughter always loved O2. She made friends there. Sometimes participated in the events.....guitar hero .....late night pizza party.....etc. There are organized events - they have their own 'Fun Times' schedule. A lot of the time, my daughter would use O2 as a meet up point with her friends and then they'd go wander around & do stuff on their own.
  10. Hmmmm. I did a monkey tour in Honduras once. No monkeys peed. Climbed all over all of us & it was awesome.
  11. Agreed, a PVP might not be everyone's thing. We travel a lot and just recently started cruising. I've always booked everything myself....air, hotel, packages, tours, etc. Never needed a travel agent. Our first cruise I booked online. Since we now have a PVP, I just call him. He's free, so why not?!
  12. We were in the DR in May on the Horizon. We did the Carnival Special Saona Island through Seavis Tours. We took a public taxi about 30 minutes to their office and a speedboat another 30 min to the island. We were never scared. I'm not one to let things stop me. All of the deaths have been at hotels/resorts. Like the family last year from Iowa that died in Cancun - could be something like carbon monoxide poisoning from the hot water heater/furnace/air unit in their room or condo.
  13. For the most part, we just do the automatic gratuities that you prepay. If someone is doing above & beyond, then we give them extra cash. On our Horizon cruise in May, we stayed in the Havana area. The bartenders & lifeguards were excellent. They called us all by name, stopped & visited, always knew what we needed (and we weren't the heavy drinkers). We gave them each extra the last night. One cruise, we made a horrible mess with sand after a day ashore. I left the room steward an apology note & extra cash for having to clean it up. On a cruise a few years ago, our son got sea sick & threw up on the carpet. We wiped it up but didn't have cleaning supplies. We told the steward, he cleaned a little extra but then while we were in port a day or so later, he shampooed the carpet. I gave him extra money too for the trouble. Plus it was gross. We have tipped our dinner waiters extra before as well, not every cruise.
  14. We were assigned a random PVP. Love him, he does a great job. Always gets back to me right away, knows the answers to all my questions, has great recommendations rather it's about the ship or a port. I don't know how we were assigned, I do know if I log into Carnival and look around at possible sailings, he knows. I usually get a call soon after to see if he can offer any assistance. He knows what VIFP offers we each have and the best option for booking.
  15. I sailed the Horizon in May. It sold out quicker than any of our other cruises.
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