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  1. CheckersMidwest

    Belize Goff’s Caye excursion cancelled?

    We went to Goff's Cay several years ago & loved it. We would go again. We booked through Carnival.
  2. I am going to say, no, they aren't all the same. We've sailed from Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Galveston, Tampa, & Seattle. The Alaska cruise was the calmest - not a lot of deck activity. The Miami cruise was more of a party crowd with lots of hip hop and tech music. Galveston (on the Magic) was our favorite. The people onboard were the friendliest of all our cruises and the activities seemed to be more varied. Music was also more varied....country, rock, caribbean, etc.
  3. CheckersMidwest

    Good digital camera to capture Alaska's beauty

    I bought a Canon Power shot , it was about $500. Not exactly point & shoot but it did not have extra lenses. My daughter has a Canon rebel that takes beautiful pix but I didn't want to carry around those lenses.I just wanted to hang it on my neck and snap when I wanted to. With that being said.....I'm not sure I made the right choice. Most of my pix are dull and not crisp. However, that's kind of how it was....lots of fog & haze, so in reality they probably turned out fine. I did use the enhanced color setting a few times and the flowers, water,glaciers, etc turned out pretty. I have a 'few' wonderful pictures. The rest are equal to my old cheap camera.
  4. CheckersMidwest

    Tendering at HMC - what to expect?

    We loved HMC. We had a cabana and FTTF, which was nice getting to it quickly. However, the line back was really long and in the hot sun. No shade for the most part. Our daughter has low sodium, of course it drops worse when she sweats. She was fine when we got in line but by the time we got to the tender she was almost lathargic. A nice man offered us an orange,which I cut & squeezed into her mouth while she laid on one of the benches. We had a terrible time getting her to the room. Once she was cooled off, showered,and ate she was ok again. I was so mad, not one carnival employee offered assistance or asked if she was ok. I guess they just assumed she was drunk. No. I'm hoping they'll build some kind of shelter with a shade over the top . I bet we stood in direct sun for an hour. Next time, we'll just sit in the shade by the tender station until the very last minute when all the other people are gone then we'll get in line.
  5. CheckersMidwest

    Using a gift card as onboard credit

    I have done this. I gave it to them when checking in and setting up the onboard account. It will appear immediately as a credit and when it is gone, they'll start using the credit card. Worked great.
  6. CheckersMidwest

    LEGEND ALASKA July 31, 2018 Photo Review

    We stayed at the "Sleep Inn SeaTac". With tax, I think it was $165 per night. It was recently renovated and nice. There are a couple of pictures in the very beginning of this review. It included free breakfast. The shuttle will also take you to local restaurants, light rail, airport, etc. We had originally planned to stay downtown since we had a whole day to do stuff, but most of those hotels were over $300 per night. The taxi/uber has a set rate for anywhere in the 'downtown' area from the airport - $40 one way. The Sleep Inn shuttle took us for free to the Light Rail Station. You buy your ticket at the kiosk, it's $6 per person for all day. We used that to go downtown & back. We booked Shuttle Express for our pier transfer. It is $25 one way or $50 per person round trip. If you book the earliest shuttle (9:00 am) then it's cheaper. We took it one way as it was already sold out round trip by the time I decided to use it. With the 9:00 am shuttle, we were at the terminal checking our bags at 10:20. They picked us up in a charter bus, very prompt, right at 9:00 am. We made a couple other hotel pick ups and then straight to the terminal. It is about 45 minutes from the airport hotel zone to the pier/downtown by car and by light rail. For the trip back to the airport afterwards, we took an Uber. Our flight wasn't until 5:00 pm so had plenty of time. If you use a taxi or Uber, you have to walk a LONG way with your luggage to the pick up point away from the pier. The port made a new drop off/pick up point trying to help traffic flow. We did it , and it was ok, but just know you have to drag all your stuff for quite a ways. The shuttle dropped us off right at the pier, so much easier.
  7. Hello ~ my daughter is a senior at UCM in Warrensburg ! We've been to Whiteman several times. She chose the Horizon for graduation next May. Looking forward to your review ! We've visited New York and loved it but you'll love Missouri too after some time. (Once you get over the culture shock!).
  8. CheckersMidwest

    LEGEND ALASKA July 31, 2018 Photo Review

    We were in room 7208 - it was right there in the hall when we got off the elevator. Very convenient. I will load the fun times soon ~ Work always gets in the way :)
  9. CheckersMidwest

    Health forms?????

    We printed the health forms with our documents for our July 31 2018 Alaska cruise. (They were still showing there ) When I handed them to the check in person, they said they don't collect them anymore.
  10. CheckersMidwest

    My take on the Carnival Horizon 8/8 Recap

    How long did it take to walk to Jack's Shack? How do you get there? (directions) Thanks ! We'll be on the Horizon in May.
  11. CheckersMidwest

    LEGEND ALASKA July 31, 2018 Photo Review

    When you first get off the ship, there are maps available here. I looked for one for our scrapbook when we came back through and they were all gone.
  12. CheckersMidwest

    LEGEND ALASKA July 31, 2018 Photo Review

    They said this was the Washington Mountain range.
  13. CheckersMidwest

    LEGEND ALASKA July 31, 2018 Photo Review

    I turned and took this pix behind me and used sport mode on the camera. I took the same pix and then cropped/zoomed after I got home. Good way to save those pix that might otherwise be too far or not centered because you're on the move.
  14. CheckersMidwest

    LEGEND ALASKA July 31, 2018 Photo Review

    This photo is super blurry - but look at those flowers !! Again, sit in the back so you can take pix of things ahead or you or turn around and take it behind you. I was on the outside but things were blocked until they were right next to us.