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  1. Hmmm. I am assuming my Alaska 2021 cruise is going to be cancelled. I logged into Carnival and cancelled the excursions almost 2 weeks ago. I've done it before & switched to a different excursion and it was instant..... Still no refund. I called my PVP and requested a full refund for the cruise itself. I had already paid in full . I didn't cancel because I'd lose the deposit but if they cancel I can get it back. He made the changes & it shows I now owe a balance but he told me it could take 2-3 weeks for the refund.
  2. Hmmmm. All this talk about Carnival waiting until final payment to cancel sailings & hang onto money made me realize when I considered cancelling the cruise altogether.....my pvp talked me out of it. I had already paid in full. He said we should wait and see. (I know he'd lose money if I cancel) I had him refund my full payment & keep the deposit (obviously) until they cancel. It makes sense now.
  3. I had already paid our Alaska cruise in full. I cancelled the excursions and waiting for the automatic refund. Called my PVP and requested all my money back. I did not cancel my cruise yet....so left the deposit. If I cancel then I lose the deposit. If Carnival does go ahead & cancel then they'll refund it. We are taking the money & running - straight to a week in Mexico. I'm tired of the wishy washy cruise industry. Once it is back to normal - and I mean normal.....no masks.....no reservations for casino & pool......then we'll cruise again. For now, we'll go back to la
  4. I get sea sick, especially on small crafts when the waves are rockin. It is miserable and it does not go away. Take a meclazine. It's name brand Bonine - available over the counter at the pharmacy. Non drowsy formula, last 24 hours. Won't miss out on the fun and won't be sick doing it. 🙂 We took a ship whale watching excursion in Juneau. It was awesome.
  5. Agreed. Great location. We did not notice noise either.
  6. Would also like to point out NOWHERE says to stay at home and not travel. (Well, maybe California) No one wanting to is doing anything wrong. I'm in northern Missouri, we have been going about life as usual since mid May. Attended 2 summer weddings with 100+ people (One was my daughter's) and no one got sick. Daughter flew on an airplane this fall to attend another wedding in Florida and stayed at a resort for 4 days. Not sick. We've been shopping in Des Moines & Kansas City multiple times......dined inside restaurants since mid May......our kids are face to face in school sin
  7. And my next question is : If they require proof you've had the vaccine......how will that work considering you need one every year. The dates are going to be all over the place.....some people have now had their second shot so will need another next Dec/Jan.....but others haven't been offered it yet so may be June (just an example). How long will the previous shot be considered valid? And will the vaccine record show an expiration date?
  8. To the person who took the first shot but now changed their mind: Without the second shot, the first one is null & void. Wasted. (Unless you had a reaction that warrants waiting.) I think they will require both a negative covid test (because that's what is required right now to enter the US by plane) as well as a shot. The shot alone does not mean you are covid free. It says right in the information that you can still get it. They want to be sure people are 100% healthy when they walk on board. The test does that. My daughter is 23 & opting out. The side effects
  9. This is all such a mess. We are in Missouri. Our county and several surrounding have not received any vaccine yet. While other counties in our state are moving on to Phase 2. So....my husband, a paramedic, our nurses & doctors have not had the opportunity to be vaccinated yet while some general population Joe Blow working at Quick Trip in Kansas City can be. You have to be vaccinated in the county you live, so can't go take a vaccine from another. We don't have a hospital in our county. Our doctor won't see you if you have covid symptoms. You can't go to the hospital unless you
  10. Ashland: ?? Our last trip to Alaska was in August also. It was beautiful weather. Chilly in the morning and warm enough for tshirts in the afternoon. No rain. Only snowed going into the Tracy Arm Fjord.
  11. We had a balcony on our last Alaska cruise, thought it was definitely necessary when I booked it. We do like balcony cabins in the Caribbean. However, it was too chilly for me to sit out there all the time. The Naturalist on board would announce things we went by or things she saw...."Pod of dolphins on the starboard side" or points of interest. Our cabin would be on the wrong side. So we spent most of our time up on deck so we could see both sides. Or if I got chilly, we would go someplace with windows on both side - like the buffet area or a plaza area. The glacier day would be n
  12. Thank you ~ We rode the train last time & the scenery was beautiful but did not see any wildlife. I would really like to see bears & moose. There are a few excursions that make that possible, just curious about driving ourselves. I'll look at Murry's.
  13. Arizona Wildcat: (And anyone else who rented a car & drove in Skagway) - did you see Moose/bears anywhere along this drive ? Do you have to know where you're going (directions), or just hit the highway & make stops along the way? Thanks!
  14. The fact that no one under age 12 can stay in the Havana area was/is a main selling point to me. I work with kids every day and when I'm on vacation, I just don't want them all over the place. I like them NOT being in the pool, not laying on the chair next to me, not whining because they can't go where ever, and not jumping into the pool. It definitely has an adult vibe. The kids can stay up in Water Works.
  15. I've sailed from Galveston twice. Once on the Magic and the 1st week of September on the Dream. Both cruises DID have country music. Trivia.....Country night in the disco/dance club.......One man band who sang country & requests......country music playing in different places as background music.......country line dance class. Agree that either you like it or not.....however, I can't stand the club techno music that plays most of the time on our ships out of Miami. I was really disappointed in music options on the Horizon in May. Ended up spending most of our time in the Havana
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