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  1. On formal night, both Lobster and Carbonara are offered. I love both. The server offered an appetizer portion of the Carbonara since I didn't think I needed two full entrees. Perfect.
  2. We were on the Legend to Alaska last August. Casino was open the same hours as previous Caribbean cruises.
  3. We've had a 4J on the Magic . Loved it. So big & roomy. We have one booked again on the Dream this coming fall.
  4. I've stayed in a balcony cabin on the Lido on the Magic. My first choice now almost always!
  5. I am in my late forties. (ahem, clears throat) but we ate earlier even when I was in my 20's. Our age doesn't have anything to do with our time preference. Agree it is interesting to read the 'whys' everyone has.
  6. We always choose Early Seating. At home, we eat between 6:00 & 7:00 pm. I work until 5:30 then immediately start dinner. We're hungry then and if you get late seating at 8:15, I assume it's after 8:30 when your food arrives. For us, that's too late. Even when we go out to eat, it's around 6:00 or so. The only drawback for the early seating for me, is in order to get showered, hair done, etc and to the dining room by 6:00, we have to be in the shower by 4:45. That makes it tough if we're in port and it cuts the sail away parties short.
  7. My PVP told us that their is a 'light breakfast' available at the Havana bar area outside in the mornings. We sail in May, so I can't say this is certain.
  8. We had a 4J on the Magic. (Actually, the kids had a 4J and we had the balcony diagonal from it). Their room was huge. So much more extra room to move around than our balcony had.It did not have a couch but it had the little table and a chair.
  9. Once when we reported to the Guest Services for priority tender, they had us sit in the adjacent waiting area with a lot of other people. I assumed they were also waiting for priority tender. We waited quite awhile then all went together and took up an entire tender.
  10. I take a pop up hamper to keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones. A collapsible 'bin' (like the square ones you put in the cubical shelves) is nice to sit on the counter for random stuff & folds completely flat to put in your luggage. We usually travel in 2 cabins - our teenage/college kids in the other. I make a daily schedule and tape it to our mirrors. For example: It will say Tuesday - Grand Turk - Ready to go ashore at 9:00 - take your spending money, water camera, & specific things needed for an excursion. Dinner: Elegant night. They go to bed & get up at different times than we do. They can refer to the schedule and know when they're suppose to be ready , what to bring, etc. Flat tote bag of some sort (Vera Bradley, beach bag, etc) and put it in the bottom of the main suitcase & pack on top of it. It's great if I need extra packing space to bring home souveniers. They usually count as a personal item when carrying on a plane.
  11. Crewsweeper : You said it - I'm on vacation. We treat the boarding day as the first day of our vacation. Like a sea day. Being dropped off at port so no parking needed. We usually arrive 10:30-11:00 , fly through check in. I hadn't seen 12:30 as the earliest option before so thought maybe it was something special with the Horizon. We do have FTTF so like to drop off our luggage as soon as we board and then wander the ship before it fills up with people. Take pictures, grab some lunch somewhere, unpack quickly because our bags are already there and then sitting somewhere on the deck relaxing while everyone else is just now getting onboard.
  12. We will be in port from 1:30 pm until 10:30 pm. I booked a private island tour for the 3 of us through Viator. When you sign up, they email you a coupon. Saved us $36. (3 adults). We have 4 hours to do whatever we'd like. We want to see the ostrich farm, Curacao distillery and not sure what else. I'm trying to decide if we want to snorkel with the turtles or just make this a land stop. I'd like to see blowholes, maybe the cave. We would like to shop a bit, but don't want to push the tour to start later as the ostrich farm & distillery close at 4:00 & 5:00. Hopefully there will be a few shops open after 6:00 or along the way back to the ship. We could figure that into the tour also I guess. bup1224: You mentioned restaurants in the Water Arches area. If we have the tour drop us off there, is it far back to the ship? Can we walk back ? For good seafood, pastas, local dishes which is your favorite? (Perla Del Mar, Scampis, or Dal Toro). Any of those have a good view or atmosphere too? Also....the Curcacao and Dushi signs......what does Dushi mean?
  13. I checked in this morning (along with lots of people on our roll call group) and the earliest was 12:30. Why so much later than other cruises? Does it just take longer to get all the passengers disembarked?! I do have Faster To The Fun so plan to arrive between 10:30-11:00 like usual and hope to board sooner. I may end up waiting to check in but that's ok. (We're usually onboard before noon so not even checking in until later is new to us!)
  14. Enjoying your review ! We sail on the Horizon in May and in a Havana Cabana. Thanks for all the details !
  15. I feel like part of the decline in people dressing up is our (yes - us on Cruise Critic) fault. New cruisers come here & ask if this or that is ok and we answer to wear whatever you want because Carnival doesn't enforce it. No Carnival doesn't enforce their dress codes, but we just told them to wear whatever they want. If we'd state the specifics of the dress codes with examples, then that's probably what people would wear. If we keep saying to "Dress down, it doesn't matter" then that's exactly what everyone is going to do.
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