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  1. What would be illegal about that? It makes perfect sense to me.
  2. Ah ok. I dunno how true this is (it would make sense) but i was told they are granting exemptions starting with kids of parents that booked suites, then balcony, oceanview and then interior. Then if there are any left after that they move onto unvaccinated adults with medical issues.
  3. As much as i hate to agree with a Dallas fan hes 100% right. You only get espn in the sports bars
  4. Yeah ive done afew of them there, it was within 24-36 hours. It gets sent to your phone.
  5. Thank you. You are still waiting for exemptions for your cruise?
  6. We are sailing on the Magic 9/27 with our young son, we want to take a bubble tour in Amber Cove so its between PlayaBachata or Coconut Cove resorts. Both have almost identical mixed reviews on the Carnival site so i was wondering if anyone on here had any recent experiences at either one. Thanks!
  7. I hope youre not right 🤞 but you probably are. 😐Im holding out hope they make it through this, like how the airline industry has somehow. TBH after all the safety measures the cruise lines have taken and hearing all the positive stories about the restart, i would actually feel safer on a cruise ship than inside of a walmart or an airplane. IF they do shut back down i dont think it will be voluntary because they have everything riding on this.
  8. I dont remember what my code was but we ended up getting a last min deal on a Magic 5 day cruise on 9/27 cove balcony for $169, ended up being around $850 for myself, wife and son 👍
  9. Thats good to know thank you. I have a collection so i would be looking for our next one 🙂
  10. I totally agree. I wouldnt mind getting tested even though i am vaccinated
  11. Same here. We are going in late sept and we have 2 for Bimini and 3 for Amber Cove. I dunno they dont have any for your Aug cruise yet thats weird. Maybe call the funshops directly and they could help out. I did hear more were getting added this week, we had one added to ours so keep checking 🤞
  12. Thank god she didnt ask for what your idea of an enjoyable cruise is then 🤷‍♂️
  13. Im glad i searched first because i was about to ask a very similar question. I just canceled one of our excursions for our March 2022 cruise that we paid for on a gift card. We recently booked a sailing on the Magic that leaves in two months. Hopefully we get it by then 🤞
  14. Yeah update; you can def still buy it right now for our cruise in Sept.
  15. 🤦‍♂️i know, again its a joke..a couple of years ago alot of people got up in arms about Carnival taking away the tablecloths. This whole thing reminds me alot of that
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