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  1. https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-begins-restaffing-cruise-ships-hope-december-2020-return/ Looks like staff are returning to afew of the ships that are supposed to start back up in December. Good news 🤞 i'll take any we get right now
  2. That's what I was thinking. We were supposed to be on this ship in March 😞
  3. You got lucky. Mine took months. They will reissue you brand new cards, they cant reattach the balance to the card you used.
  4. Yeah if you look at the floor plan they are almost the exact same. The balcony on a cove is wider but the reg balcony are deeper. Usually you can save some money on a balcony.
  5. So ive been going back and forth about booking our first B2B cruise in April of this spring. Id like some friendly advice since this would be our first time and we are nervous about putting out more money before the ships start sailing. Heres the story; we are leaving out of Canaveral on April 18th on the Breeze for 6 days and the following sailing is for 8 days and it hits Curacao (our favorite island) and Aruba (both of which are not on the previous cruise. Our first sailing is in a cove balcony but the 2nd one would be in an interior (about $1780 total). The first sailing was supposed to be on the Mardi Gras which got cancelled, then the Fascination which got sold....so the cruise is long since paid for plus we have like a grand in OBC and all of the excursions are already bought. Also we had another sailing this year as well (on the Magic) which got rebooked and then cancelled. We are also traveling from NJ with our 2 year old son so we aren't 100% sure about him being on the water for 14 days. With everything that's going on in the world, would you book the 2nd cruise? TIA
  6. That's terrible considering they plan on restarting in 3 weeks!
  7. This is the one major issue I don't know how they are going to get over in time; so nobody is hearing anything about changes to their sailings in Nov/Dec? I would assume that there is no way that can sail at full capacity and most of these sailings are more than likely sold out (or close to it) from before the pandemic. How is Carnival going to decide who goes and does go? They should have started reaching out to people by now. 3 weeks is not enough time. We were sailing a week after everything shut down and it was not fun trying to get everything taken care of (flight, hotels, car, activities)
  8. Im all for whatever is going to get me on a boat faster. From everything ive read; the decisions for cruise lines to do line only excursions is more for the peace of mind of the islands. I don't blame the islands tbh, most of them do not have the infrastructure take on an outbreak. Ive been burned on 3rd party excursions before so I normally go through Carnival anyway. If that's not your cup of tea and you've done this itinerary 6 times already I would def rebook.
  9. If you have to call the casino booking dept directly. I booked a couple of casino bookings and if you wait on hold for a regular agent they will just connect you to the casino dept.
  10. We have a ton of OBC on our next sailing as well but we also got some gift cards back. In my opinion, if you can its probably wiser to buy in advance because its looking like if you want to leave the ship you are going to have to do a Carnival excursion (at least at first) so that means most of them will probably sell out. Also most of the people on the ship will probably have a bunch of OBC as well. Id rather be safe than sorry and use the OBC on drinks or slots 🙂
  11. They did. I saw an article on a cruise site that said the CDC is extending the no sail until 10/30 but the article was written tomorrow (in the future) so who knows how legit it is.
  12. All good. Im almost positive it was because I booked a casino rate.
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