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  1. I forgot, in St. Johns there are some stores and a small downtown area within walking distance. The port isn't much to speak of but you can find some shops and historical stuff around the area.
  2. We did the Kennybunkport tour last time in Portland. That was pretty cool, very nice little seaside town with lots of little shops and places to eat. We got back to the ship really late and the ship actually had to wait for us but since it was a Carnival excursion it wasn't a problem. For St. Johns we did the Bay of Fundy....that was a wife thing. It was what it was for me, cool to see because its a natural phenomenon but I wouldn't pay to go again. Both had pretty long drives. Portland you can kind of stay close and find stuff to do, St. Johns however is one of those ports that there isn't much around it and you kind of need to book an excursion.
  3. Just an update; I had my question answered days ago and the FTTF is already purchased to thank you but please carry on because this thread is highly entertaining.
  4. We also got it on the first day. Close to home, ive already been to both ports but we are basically just going to check out the ship.
  5. 1000% agree and yes people do get offended by this subject which is why I didn't ask if its worth it because nobody can make that decision besides the person buying it.
  6. Thank you for all the responses however the question wasn't if it is worth it because I feel like that question gets asked in here on a semi regular basis plus I have gotten FTTF in the past.
  7. We are going to be traveling with a 16 month old so the capability to board the tender early is crucial for us.
  8. Thank you. Just curious if you know how that works. Its been awhile since ive been to a tender port but I only remember seeing one giant cluster eff line. Do they board platinum/fttf earlier or something?
  9. Now that the prices went up, I just wanted to double check on this before I made the $89.99 purchase for Faster to the Fun. We have HMC on our cruise and I wanted to see if FTTF has priority for the tenders also. I googled it and checked their site and could not find anything. We will have an infant with us and are leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale. Thanks!
  10. Which ship were you upgraded on?
  11. We are 2272. Def a lot to think about...
  12. I sat next to a guy on the Splendor one time that no lie, ordered "five lobstahs". Imo you should be allowed a second entrée because like some of the other people said, you may not like the first one, you may want to try something new or maybe one just isn't enough but I think anything after your second entrée and you should be charged.
  13. Isnt Ladadee a private area for them? Figured they'd have that kind of stuff regulated, no?
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