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  1. We are going on the Magic in a couple of days and would like to make a build a bear with our kid. Ive read they are open but i thought they used to be inside Camp Ocean which im pretty sure is still closed. Does anyone know where they are doing the build a bear's on the Magic?
  2. The sailing we are on in 8 days is a new booking. Our OBC is applied to our sailing that was cancelled 3 times, we are taking that one in March.
  3. We are leaving in 8 days as well, we are on the Magic. You can use your OBC on almost anything. Ours normally gets spent on drinks 🙂 I don't think they want you to use it in the casino but there are ways around that. Like im pretty sure you can use it on machines so you could use it on a slot game, cash out and go play tables if you wanted. We have a ton of OBC as well but its going to be applied to our next cruise.
  4. Was this a new cruise or a rescheduled one? I think they are more willing to bend with rescheduled cruises or at least that has been my experience.
  5. Also just an FYI if you are traveling with a kid and they need a PCR test its still 3 days not 2
  6. Exactly. We are doing with our toddler and plan on not eating in the MDR at all. I dont think he'd be good if we had to wait that long for our food. We do the Cucina planned but from what i remember they do not take very long. Yeah my bar is never that high with the lido buffet anyway 🤷‍♂️
  7. You're def going to need the premium. I cant speak for the quality because I know they just dry docked the Magic but im not sure if they upgraded the internet. When i was on the Vista in 2018, i streamed a ppv on my laptop and it was crystal clear however that ship has the "upgraded" internet. When are you going on the Magic? We are going in 10 days and getting the platinum package. I can report back on quality.
  8. I actually just saw this yesterday. It is there, thank you
  9. Thanks. Yeah it is. We were actually supposed to cruise like 5 days after the shutdown so we are very excited 😊
  10. Did the camps open up (are they going to) and nobody mentioned it? I'm only asking because I just checked in for our cruise on Sept 27th and it just asked me if I wanted to sign my 2yr old for youth programs 🤷‍♂️ Has this happened to anyone else that's sailed within the last week or two with a child or has checked in recently? I know other lines still have programs running so just figured I'd ask 🙂
  11. Thanks yeah I got nothing. I just checked in and got nothing as well. Maybe it's all going to my TA?
  12. So I just prepaid my gratuity for my cruise in two weeks. I've never prepaid before. I have yet to receive an email and when I go into my purchased services, it does not show up in there. I took a screenshot of the charge screen just in case. Is this normal when you prepay?
  13. Where did you see that? I watched his live video as he was making the announcement and double checked his post after he made the video (because we have to get a test for our son) and i never saw anything about antigen tests for kids. Id post a screen shot if i could, either way its still a PCR test with a 3 day window.
  14. I honestly think carnival totally wins when it comes to value. I priced out NCL from NYC for a cruise at the end of the year. Even with all their "free" promos it doesnt even come close to Carnivals price. Even when you factor in the flight and hotel Carnival is still hundreds cheaper. I also love their crew. I feel like they constantly go above and beyond.
  15. Its been pretty cut and dry from the start. All kids under 12 need the PCR test and they still have 3 days to do it not 2.
  16. I dont get shrimp so i totally missed that one. I do remember the butter ordeal. Man...i miss the days when that was a big deal
  17. Thank you for asking this because i totally forgot how bad the straws stink so i went out and bought stainless steel straws for my sailing in a couple weeks.
  18. Really? I can see youre on the newer side so you must have never seen the " should I get FTTF" or "should i get cheers" questions or tableclothgate 2018. Those topics were brought up every single day
  19. Yeah i think my TA has had it with my as it is, i cant ask her to wait that long lol
  20. I did. I booked it in July. Going in 19 days
  21. I got a crazy casino rate when i booked. It was $160 per for a balcony on our 5 day cruise on the Magic. I dont think i can get any lower lol
  22. I guess this will do away with slot pulls for the near future?
  23. Exactly. Before i booked my upcoming cruise on the Magic i checked out an NCL cruise leaving out of NYC which i wouldnt have to fly to get to.Even with all their promos, a 4 day interior room going to Bermuda would be more than our upcoming 5 day Magic cruise with a cove balcony plus the flight, plus the overnight stay, plus the covid test charge for our son. Carnival is still cheaper.
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