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  1. It's a one time charge for $150 per kid. Also they have 3 days prior to get tested but as of right now it's a PCR test prior to boarding now an antigen.
  2. Depends what you consider normal. Lower than years past? For sure but if i had to guess id say it would be pretty consistent with how full the ships have been since the restart. The protocols are in place until Dec 31st which means the 5% exemptions will be available for kids. On our recent Magic cruise there was a decent amount of kids, like not more than there should be but i remember i kept saying to my wife "i thought there would be less young children"
  3. That would have sucked if it was cancelled. I dunno what their break even point would be but Id guess it would have to be alot lower than 2800. Jay from ShipLife on youtube went on a cruise with Bahamas cruise lines that had under 100 ppl on it and that wasnt cancelled
  4. I dont think youre going to get a standard answer and honestly i dont think there is one. Each cruise is going to be different. Our magic cruise afew weeks ago was allegedly at 60-65% but the real question is what some of these holiday cruises will be at.
  5. I was wondering about that myself. I remember going on the Splendor in March awhile back out of NYC
  6. Nothing specific. Just the same as everyone else; masking etc. She cant hang out while someone plays but your niece can walk through the casino. You didnt mention it; you know she has to get tested at the port and the day before you leave right?
  7. Im asking honestly because personally i dont know anyone who doesnt like him.
  8. Thats it? Maybe its because we traveled with a kid so we noticed it more but id say there was at least several dozen young kids on our Magic cruise afew weeks ago.
  9. There are alot of perks between the bottom and middle tier but not many more the middle to highest tier. Its weird the way its set up
  10. Thanks all for the quick responses i appreciate it.
  11. Has anyone ever gotten one of the pixels packages before, mainly the middle tier ($199). It says it comes with a 16x20 canvas picture. Just wondering if this is a hard backed canvas or something they roll up into a tube?? Id like to get the package but i dont think theres anyway we'd be able to take the 16x20 back with us unless it rolls up. TIA
  12. I forgot to ask. How old are your grand kids? They are waiting to see if the vaccine gets cleared for certain ages before doing exemptions for cruises but i dont think that takes into effect until after Dec 31st. Who knows though at this point 🤷‍♂️
  13. So we booked under the galley lol!! I knew about it but it was our first cove room and it was the last cove available on the Magic when we sailed last month and i think there was a reason for it being the last one. The noise was terrible, it kinda slowed down for a few hours after midnight but between 3am-4am it picked back up again. It was so bad i honestly thought a piece of the ship may have been broken because it was like a constant loud bang noise, i think we may have been underneath a large machine like an industrial dishwasher or something. I talked to my neighbor and she said it was bad for her also. I gave it two days and finally said something to the front desk. They looked my room number up (2427) and the worker said "I'm not going to lie to you....there are like 3 rooms where the noise is really bad and you have one of them" They offered to move us but we had the worlds best room steward who had connected with our toddler. They did end up giving us pixels credit because he said "you paid for it, you should enjoy your stay" so that was nice of them. But yeah....be very careful about the galley.
  14. Honestly Ive had luck over FB, i dont know if you can direct message him or if he will even see it but ive posted on his page a couples of times and i know others who have as well and hes gotten back to. If its not him then Jacinta, his assistant will probably get back to you. Hes usually pretty active really early in the morning.
  15. We sailed with a 2yr old a couple weeks ago. So we arent in the same boat but i followed the guidelines closely. They are exempt from testing. When we got to the port the worker asked "is he closer to 2 or 3" giving us the impression that maybe if he had just turned 2 they would have let him slide but hes almost 3 so he had to do all the testing. Under 2 also does not need a face mask.
  16. Sorry you have to deal with this. You can try to resubmit just to make sure you did it correctly because if it did go through you will get a message saying that it was already put in. Honestly since you're less than 14 days away i may try John Heald. Him and his assistant actually help a large amount of people. I had afew questions before we sailed with our toddler afew weeks ago and unfortunately you're going to run into alot of under trained people on the phones the same amount as we do. I will say with 100% certainty, the person who said "just show up" is dead wrong. They will have no issue turning you away. We had a small issue with my wives covid test having our sons birthday and her birthday year....i figured it would be fine since it had her name on it and it was not. My wife had to wait for them to call the CDC. While she was waiting she heard a worker say they "expect to turn away at least 300 people".
  17. I was about to say. Ive been told you can use slots and do the same thing? Just not on tables i think?
  18. Yeah i totally missed that. Thank you i appreciate it.
  19. From what i heard everyone with cruises in the months of Jan/Feb got them. Everyone in our cruise group got the email. I did think it was really weird though because for our Sept cruise we filled out our survey only afew weeks out.
  20. Um....ok. I think our definitions of unvaccinated are different which is fine. In your world, if a toddler is not considered "unvaccinated" then why make the comment in this thread? 🤷‍♂️
  21. Sounds exactly like our situation. Our sailing a couple weeks ago was 169 for a balcony. Our toddler is also a social butterfly but totally agree, if it was full price we would have canceled. Just a heads up, i dont know if you plan on taking yours to the splash pad or pool but they were very strict with their protocols up there. We got asked alot if he was in a diaper and he also got the whistle blown on him afew times for going down the baby slide face first.
  22. This is literally in the first sentence of the article "except those 12 and younger or those with a medical excuse". We were just in the Bahamas with our son three weeks ago and had no issues getting off the ship with the bubble tour.
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