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  1. Sounds like you have worked out a good "system" between the two of you !
  2. Yep - those ATM's usually payout well! jk You're an outlier to be sure. Best of luck 🙂 Tom
  3. I've taken plenty of "free" cruises. Some where I've walked off with 10 times the amount of what the cruise would've cost, and those where I've left that much. In retrospect -- it would have been A LOT less expensive to just pay for the cruises! Luck never holds out long term (on the order of dozens and dozens of trips). I've had 10 cruises in a row where I came out ahead, and then 10 (or more!) where lady luck caught up with me! Just like drinking - knowing when to say when is paramount! Tom
  4. Back in "the day" (when you could not book them directly) they were cabin #'s S1 and S2 (since they were on Sports Deck), but were generally just referred to as the Owner's Suites.
  5. "Those were the days my friend We thought they'd never end...." (except that whole singing and dancing stuff) 🙂 Tom
  6. The Fantasy class ships hold a special place in our memories - with the Sensation being our first 7-day cruise. I wonder if they'll hold on to it too. Other than lots of memories - the spacious owner's suites, the addition of Guy's Burgers, and the often broken atrium elevators (lol) - they are tired and past their glory days. Such is life. Now the big question... will things be "clear" enough (to move forward) two months from now when our final payment for the Liberty comes due. hmmmm
  7. Yep - the cruise lines have become skilled at trimming staff. When they resume operations I wouldn't be surprised to see 1 waiter for each side of the dining room, and 2 cabin stewards per deck (port/starboard). jk Tom
  8. I like the updated Avatar (well, it's at least new to me)! Funny about the Steak & Shake fries - I never cared for them, not one tiny bit. Cheryl, on the other hand, sings their praises for some reason - lol Tom
  9. Yep - for months I was looking at our 3/6/21 Mardi Gras sailing and there was nothing to be found (new booking wise). On a couple of calls to Carnival I even asked if they'd look closer at that date... "yes, it's totally booked... every cabin". Didn't make sense to me. Now it does. Just goes to show you, don't believe everything you see/hear. Now THAT'S an example of "fake news", lol. Tom
  10. Thanks. (just saw the notification for your post) 🙂
  11. Great work Don - Thanks for the research !! We'll have to see if we decide to opt instead for the Steakhouse. Besides (since we're bring staff/spouses along), I've never heard of a Chef's Table that accomodates 20 people !! Not to mention that making contact with the ship to ask such questions/make reservations at this point in time is not the easy task it once was! Tom
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