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  1. Pixel 5 for the last year -- awaiting my new (and improved) Pixel 6 this week 🙂 Tom
  2. I looked, and didn't see this addressed at Carnival (.com), perhaps I missed it. But - does it matter if you have known close contact with a Covid+ individual just before your cruise. Dose it just come down to your test results within the 48 hours prior to sailing? THANKS
  3. Are there many unvaccinated adults on Royal at this time, or is that really only those under 12 at this point? I've watched some cruise related YouTube reports that make it sound like there's a good number of unvaccinated adults. Perhaps that's their spin to attract viewers, no idea! Thanks
  4. What we've done on Carnival is get one full speed account and then set my phone up as a WiFi hotspot. Then, as long as Cheryl's is within range of my phone, she can surf at the same time. We'll usually have Pandora or Sirius streaming on a small speaker while we're connected. Once I leave the cabin (with my phone), "all is lost" - lol. Tom
  5. It disappeared shortly after this pic! I'll probably try it again next month. 🙂 Tom
  6. Impressive - and good, consistent, quality each evening? Tom
  7. No doubt ... beggars can't be choosers !! 😄 Tom
  8. That's like a hot fudge sundae without whipped cream or a cherry! Tom
  9. I enjoyed it. It arrived at the table barely 5 minutes from the time we ordered. WEAK horseradish though! Tom
  10. Have you booked suites on other lines? You'll find that Carnival falls woefully short when it comes to suite perks (compared to NCL, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean). Carnival... it is what it is !! Tom
  11. I was never brave enough to attempt the porterhouse - instead independently trying the filet one night and the strip steak the next. 🙂 A couple times I actually just made my meal of starters and the spinach salad, with perhaps a roasted pepper/tomato or mushroom cappuccino soup. Getting hungry now! Edit - just noticed (in your signature) that you'll be on the 2/26/23 Prima. See you onboard !! 🙂 Tom
  12. Yep - these things happen (speaking as a former grill cook at a steakhouse - probably cooked over 10,000 steaks before I was 20)! Tom
  13. They did for us (8/7 sailing). I asked the porter right off the bat if he could get it to our car (second or third floor of the parking garage). Yep, if anyone asks for this type of service, treat them well - they work hard in that short window of time. Things have changed since our last cruise - we never even spoke to a customs agent (that moment of silence as they size you up). We spent enough on a watch to incur a bit of duty, had our receipts all at hand - but never had to speak to anyone about it. EASY PEASY !! Tom
  14. That's how I order it. Just know that it will be probably be a tad closer to rare than medium, unless they nail it. 🙂 Tom
  15. It's not only on Carnival, or just at sea, but I find the two top tables VERY undesirable. They are so close together that you might as well be at a single larger table with your neighbors. Cruise lines realize that a fair number of people don't care to dine with others - as was customary in the past - so they reduce the number of larger tables and throw in a bunch of tables for two - one.right.next.to.another. Call me antisocial, but if I wanted to sit next to strangers and (practically) feel compelled to make small talk, I'd ask for a group table. When I'm enjoying a meal with Cheryl, I prefer for her to be my only focus of conversation. Tom
  16. It appears that you belong to the only glass of wine at the table 🙂 Tom
  17. Carnival needs to work on their entrée presentation. Most of the starters and such have a presentation factor to some degree. On the Mardi Gras last month, they put a plain plate down in front of you and plop the steak onto it. I'd prefer it be plated by the cook, the way it used to be! Tom
  18. We enjoy a bottle of Dom on the first night of every Carnival cruise we've been on (for the last several years). The 50% off is icing on the cake (Cheers does not impact the final tally when you're going the half off route). Tom
  19. Something else that Celebrity has started: Vacations should be effortless from the start. So, when it comes to your precious vacations, we’ve made your experience more convenient and relaxing by always including our most popular amenities. Now, every Celebrity cruise always includes drinks, Wi-Fi, and tips* on every sailing, in every room, every time. It’s that simple. Tom
  20. Cheryl and I both have the RU9 (joke) offer for Cheers. Our 29 year old gets either the RU1 or RU2 (can't recall). He might have a couple drinks per cruise. We might have a few a day (still not a large number). Carnival knows this!! Tom
  21. On the Mardi Gras, I had the premium (or whatever it's called) WiFi for myself. I set up my phone as a hot spot so that Cheryl (or our laptops) could share the love. No issues, as long as they were relatively close by to my phone! When I left the cabin, and Cheryl stayed behind - no internet for her... so, this next trip - WiFi for both of us! Tom
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