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  1. Let's try to post this just once(!!!), and not have to replace a repeated video with a home movie. 😜 🎥 Bandi thereal_cmb__2020.
  2. Sorry. Posting issues. Like I said, I reposted previous image...
  3. Sorry. Posting issues. Reposted previous image...twice. Aargh. Ummm... In the meantime, this is my office that I haven't seen since March 16 2020.
  4. This is the latest photo I've come upon. Not very revealing.
  5. 1st 📷 Ammo 2nd 📷 Christophe Dedieu 3rd 📷 Cristian View from above the only cantilevered jacuzzie.
  6. You're right. It looked white on my phone. Wishful thinking, I guess. It could be a stage.
  7. Ya, a nice photo of Central Park, but never mind that... they've finally painted the front of the loft suite area! 😜
  8. Balcony view. 😜 🎥 Sam samuelepellegrinoo__2020.
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