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  1. 📷 Janne-Petteri Since Carnival Celebration seems to have most of her keel blocks already in place [see below] - she is still missing bow and stern - the keel sections in the other photos most likely belong to Icon of the Seas. Keel section at bottom of these two photos... Some more keel sections at bottom of this phot as well...
  2. True. Maybe I should have said they look wide. Either way I would get smacked on the side of the head if I said that again to my sister about her hips. Lesson learned. 🥴
  3. I have seen some nice photos today of what are definitely Icon keel sections under construction out in the Meyer Turku yard. They certainly are wide. I will post when the photographer is ok with me doing so. Calling Lloyd a tease in 3...2...1...
  4. 🎥 Lucas ULTAB_2021.
  5. 🎥 Lucas POOLDECK_3598163557840264476_n.mp4
  6. I'll try to get to it as soon as possible. It's my last day at work. I'm retired starting tomorrow (officially in January 2022). I got a lot of work to finish up. 😳
  7. ICON of the SEAS floating engine room unit under construction today at Neptun Shipyard Rostock. 📷 Inselvideo
  8. Some moments from the install of the Ultimate Abyss Anglerfish. For the FlowRider fans Starboard areas we were interested in a long time ago... 100architects playground 🙄
  9. A tour of the pool deck. Jean video-1626787311.mp4
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