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  1. maybe it depends on the ship. I hear ya though. i usually like the flat iron when something else doesn't look as good. I as well love my condiments, so you better not cheap out!!
  2. while this topic has been beat to death, i'll chip anyway. Some nice jeans and a polo/golf shirt/deck shoes on regular nights always looks good. Throw a sport coat on over for a quick and sharp look. elegant night, spice it up with some nicer shoes and some nice slacks, or those black pants you mentioned. again with the sport coat- can't really go wrong. He'll look good, and feel good too. Sometimes it's not something you even think about 'til you get all duded up, then you see yourself in the mirror and it's like "hey, check this guy out!" ...we all get comfy in our day to day, but it's nice to get out of the sweats once in awhile.
  3. i agree. i'm not a beer snob, hell, i even brew my own beer. It's funny to see people once they go up they can't go back down. funny how the microbrews started brewing lights and lagers now. I think all beer has it's time and place. Nothing wrong with a light here and there.
  4. no problem. as much as i vent to people, there really are more good times than bad. He's getting better as he gets older , like Grandmarnnurse mentioned. He's better these days at knowing his triggers, etc. We tell him he's like the Hulk, you have these powers to be awesome, but you have to know when you start feeling angry you need to step aside and simmer down, and he like us, doesn't enjoy these "events" either. I don't mean to derail your thread, just after reading a few pages i was more and more like "yes, this sounds familiar" so back to the cruising!!
  5. oh man....great review so far. I know the struggles of the kids. our's is 8 and has some similar behaviors as your's. it can be beyond understandable...once they go over the edge there's no reasoning, talking, dealing , etc...they're their own boss of their own little world. mine is the same food wise as well, gotta keep that blood sugar up. This is a constant thing on school mornings...he doesn't usually like to take time to eat at the school provided breakfast, or even lucnh sometimes, and it shows- though he's usually happy to eat a couple pop-tarts at home in the morning-that is if he manages his time well enough. Also, people see him freak out, or us sometimes and i think they're thinking "poor kid.....blah blah" and don't realize -no, this is real. this happens all the time. Our's is adhd with authority defiance disorder as well...some people think it's "just kids" but it's more than that. anyhow, great review, looks like you're all having fun despite the bugbites, tantrums, family, etc! looking forward to the rest!
  6. can i wear shorts? asking for a friend. Lol... Sorry, couldn't resist.
  7. john heald said their would be no more formal nights because nobody cares. I kid ....i'm not sure but you know...i've been drinking...
  8. pretty much this. I think maybe the formal night spoke more to a previous generation maybe? We dress up a little at least. Personally I don't care all that much, but it's nice when people aren't being slobs. You can tell the people that something "nice" is khakis and a polo...they almost look uncomfortable ...lol. I know a guy like that.
  9. our last cruise was during spring break aboard the Victory ....regular amount of kids....enough they had to break out of the normal room for the younger kids camp carnival...anyway not too much college dudes partying or whatever. Ran into a group of dudes a few times actually. super nice guys. they each brought a bottle of champagne and had one or two left ...i suggested they leave it for their room steward. They liked that idea and agreed that she was really nice and might appreciate it.
  10. people like random fad challenges, so call it "max out my cheers package challenge!!!" bonus points if you go around dumping ice buckets on people and planking across the dining room tables at dinner. If you're not shy start making friends and see if you can get people to buy you drinks...
  11. I bet the gatsby get up would look nice! as for your boys, they really just want people to make it look like they give a darn. If they're behaving well, and they look good with some nice tasteful shorts, I see no problem. Many people don't like to dress up, but when we look good, we feel good, right? It's fun to sit at a sidebar before dinner, especially by where they do pictures to people watch and see all the ladies and dudes all dressed up, at *feels* a little more elegant anyway.
  12. yeah...we like to dress up, even if just a little. I have a pink sport coat given to me by some guy I didn't even know..a friend's god father. only claim to fame on that one was the dude was dating rodger goodell's sister. Still it was cool getting the jacket though. i need to lode 10 or so for it to fit like it did ...but yes, it's tailored to the dude, who was about my size, and it's quite comfortable.
  13. Elation was our first. a smaller ship indeed but we've found that's not so bad. The food will be pretty good, there will be enough activities, and you said you like the itinerary , so just go!
  14. and so ends another great cruise review. Thanks , it was a fun ride. you really made me fee like i was there with you all! Til next time *cheers*
  15. we have 2 of the shot glasses. they came around just as we were finishing dinner. sounded good yeah, let's have a couple. They didn't state 'til after we downed the shots (just okay) that we had to pay for the glasses as well. so whatever, fine....ended up like $13 each? something stupid like that. to be fair though, they are nice shot glasses.
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