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  1. Thank you all for your timely advise. Ten days later, numerous emails with corpaorate yada yada yada crap. Phone calls being left on hold for what seemed forever!! (longest hold was 28min 53 seconds!! Realizing being courteous and polite wasn't getting anything resolved. So out came attitude insisting that we resolve this TODAY! (meaning yesterday) And yes it got resolved, Deluxe drink package for original price of $42 a day instead of $65 a day! Thank you RCC for doing the right thing....NOT! I shouldn't have wasted my time on something you clearing could have fix with first phone call!!! THANK YOU everyone for listening and advising.
  2. Yes I do have the original email confirming the package purchase. And yes they did send email cancelling package, I did go into my email until after I notices amount credited to my bank account. I am not always on my email. They originally said it was because if itinerary change. Fine!!! Now just fix it. It's about the money and principle! In good faith I gave you money so in good faith I would like what I paid for.. Don't believe that's unreasonable. I will post when it gets resolved. Fingers cross in my favor!! Thank you everyone.
  3. Host Clarea thank you for the email address. I will also see about posting on twitter and facebook, I do not have either one ,but relatives do. 10) Thank you 🙂
  4. I will try to keep it brief. We cruise at least twice a year, normally at a minimum book two state room. This trip we have 7. Have NEVER had an issue. 1) Had our itinerary changed (not a Problem) 2) They moved around excursions and actives for correct day of new itinerary. (thank you) 3) They also, somehow canceled our drink package. (now the problem starts) 4) Was never notified, noticed it on my bank statement. Trip not till Dec 2 2019. 5) Made the phone calls, and calls, and calls, and know emails......(Not resolved) 6) Deluxe drink package now $65 a day, I bought at $42 a day (still a problem) 7) Was told 3 days ago someone will call or email.....(thank god not holding breath would die) 8) ANY IDEAS PLEASE!!!!! (I do not want to pay new price, don't think I should)
  5. We have done it also, I believe it's for parking at the garage always. Only cost us $28 for 5 days.
  6. Have you looked into Park connet. We used it for the first time Jan. You park at the garage on channelside. Literally across the street from RCC port. It cost us $28 for 5 days. I was very nervous trying it because we have never gone out of Tampa. I can't stress how easy and convenient it was.
  7. Morning, I've tried searching wondering if anyone might have pics of cabin 6184 on Ovation of the seas please. I am aware it's obstructed just trying to figure out how bad. Thank you
  8. Calling all Nancy Drew's our muster station is B02. Not really sure how to figure it out from there.....
  9. Nooooo Biker 19... bad mojo!!! LOL we are only having good balcony thoughts.🤗
  10. So true, lesson learned! Is what it is... Thank you hoopster95, fingers cross we might get one.
  11. But we didn't pay for an obstructed view GTY, do they do that a lot? First and probably now last GTY we book, if that happens.🤬
  12. We booked a GTY on Ovation for Aug, going to Alaska. We haven't received a room number. Edocs say deck 6, and the category XB. I went on RCC website and couldn't find XB. Any ideas what XB stands for?
  13. I second for Park connect, seems to good to be true, but we used it last Jan. works like a charm. We paid $28 for 5 day cruise. When we did it, it was automatic for Channelside garage, and they just said welcome. We could park anywhere. Maybe because we were the only ship at port. I read everything I could find before we tried it, so glad we did. I wish it would expand to other ports!
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