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  1. My DH is visually impaired, if they do away with the sea pass it will be differcult for him to get in and out of the cabin. He does not carry a smart phone and we are not attached at the hip. People sometimes forget not everyone is able to use a smart phone. It's bad enough that parents do not explain or tell their children not walk directly infront of a person with a visual cane. (lets each them to say excuse me). God forbid everyone is a snow flake and can't be re-proofed. Sorry I'm done.
  2. Unless your flying in and can't re-book the airfare, I also would take the deal. What are you going to do?
  3. Great review, can't wait to see more! Thank you for your time and effort.
  4. Also if they and if you are on the right airlines, they take your luggage the night before and get it checked in for you at the airport. Pre-covid it es $25 Also depends on what day your flight is and time of year. (school vac ect...)
  5. Did it mention how long she will be in Europe? We are booked on her in Dec.
  6. We love Tampa, parking is beyond reasonable, we use park connect. We are (fingers cross) going Dec 2021 Rhapsody, Jan 2022 Brilliance Feb 2022 Brilliance. Just love the convenience of Tampa, we are in Seminole, so the drive is less than 40 min. Port Canaveral is 2 hours. Thats the most we like to drive. And I just love the smaller ships, just perfect for a 5 day lets get out of the house trip. We really don't care about the itinerary.
  7. I can't speak for savory dishes I love dessert. So My fav dessert is creme burlee. FYI the bread pudding, vanilla sauce in Windjammer.
  8. Everyone loves a secret stair well!!! Soooo Harry Potter-ish..😂😂 Now I wish I was on deck 8.
  9. yes. For example Grand Cayman is the Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman
  10. This is ideal for us because we don't fly to the ports.
  11. I have never heard of this. I happened upon it while reading a review on a different websit. You go to pack for a purpose website, pick a destination, and pick a purpose. Ex school supply's, pet care, medical (band aides kind of things) health (toothbrushes ect.) Ex, pick school supply's for pre-schoolers, fill a back pack, they tell you where you can drop it off, on whatever island your visiting. . We hit the same islands every year, and mainly never get off the ship. Now we can bring a back pack each fill it with literally $20 worth of supplies, and thats
  12. Bill, loved the video!! I am so happy with all the positive reviews. We went for it. Cool cruiser, that is diff creepy. But on a positive maybe they found you adorable chillin on your balcony!😉 Now I will be looking up a lot. LOL!
  13. Balcony envy.....#7152 looks huge! We decided to try it. I'm ok with the lounge under us. Just thinking this being our first cruise back, I think I will be on the balcony more avoiding crowds for now.
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