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  1. Isn't the Elation much smaller than the Sunrise...
  2. I know one shouldn't be negative about what someone might like to eat...but "rabbit pastry puff"...NOPE....CAN'T DO IT......
  3. the flight I am talking about is a non-refundable ...basic
  4. I wonder if I would be able to change my flight to Ft. Myers to go directly to Miami the day of the cruise....(we were initially going to go to Ft. Myers for 2 days and drive to the ship in Miami, but now my SIL can't go)...hmmm I'll call
  5. Booked basic, but air canada site says "1 free change"....
  6. Carnival has added this rule until March 31/22....A concentrator is a much smaller device that one can carry on their shoulder and it only makes oxygen as you need it....it's actually quite cool for someone needing oxygen limitedly.....
  7. Obviously airlines are accepting mixed vaccines including AZ. / moderna / pfizer..into the U.S. ..I wonder what the chances of cancelling non-refundable Air Canada flight is..and getting a refund......he was booked for a cruise but that will be cancelled also due to the fact that he can't take his oxygen concentrator on board ...ugh
  8. Wait....what??? No one checks to see if you have already had 2 shots???
  9. Thanks Fouremco....I think you are right....just sit for now...
  10. My brother is going to have to cancel his cruise....He has AZ/Moderna....I know he will get his deposit back from Carnival but should he wait until November to see if Air Canada will not allow him to fly to the US because of his mixed vaccine???
  11. Ok, 2023 only comes up if I log out......what's up with that?
  12. Can we not book any 2023 cruises....Nothing comes up on my screen....
  13. Sorry…my reply came across wrong..most definitely anyone who took Az did the right thing..just sad that it isn’t recognized the same…as the other vaccines….I’m so proud of my fellow Canadians who have stepped up and gotten vaccinated….we are soooo far ahead of other countries..and I am blessed that I honestly don’t personally know anyone who has had COVID…way to go Canada!
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