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  1. On most of the cruises I have been on they had the BEST CHICKEN TENDERS...Haven't seen them in the buffet on lido for probably 4 years....
  2. That looks amazing! The only thing I wouldn't eat (but would try) is the Lamb...I'm not a fan of Lamb. Thanks for posting, appreciate it.
  3. My gosh I would never expect any dish outside of what is being served. I was merely trying to get a feel for what people have been served at the Chef's Table. That was all, thanks for the replies, appreciate it.
  4. Thanks for all the replies...I'm thinking Ft. Lauderdale or Miami sounds easier lol
  5. My sister has a bad back so I am thinking we don't want to fly into Newwark....We want to fly into the most convenient airport to the pier?
  6. ENJOY the Conquest steakhouse in November....it is AMAZING!
  7. OK here goes....Why would anyone choose a cabin on the deck 6 when the promenade deck is right below them....especially above the CASINO?
  8. How was your visit to the steakhouse?
  9. Thank you! Agree, I sailed 1 cruise on Royal...My experience was HORRIBLE....(JUST MY EXPERIENCE)...People rave how much they love Royal Caribbean....and that's great. BUT...will I spend $1500 on Royal again...NOT DURING MY LIFETIME that's left....If I'm going to spend that kind of money...it's going to be a sure thing next time....ALREADY BOOKED ON THE SURE THING.... OH...AND YES....some of the reviews don't MAKE SENSE....I GET THE DRIFT
  10. Hi there, my sister and I have been on a lot of cruises ...LOVE THE STEAKHOUSE...but have always wanted to try Chef's Table. I am not a picky eater, enjoy trying new dishes, although...I don't enjoy any dish that is "raw or medium rare"....I wouldn't eat tartar....etc. or medium rare red meat. I don't like oysters or clams or escargot...(more a shrimp and crab seafood kinda girl)....Not sure what they serve....Would I enjoy the Chef's Table.
  11. May 16/20, Carnival Legend...never been to NY
  12. 2 people, flying in same day...from Toronto
  13. Ya..I hear you....bottom line, if you don't pay the mega bucks for the YC....DON'T GO! Ridiculous the way the treatment varies by level and how much you paid....Sticking to Carnival....everyone is treated the same....(great)...and I don't have to pay an extra $1,000.00 YIKES
  14. Good morning, I am considering a cruise out of New York....my question is this: Which airport is most convenient...and cost effective transfer fee?
  15. For anybody thinking of trying the steakhouse on this ship....DO IT! For $38.00, I could not believe the meal we had...SERVICE WAS EXCELLENT...The head Chef even paid a visit to our table to say hello....A meal here in Toronto would $150.00 each AT LEAST, if not more....AMAZING
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