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  1. I honestly think it's a bit of a mixed bag. They are certainly checking your boarding pass at the beginning of the line and I do remember folks milling around outside, presumably because they were early, but I do think I recall an Early/Late line and an On Time line. Frankly, right now it's not too big of a problem because passenger loads are so very light. It's amazing to see zero cabs/Ubers showing up after 1 pm. January, maybe different story. Sorry, I know I didn't give you a very crisp answer. Just my observation after 2 Miami cruises, post pandemic.
  2. Sunrise is a significantly nicer, upgraded ship. Oh, and just to correct SNJCruisers above, she's the retrofitted Triumph, not the Destiny. Destiny is now the SunSHINE, sailing out of Charleston. While both were part of the original Destiny Class, the retrofits of the two ships are meaningfully different. Each has an advantage/disadvantage or two over the other, depending on one's preferences. Bottom line. Carnival did a very nice job rebuilding these 90s vintage ships. We're looking forward to Radiance, the third in the line. Sunrise would be an easy choice for me, other things equal, in your comparison.
  3. I am not 100% certain but I believe certain Caribbean islands are specifically prohibiting unvaccinated folks from coming ashore as a condition for allowing the ship to dock. This MAY be the issue here. IF that's true, it stands to reason there won't be Bubble Tours. I would research further regarding St. Maarten and St. Kitts.
  4. I had not known that Magic has assumed the role of 'east coast rover' in the same way Sunshine used to. I think that's great because that means some interesting and different itineraries to include the Canadian maritime provinces. She's a very nice ship. One of Carnival's most popular.
  5. In Canada, do you need a test simply to fly domestically? Or is it because you are flying internationally that triggers it?
  6. It'll be interesting to see how the protocols are handled for those under 5. Seems clear to me that once approved by the regulators, 5-12 yo will need to be vaxxed to sail. I'm hoping that the CDC will then adjust its guidance and that the cruiselines will modify their protocols accordingly. What I'm confident about is that Carnival will continue to sail 'fully vaxxed' (meaning above the 95% threshold) for the foreseeable future.
  7. Was it the first one you opened up? Did you guys need to go 5 for 5 after that? PRESSURE.
  8. Thanks Sarge. Yeah, between you and Tony from La Lido Loca dropping (and ruining) one, having an extra absolutely makes sense. Enjoy your cruise.
  9. Assuming you plan to get your kids vaxxed and have some schedule flexibility (say shifting from Winter break to Spring break), I'd personally delay the cruise. I honestly think you'll have a better time with kids a few months out. Carnival has been VERY accommodating. Right now, there are very few kids onboard. Again, it's hard for us to get in your shoes but I have cruised twice. As a vaxxed adult, the challenges are mostly pre-cruise with 'some' inconveniences onboard and ashore at ports. For kids,I suspect the cruise experience is pretty different right now.
  10. 4 of the 8 remain. Ecstasy, Sensation, Paradise and Elation.
  11. I've used that exact test link printout twice. The antigen test and that exact same piece of paper has been seen by Carnival thousands of times by now.
  12. 1. It'll get used up by any onboard expense. 2. They're not switching ships. Elation set sail this week. You're good to go. The folks that still need to pay attention are folks on ships that have not restarted as of yet.
  13. That's accurate. Specific time doesn't matter. Done it twice now.
  14. It was 'fine' at 2135. But none of the venues were any bigger so when that ship is sold out.... watch out. As I've mentioned, our next 5 CCL cruises are on Spirit, Conquest and Dream class ships. All wonderful. That regular interior on MG? Never in a million years.
  15. We've got a PT on the Dream for a 14 dayer in '23. 👍
  16. I just watched a well done YouTube for a typical Mardi Gras balc cabin. Very nicely appointed and I really like the sliding balcony door but somewhere between 18-24 inches narrower in the 'punt' section. Let's call that the 'anti-slideout' in RV terms. Not a deal breaker but still.
  17. I just sailed Horizon for the first time. At 50% it was really nice. But I could sense what it would be like at 100%. Nope.
  18. You are correct. All decisions to leave San Juan were pre-pandemic. And it did have something to do with port ownership along the lines of "rent is this much and CCL's bill for renovations was that much'. It was never fully detailed publicly other than Carnival chose not to pay the bill and left.
  19. Yep, I sense Carnival going the route of max efficiency from a company standpoint with their newer builds. I'm confident I won't get on an overcrowded ship in peak times. More amenities are nice; but elbow room is what I personally prefer. Don't get me wrong, we very much enjoy the product. We have 5 cruises booked on Spirit, Dream and Conquest class ships. But everything has a price that I'll be willing to pay. And I try not to pay for crowds and lines.
  20. Interesting take. So they've decreased the square footage in the typical cabin? Can you elaborate on that a little? Also, is common space going to be a problem when the ship is sailing at a higher pax count? We noticed that potential issue on Horizon last month, even with a 2135 passenger count. Heard from crew about the lines. I could see the potential. Do you think Mardi Gras might be even more challenging?
  21. That's a good deal for the Magic especially for NYE. Easy choice. Book a rate with Price Protection so you can cash in if it comes down. So far, early 2022 prices have held. We'll see now that the protocols are out.
  22. I will add that you MAY experience an itinerary tweak on the Magic's 8 day Eastern run. As of right now (Freedom is doing CCL's first post pandemic 8 day Eastern as I type), the route is St. Maarten, St. Thomas, San Juan and Amber Cove. (I like that just as much.) We'll see what happens as time passes.
  23. Honestly, they're not really directly comparable cruises. The 6 day Freedom trip, admittedly a nice cruise, is being done by Carnival on various ships many, many times a month using a relatively similar itinerary . The 8 day is certainly one of Carnival's nicer cruises at this time. The price differential should be significant and the former quite cheap, even with the New Year's surcharge.
  24. Technically jeans aren't allowed on Elegant night but Carnival's enforcement is so lax, especially these days, that nobody will bat an eye. Right now they are just thrilled you are back on the ship. We saw some 'waaaaay' outside the code on both our cruises so far. I now wear nice slacks and a Tommy Bahama with some docksiders. Puts me right about the median or slightly above. Nice to not lug a suit-bag on the plane but I will say I miss the jacket/tie days sometimes, especially when our kids were teens, traveled with us, and viewed Elegant night like 'fine dining'; a real treat when you're 12 or 14.
  25. No doubt the entire business model gets rethought post pandemic. All cruise lines are taking available data from operations since July 1 and making decisions, both short and long term. Personally I'd be surprised to see them sell any more ships at the moment. Building new ones costs big money if they guess too low with future capacity estimates. But exactly how everything gets deployed and what home ports remain is an evolving question that even THEY probably don't know the answer to at this point.
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