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  1. Has anyone actually missed a scheduled port in Alaska on Royal due to size or weather conditions? If so, which port and why? I'm trying to find out how often Royal really misses ports. Also, does Royal ever tender in ports? TIA
  2. I have always had the bed by the balcony on previous Carnival cruises. Newer ships on RCCL and perhaps other lines alternate the location of the bed and sofa. You need to look at the deck plans for the Mardi Gras. They will alternate, also. There is a video, a bit long, but full of great cabin location info.
  3. We are on the Royal back to back in August 2021. We had previously cruised on the Coral southbound from Anchorage to Vancouver. Most people on this board will recommend the Grand over Royal. Royal is considered too big. We loved our Coral cruise, but the food and ship amenities were not as good as Royal class. We love the Royal class. Granted, we will be onboard for 2 weeks, so ship amenities come into play for us. I would think about what is important to you. Do you want to experience bigger, newer, with better dining options or does smaller size matter. The Royal balconies are tiny.
  4. Basic Carnival suite benefits include priority embarkation and debarkation, a larger cabin, some cookies, and a free bag of laundry. The price point is much lower than other cruise lines that have a true suite class. To get the improved benefits, you need to book an Excel class suite on Mardi Gras. The cabins look amazing! In addition to the basic suite amenities, you have access to a private pool deck with cabanas for rent. The cabanas can be rented from others not in Excel suites, but Excel suites have priority reservations. You get a private concierge phone number, free room service, free
  5. Thanks! So do you have the ability to get your seats thru EZ Air or do you go to United's website?
  6. You will be so happy with the cabin!!! We were just in cabin 4228 on the Legend in January of this year doing a partial Panama canal trip. I'll leave you with a video from the balcony. The "big sky" feel can't be beat. Enjoy your cruise! https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipOSs5esAIoIldqdTd8O4PzazdFuS5wgwnlIZy_8
  7. I am hoping for a credit for the CHEERS package, too. Otherwise, the perk is useless to me. Carnival doesn't have the suite perks that other lines do, but before the excel suites, they also didn't charge an inflated price. Free room service isn't much unless they add more options. If they allow you to order room service from the MDR, now that would be great. Most lines have a private lounge and dining room for suite guests. The excel aft suites look amazing. We have one booked. So far, I've enjoyed Carnival for the fun and other lines for the suite experience. We'll see how the Mardi
  8. I believe you should call and upgrade your cabin ASAP! The Vista Suites sell out, no chance for an upgrade. The cabin you are describing has no privacy and a tiny balcony. We have sailed in Vista Suites many times and they are wonderful. Wrap around balcony, separate living area and bedroom, dressing area, walk in closet, and jacuzzi tub in bathroom. If it is only $500 for a 7 day cruise and you can afford it, you will not be disappointed. Which Vista Suite deck are you looking at? Deck 4 is totally covered and has a wider balcony do to the slope of the railing. Deck 4 is our favorite
  9. I have narrowed the flights down to American and United. Delta is a distant third. Delta is my favorite airline, but pricey for these flights. American and Delta show seat maps. So, I'm guessing that United won't let me pick my seats. Anyone have any experience with United? We haven't flown in a few years and we always used Delta miles then. Now that we are retired and have to pay, I'm looking for a good price along with a decent experience.
  10. We have an Alaska cruise in August 2021. It's getting close to being able to select flights. I've been doing mock bookings on earlier cruises. Some airlines show seat maps, some don't. When I finally get to choose a flight, do I get to pick my seat then or do I have a "guaranteed seat in that category" and it will be assigned by the airline when I pay? We are looking at first/business class if that makes a difference. TIA
  11. I also received a refund of my insurance premium from Nationwide working through Insuremytrip. We had an April Princess cruise cancelled and we chose the full refund option from Princess. I had to prove 1 - my cruise was cancelled by the cruise line and not by me, 2 - that I chose the full refund option and 3 - that I hadn't filed any claims against the policy. It took about 4 months to get the refund. We have used Nationwide before and on one occasion filed a claim because I became ill and couldn't travel. I had no problems getting my claim paid. I do think that Insuremytrip helps as a
  12. Interested, too. Also, if you have OBC, can you use it to pay for excursions before you board the cruise?
  13. Thank you Budget Queen. This excursion was a highlight of our cruise a few years ago.
  14. Not exactly what you asked for, but you might like to consider another approach. We flew in 3 days early, so had a day to explore Anchorage first. On our second day (your first) we took the train to Whittier and spent the night at The Inn at Whittier. It is a quirky town with a fantastic history. There are several tours there. We enjoyed the 26 glacier tour very much. You can take it the day you arrive on the train or the next day before boarding the ship. The town is small with a lovely fishing boat harbor. The Inn is beautiful and as quirky as the town. Great seafood at the restaurant
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