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  1. I know Princess offers military onboard credit, but didn't know about Carnival. They used to have amazing military pricing, but not so much now. Details please.
  2. I love the Tiramisu Martini!!!! My go to is a Grey Goose Cosmo, but after dinner, it's tiramisu all the way. So smooth and yummy.
  3. Oh my, bacon doughnuts? We have a coffee shop with caramel drizzled bacon doughnuts. They are so hard to pass up. I will have to use up some of my sugar allotment on one of those!
  4. Our only Alaska cruise was on Princess, but we were lucky enough to snag vista suite 4228 on both Hawaii and Panama Canal cruises. Heavenly!
  5. We are on that Halloween cruise, too. So much fun!
  6. Yes. We have traveled with people who don't like to dress for formal night and gone to both Cucina and JiJis. Shorts were just fine.
  7. You can come as you are. Shorts are allowed. We usually go cruise casual, but there really isn't a dress code except for a no bathing suits kind of thing.
  8. Really?! What does that have to do with coffeemakers in suites? So hard for some people to keep on topic. 🙄
  9. I totally agree. So many options to choose from and I like that they are spread out on different decks. I think that will help with crowd control.
  10. For better or worse, I like them all. 😁 Following your guidelines of sweet and yummy, I have a couple of suggestions. Tiramisu Martini. It is fantastic!!!! I drink them in the evening after dinner. Not like a milkshake, so not too heavy. Smooth and yummy. The Cruiser. It is a fruit punch type drink. Perfect for a hot afternoon. Bushwacker. A frozen chocolate/mint concoction. Carnival doesn't due the St. Thomas original, but ask for a floater of 151 on top and that should help it taste less like a milkshake. Baileys on the rocks. A c
  11. Agree that deck 4 vista suites are the best. We have been in them several times and they never disappoint!
  12. I agree that Carnival does well at putting out a good product at a reasonable price. Over the years there has been reduced quality in the food area, but I now enjoy their grab and go type options. We haven't eaten in the dining room in years. We have been pampered more on other lines, but we still enjoy the fun on Carnival. I personally don't care about the "gift". Some we have used, but most we give away. Priority embarkation and debarkation is a gold mine for us. Enjoy the priority line at guest services, too. We do use the laundry, but only for durables.
  13. Love how Royal treats suite guests on Oasis Class. Royal does give loyalty guests more perks, however, Royal's base price is more expensive than Carnival. Onboard expenses are higher, too. You have to pay more to get more.
  14. Focusing on the trivial gift is not why most people try to reach platinum. It's the other perks that make reaching platinum a goal.
  15. Does the Magic have the food options in the Red Frog Pub? If so, what do you think about the options? Just to confirm...the lunchtime BBQ is Guy's, not the generic version? Also, no Bonsai Sushi? That doesn't seem possible. We are booked in October. I have some food issues, so I like to know my options in advance. Thanks!
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