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  1. Thank you five. Since it is a milestone cruise for us, it put the cost within reach. My only concern is that we will love it and there will be no going back!
  2. I've watched your cabin video twice now. I'm amazed at the details. I am a cabin geek and always hunt for the extra large balcony or special layout cabins that give you more bang for your buck. I am surprised about the uncovered balcony ocean suites. That is typical for Princess, but not usual on Carnival ships. I know some people like them, but I like overhead cover and also like more separation from public decks. We usually book entry level suites, but would avoid them on this ship. I believe I finally understand how to tell whether the bed is by the bath or by the balcony. Glory be, the fog has lifted and the skies have cleared! I always thought that people who could tell had some sort of mystical powers. That being said, we booked OT ocean suite 14429. Am I correct that the bath is on the right and that the closet would be next to the bath area, followed by the bed and then the sofa area before the balcony? We were drawn to this type cabin because of the larger balcony (hopefully protected from the wind) and central location. What is your opinion of cabin 14429? While I'm at it, we also booked EXCEL AFT suite 12502. It will be a milestone cruise and a special occasion for us. We booked it before the EXCEL benefits were announced and are very pleased with the cabin and balcony amenities. I don't think the pool deck activities will bother us because we are up several decks from the action. In fact, I think it should be entertaining. My only concern is how much of the balcony is covered. I have studied the photos and it appears that there should be a fairly good overhang to provide shelter from the sun and weather. Perhaps 50% coverage? The side portion of the balcony should be fully covered, correct? Would appreciate your input. Thanks so much!
  3. Thanks for posting the pictures. We will visit in a few months. Looks great!
  4. We are on the Harmony Eastern itinerary in September. We did Sky class on Oasis and loved it. We are only Sea class this time because that is as high as our traveling companions wanted to book. We do like the space in a JS, but I just love the Coastal Kitchen and we were planning on doing most dinners there. Now we will have to cross our fingers and hope that there will be availability for us. From now on, it's Sky class for us.
  5. We have 2 cruises booked on the Mardi Gras. The one before the Halloween cruise and one in Jan 2021. I have a feeling we are going to cruise on this class ship many times!
  6. Yes, this. While we don't tip extra for every drink, we'll slip in a $5 here and there to those bartenders that go the extra mile for us. It usually gets us a well made drink in short order.
  7. Following. Very informative. I can't even imagine the amount of time that went into the research!
  8. We cruise various lines and on our splurge cruises we opt for a nicer cabin. So nice to relax on a wraparound balcony or enjoy the extra space on a Carnival ship. If I were cruising on Carnival, I would choose an AFT EXCEL suite on the new Mardi Gras. Two room suite and an enormous wraparound balcony with your own private whirlpool. Now for RCCL, I would choose an Oasis Class ship and get at least a Grand Suite to enjoy the many, many benefits that Royal Suite Class offers. Can't beat it. I know you can go to a more upscale line, but for us, we enjoy the fun and activities on Carnival and RCCL.
  9. Just trying to confirm suite benefits with the Royal Up program. You receive all of the class benefits associated with your cabin type (sea, sky, star) except the double crown and anchor points, correct? I assume that if you originally start out in sea class (JS) you still receive the double points. I don't want to incorrectly factor in the cost of the drink package, gratuities, and specialty dining if I get the chance to go star class.
  10. The only time we leave a card in the slot is when we are trying to charge something. We never use our cruise card though. We use some generic card that we take out and put within easy reach. I don't want to take the chance of leaving my card in the cabin. BTW, before you take the card out and leave your cabin, make sure your spouse isn't in the bathroom. Been there, done that! 😨🤣
  11. About how far of a walk is it to Tickles from the ship's gangway at Crown Bay?
  12. Thanks blue_water. I am the OP. I've done the trek to the tram and all of those stairs many times, but last time was proof that I'm not getting any younger, LOL. I've never traveled there by car so I have no idea what it's like.
  13. Thank you for your menu and drink pictures! So informative.
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