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  1. Following along....we board Harmony the day you debark. Take good care of her and have a great cruise!
  2. Thanks. I don't remember my points. I'm pretty sure that I am not at the "free cruise" level, but I would have expected some offers along the lines of my DH. I will call Casino Royale. RCCL definitely runs their program differently and I just haven't cruised enough with them to understand the program.
  3. We are usually Carnival and Princess cruisers, but have recently branched out to RCCL. I am a slot player, DH plays mostly tables. On Carnival and Princess I get the better offers, but have had zilch from RCCL. DH has received many offers from Casino Royale, but nothing impressive. I was wondering if I was missed in the system somehow. On Carnival and Princess once you put your card in a slot they know who I am and my offers start soon after I return home. I play a lot in the casino, so something seems off. We are on Harmony soon. What do you suggest I do to verify my account is being properly annotated?
  4. I would like to add a question about the tram. How crowded is it? We will be on Harmony. When we were on Labadee, most of the trams were full and we either had to wait quite a bit or just give up and walk it. Thanks!
  5. Hoping that Dorian doesn't come your way. I grew up in South Miami and was stationed with the military in Mississippi and Alabama. I've seen my fair share of tropical weather. It doesn't look good. Be safe.
  6. Enjoyed your review. Thanks for sharing. We will be on Harmony in a few weeks.
  7. Lol. I thought that I was the only one to put two luggage tags on each suitcase.
  8. I've been wondering if there are any problems with the last minute upgrades when it comes to boarding docs, luggage tags, and items ordered for delivery to your cabin? We usually travel a couple of days early so there wouldn't be any way to reprint docs and tags.
  9. Here's my story. Several weeks ago I did online check in for DH and I on my phone. I took his picture, but didn't take mine (bad hair day, lol 🤣). I figured I could add it later. I can't find a way to edit the set sail pass on my phone. Is there a way? Next thing I did was look at online check in on the computer. I could edit it and saw a place to add my photo, but this time I was in my PJs with no make up on 😲, so I figured I'd add it later. So, a few weeks pass and I was going to edit online check in today on the computer to add my photo. I get an "oops there is a problem, please try again later" message. I've received it all day. I noticed that my edocs are available. Does this mean that I can't edit anymore or is there really a glitch? I sail in a month. The edocs don't have a set sail pass, but we have them on our phones. I prefer a paper copy so I don't have to mess with my phone at check in. Am I out of luck? Thanks for the help!
  10. If you get the chance....you were going to verify that getting money for slots using your onboard account doesn't incur a fee. Also, another CK question. Can you substitute a side item that is already being offered on the menu? In other words, if you get an entrée that has a side you are sensitive to, can you order basmati rice or roasted potatoes instead, if it is already on the menu for that night? Also, is there a problem getting sauces on the side? I looked at the CK menu on the app and noticed everyday appetizers and entrees along with the offerings that change every night, but I didn't see anything like a baked potato or rice on the everyday offerings. Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks John! I don't mind donating a bit to the slots, but to pay a 5% fee on top of that doesn't put me in my happy place for sure.
  12. Just clarifying that on Harmony, cash downloaded to slots from your onboard account is charged 5%? I heard that Harmony wasn't charging the fee. I guess I will bring cash as we are not Prime. Thanks!
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