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  1. tallyho8

    Boarding time delayed for Carnival Triumph

    I go the same email for my cruise on the Triumph in October. It was because they were loading the ship with supplies for the remodeling that they are doing before it goes to dry dock. Much work is being done on it in advance while cruising.
  2. Not exactly a restaurant, but, the Crayfish Cookoff in Westwego LA. at the farmers market. One low price to get in and eat all of the best prepared crayfish in the world by people vying to win the championship. Unfortunately this only happens one day a year during spring.,
  3. And after that I will spend the next few weeks planning my April 19 Journeys cruise from Hawaii. But I would trade it all to be broke and 20 years old and fishing with a cane pole in Lake Pontchartrain again...……...
  4. How do I pass the time until my next Carnival cruise? Well, my last Carnival cruise was on September 6, 2018 and my next Carnival cruise is on March 2, 2019 so in this long period in-between, I went on an MSC cruise, a Norwegian cruise, a Holland American cruise and a Royal Caribbean cruise. Did I say I love cruising?
  5. tallyho8

    N.O. Dream Cruise during Mardi Gras

    I have cruised on the Dream twice during Mardi Gras. The trick to avoiding heavy traffic is getting to the ship early, before 10AM is best. Stay on the interstate and expressway until the exit to the ship. With 2 large ships in port there will probably be slow traffic for 2 blocks from the expressway to the parking lot but you will have plenty of time to spare.
  6. tallyho8

    Crew having sex on NCL Jewel

    Of course we all know how the tabloids in England are almost as believable as our National Enquirer.
  7. But, please don't bring glass bottles onto the beaches.
  8. tallyho8

    Havana question re HOHO bus

    We rode the HOHO and really enjoyed it. It starts on the street right outside the terminal exit and it is a big double decker with the top open.
  9. tallyho8

    Liquor in stateroom

    I have bought bottles online on Carnival and Holland America but have never seen any bottles of Liquor for sale online on NCL, just wine and beer.
  10. tallyho8

    Liquor in stateroom

    I have pre-bought a bottle of liquor on almost every Norwegian cruise I was on. The reason some people think you can't is because you can not buy it online. You MUST order it on the phone. Once onboard you can order a bottle for your cabin through room service. The bottle prices are on some of the menus in some bars. Note that these prices for bottles to be consumed in your cabin are much higher than the price of bottles bought in the shops onboard to be held until the last day of the cruise before you get them.
  11. tallyho8

    Question for chengkp75

    The Triumph, Symphony and Vision are now all headed up the river on time. It looks like they got priority because there are many ships that are still waiting in the gulf that had been there way ahead of them. Good news for all the passengers.
  12. It is clear now and the Triumph, Symphony and Vision are headed up the river on time.
  13. If anyone knows the answer to this question it will probably be him. Right now the Mississippi River is closed due to a ship being grounded and over 50 ships are waiting to enter or leave the river. Three are cruise ships, the Carnival Triumph, Royal Caribbean Vision and the Crystal Symphony scheduled to enter the river soon. When the river is finally opened, is any type vessel, such as a cruise ship, given priority to go first or is it first come, first served? If cruise ships are not given priority I expect these 3 ships to be docking very late tomorrow, if at all.
  14. If you are cruising out of NOLA on 1-5-19, this may be of interest. https://coastguardnews.com/coast-guard-responds-to-deep-draft-grounding-in-the-lower-mississippi-river/2019/01/04/
  15. At 4:40 PM 1-4-19 the Mississippi River is still closed due to a ship being grounded in the river. Over 50 ships are waiting to enter or leave the river. Cruise ships may be delayed tomorrow. Check news or MarineTraffic.com for further info. https://coastguardnews.com/coast-guard-responds-to-deep-draft-grounding-in-the-lower-mississippi-river/2019/01/04/