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  1. Yes but it was not just $200 that we saved. On guarantee we also got upgraded to a balcony cabin where he only got an outside that he got to pick in advance. When we get a guarantee cabin we always get a better cabin than one that we could have picked in advance yet Norwegian charges more when you don't do sailaway and claims it is because you get to pick your cabin also. We were about to pay the $800 more and get the oceanview cabin next to his but instead we decided to do sailaway and got a much better balcony cabin on guarantee. Besides, it was a $260 more per person upcharge plus grats not $200 so we would have had to drink $400 more each on the ship to equal the price of the package. We also drank a lot more than 3.5 drinks a day because it was a port intensive cruise with only 1 sea day and we took excursions with our friends each day and each had to pay for about 4 drinks a day while we were on excursions. Even though he had the drink package he still had to pay for these 4 drinks a day. Now if we were on a long trip with many sea days like a trans-Atlantic we might have possibly made a different choice.
  2. tallyho8

    Casino Offers - room selection - HAL

    I was finally assigned a cabin today, 11 days before we cruise. My balcony was upgraded 4 tiers leaving me 3 tiers from the top balconies. I was hoping maybe I would get a suite but not expecting one. I am quite happy with my assigned cabin.
  3. tallyho8

    Warning: NCL Shareholder benefit change

    Maybe, just maybe, the OBC can not be used for service charges. So on my last cruise where I had over $500 in OBC, I just went to the casino and cashed out $300 of my OBC that I had not used and only had to pay a $9 fee for doing so. It was definitely still worth it to me.
  4. I was on the Seaside a short time ago and had upgraded to the deluxe drink package. The friends I booked with only had the standard package and we had requested a table together. We sat together, ordered the drinks we each entitled to, and there was never any mention of us not being able to be seated together. I do not believe there will ever be any questions about who you sit with unless one with a deluxe package tries to order 4 premium drinks to include the others with the standard drink package.
  5. tallyho8

    Best parking plan for NOLA with wheelchair

    It depends on the cruise line you are on. If it is Carnival they have great parking at the port and I would advise that as the easiest and best with a wheelchair. If you are on Norwegian or Royal Caribbean they have a different lot which is not as accessible.
  6. tallyho8

    Casino Offers - room selection - HAL

    We are on the Oosterdam in 2 weeks in a guarantee balcony cabin. For our casino rate we were offered an inside cabin for free or an outside, balcony or suite for 75% off. We have not been given a cabin number yet so I don't know if we will have a standard balcony or an upgrade.
  7. What cruise is this? I didn't think any of the Ovation cruises went to Kauai? On the Pride of America the port side is the best side because it sails past the coast closer and slower on the port side then turns around and sails faster past it on the starboard side.
  8. Do these policies have no place to list a beneficiary of the policy on them?
  9. tallyho8

    Alabama Football - Nov 3 rd

    I was on the Triumph 9-9-18 when I watched the Saints lose their only loss of the season. I was on the MSC Seaside watching LSU beat Ole Miss on 9-29-18 but I am not able to predict with certainty what games will be on the ship any day. However, if the Dream sailed out of New Orleans and the Saints game wasn't shown on their TVs that day the ensuing riot would force the ship to return to dock fairly quickly.
  10. tallyho8

    Tram to Mahahual problem

    We have taken cabs a couple of times and they would not stop on the exact intersection that we wanted them to stop on. They preferred to stop on the next intersection where the bar owner would usually give them something for bringing them guests. It is usually a very short walk back on the malecon to your original destination just saying no to the hustlers trying to get you to go to their place instead.
  11. My most memorable cruise after about 40 cruises was still my first cruise with my wife. She had been on a cruise before me but I wouldn't cruise unless she went on a cruise to Alaska with me because I had read fabulous reviews of Alaska cruises. Even though we had an inside cabin, which we have only had once since, when we got a free cruise, I will always remember this cruise as the one to compare all others with. I am so glad my first cruise was not a 3 or 4 day Bahama cruise because if it had been I probably never would have cruised again. We have had many great cruises since mostly in balconies and many longer repositioning cruises which I prefer best but i will still say that first Alaska cruise was my most memorable. Seeing all those whales and bald eagles and otters for the first time and the many glaciers and snow covered mountains was such a thrill for a Southern "boy" from New Orleans. Being addressed by Madame and Monsieur for the first time by the crew and having a glass of champagne offered to us upon embarking was an unforgettable moment, indelible in my mind, and forever leaving me wanting to cruise again. I always pity those who only remember the worst parts about their cruises and forget about the many pleasures they have experienced.
  12. I road the road to Hana twice and all the way around. The rental company I rented from did not forbid it and many don't and the ones that do only mean that their insurance will not cover it. In spots your cell phone will not work so if you break down you may be stuck for a while. I feel that going all the way around is safer than going to the Sacred Pools or Lindberg's grave and then turning around because when you are going clockwise around the island you are on the inside of the road not on the outer lane next to the cliffs. When going around a blind curve and meeting someone head on who is on the outer lane it is much safer and easier for you to back up to a safe, wide passing area than it is for them to do so. People coming back from those areas are going counterclockwise around the island and riding on the edge of the cliffs in much more danger if a collision occurs in a blind curve. I found the roads in much better condition than those in the City of New Orleans and the drivers much more aware in the risky areas and will be quite content driving them the next time I am in Hawaii. I found the scenery to be amazing and well worth the trip. If you like playing games on your phone more than sight-seeing, you should probably stay on the ship.
  13. How can Norwegian advertise the drink package as Free when it is not free? Easy answer: Because they do not give the drink package when you book sail-away prices and also do not let you pick your cabin when you book sail-away prices so they say that the extra cost of booking without sail-away prices is because you get to pick your cabin. Actually, this is complete BS because you are better off when you don't book your cabin because you always get an equal cabin or get upgraded to a better cabin when you have a guarantee. I booked with one of my friends. We both booked outside views. He booked regular price so he could pick his cabin and had a choice of 9 of the cheapest outside cabins with obstructed views so that he could get the "free" beverage package. I booked a sail-away guarantee cabin with no beverage package and saved about $800 from what he paid. He had a very obstructed view and I was upgraded to a balcony and we drank all we wanted, which was more than he drank, and our drink bill was only $600 so we got a better cabin and all the drinks for $200 less than he paid.
  14. tallyho8

    Warning: NCL Shareholder benefit change

    This appears to be the same stockholder benefit that I have enjoyed for the last 10 years. I don't think it has anything to do with your free at sea perks as I have always gotten those along with my stockholder benefits. This usually only applies to people who get special discounts like travel agents and casino guests.
  15. tallyho8

    Alabama Football - Nov 3 rd

    With the Fantasy cruising out of Alabama, it is almost a certainty that they will show the number 1 team playing the number 3 team because everyone (except for a few Alabama people) wants to see LSU whup Alabama. And Carnival will make a fortune when all those Bammies try to drown their tears with alcohol.