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  1. I know on Carnival, Holland American and Norwegian you can purchase a bottle of liquor (at exorbitant prices) to consume in your cabin. Is this possible on Celebrity?
  2. The main sets are usually only changed at drydock. This is why they rotate different ships in different ports because if you cruise each year on the same ship you will be bored with the same shows.
  3. I've been on many cruises on many ships and I find that the minis can get just as cold as your home refrigerator but, they take longer to get cold. You can not put 12 hot cokes in there and expect them to be cold 4 hours later. But if you pack the refrigerator because the more items in it, the less room for hot air, everything will usually be good and cold the next morning.
  4. tallyho8


    Go directly into Tropicana's lounge and ask for seating wherever you want and they will be happy to have you.
  5. Walk directly into Tropicana's Lounge and ask someone to seat you on the beach or wherever you want to sit. This way you will be sure to have a real employee sit you at Tropicana's spot. They will realize that you are trying to avoid the El Faro trap and be anxious to assist you.
  6. It's really irritating when they bring in these old ships that don't even have any balcony cabins. I like to book balconies but I don't like having to put out that much money for a suite on an old ship like that.
  7. I have the premium drink package. Can I order only one drink at a time, alcoholic or non-alcoholic? After I order a drink, is there a certain amount of time I have to wait before I order another one? Do they allow you to bring unopened beer or soft drinks to your cabin? Thanks for your replies.
  8. I booked 11510 last year as we thought a mini-suite would be much larger than a balcony and have extra room for my wife's scooter. It did not seem any larger than the regular balcony rooms that we had been booking. The only difference we saw was the bathroom was larger because it has a tub instead of a shower. We both like showers and my wife had a very hard time stepping up into the tub and standing up in there. We will be sure not to get a cabin with a tub again or to spend the extra money for a mini-suite.
  9. It all depends on who you talk to at Celebrity. The average worker who answers the phone is not qualified to answer your question. You must refer it to their superiors.
  10. No, you were not violating the Jones act or the PSVA and all you had to do was just verify this with the resolution officer at Celebrity. I don't know why you wrote this thread asking for info and then refused to follow all the good info that was given to you.
  11. Never mind. I emailed them and they replied that they are open October 11 to November 3 for the Halloween season.
  12. Is Tivoli Gardens open October 18 and 19, 2019 for the Halloween season?
  13. Royal was supposed to announce their new summer dates this week for New Orleans but they did not do so. Very sloppy scheduling.
  14. As much as I like cruising out of New Orleans since it is so close to my home, I also have 2 of my next 3 cruises booked out of Florida and the other one out of Denmark. I have been to all of the ports from NOLA so many times it is not interesting anymore. My first cruise on the Carnival Celebration went to Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Tampa. Even Tampa would be a change from going to Grand Cayman 10 times or Cozumel 20 times, At least Norwegian has been bringing in different ships lately each year, except they are going to bring the Breakaway back after the Getaway leaves. This is much better than when they had the Dawn here for 4 years. Royal has never had a ship here less than 10 years old and each time they come they bring older and older ships. The Majesty is their next to oldest ship with only a 3 1/2 star rating and at 27 years old it sounds less appealing than the 21 year old Carnival Elation that moved from here a few months ago.
  15. Well, this year Carnival replaced the newer and larger Dream with the older and smaller Glory because they felt that the competition for 7 day cruises would be tough this year with the newer Breakaway and Getaway ships coming plus a few trips from the Disney line and then the Royal ship coming back. They brought in a larger ship for their short cruises as there is no competition for the short cruises.
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