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  1. I am hoping that cruising starts back before October. If cruise lines can't cruise before May of next year, they will all be bankrupt by then.
  2. Many lines will refund your port fees and taxes right away when they cancel a cruise but it may be months before they refund the cruise fare.
  3. I emailed guestadmin@carnival.com the full information for my May 2021 cruise on June 10 and received my OBC on June 12. Very fast service!
  4. Because I love to cruise and can't wait to get out to sea again. The Seaside is by far the best ship in the MSC fleet and even though it doesn't now have as good an itinerary as it had before, I rather sail on it and skip the ports then sail on other ships and get off in the ports. Right now you can get much better deals on cruises then you will be able to get once cruising starts again so I'm booking them and hoping for the best. If they all shut down and go bankrupt and I lose the money I invested in cruises, it doesn't matter because there will really be nothing else I want to spend my money on anyway. You can check my signature to see the cruises I have booked and every one of them is now a much higher price than I paid when I booked them. Some were almost free when you count the perks I got with them when I booked.
  5. The only big deal about it is that they owe me thousands of dollars now for cruises I have paid for and they cancelled, yet they made me pay $98 to book the same ship a day later when they changed the ships around.
  6. Well, I finally got my cruise changed back from the Meraviglia to the Seaside again but I had to pay a new deposit. They would not transfer my deposit over. So far they cancelled my cruise on the Armonia on 3-30-20, the Seaside on April 18, 20, the Seaside on May 30, 20 and now the Seaside on 2-20-21. I had the first 3 cruises paid in full and paid deposits on the next one and now on the Seaside on 2-21-21 and I have not had a penny of the money refunded yet. It seems like they could have at least let me book my 5th cruise without paying any more deposits since they owe me for 4 cruises now.
  7. As far as places that I have cruised to that I would like to return to for a land vacation are: Hawaii, California, Ireland, Denmark, England, France and Holland. Places I have been but not on a ship that I want to visit again are: Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, the Ozarks, the Smokies, and west Texas.
  8. I tried to book Seaside on 2-21-21 but when my TA phoned them he was told that MSC was trying to "get their ducks in a row" right now with the tens of thousands of cancellations they have plus MSC for some unknown reason changing the itineraries of many of their ships causing thousands of more changes. They said they plan to have all the kinks worked out by July 1 and will be taking new reservations by then and notifying everyone of all the changes. Does everyone know that many travel agencies have the Seaside rated as the only 5 star ship in MSC's fleet and that the Meraviglia is rated as 4 1/2 stars along with the Seashore?
  9. I just got the email with the offer today. You will probably receive yours soon.
  10. I have been on the Meraviglia and the Seaside and in my over 50 cruises I have been on about 30 or more ships. Out of them all, I believe the Seaside is the best designed ship and with it's many varied public spaces it feels much less crowded than ships with less passengers. MSC offered me $200 to switch to the Meraviglia and I turned it down and booked another cruise on the Seaside. I have only been on one ship that I disliked more than the Meraviglia and that was because it was under renovation while we were sailing. There are too many reasons why I prefer the Seaside and despise the Meraviglia to list here and even if they offered me $500 more to sail the Meraviglia I would turn it down.
  11. I don't know how to tell either. If I did I would not have gotten the one with the tub. We like to shower and the tub was difficult to get in and out of and very unsafe to stand up and shower in. Give me the cabin with the shower any day.
  12. They are sending the email offer to practically everyone who has a cruise booked after 1-1-21 but not everyone who gets the email is eligible for the offer.
  13. I did call my TA and this promo was rejected by Hal because I booked with a casino discount. You try it. If you are successful give me the name of your TA so I can book it too. If you can't, I told you so.
  14. Sorry, but anyone who booked with any kind of casino offer is not eligible for this offer. I was going to take this offer until I read the fine print that says since I booked with a casino offer I am not eligible. Carnival corporation has some huge financial assets so I am not worried about them going bankrupt.
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