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  1. I have been to San Juan several times as a port but this Feb will be on the Fascination and staying there for 3 days. Any recommendations for AirBnBs in old town? There are soooo many. Especially if you know of one that will let you drop your luggage in the a.m. even if you cant check in yet. Seems like the hotels are super expensive at the end of Feb. so looking to go the AirBNB route. Also, anyone use a specific company to go to the bioluminescent bay? One with transportation from the old town if possible. It would be for a Sunday or Monday night. Sunday preferrably (I see some are closed on Sun. or Mon.) because of the smaller moon. This will be our honeymoon and am super excited to spend Sunday, Monday, and part of Tuesday exploring San Juan without having to worry about getting back to the ship at a certain time!
  2. I would also love a copy of this please. babyclaytonmom@aol.com Thanks in advance!
  3. In the set time dining room are there any tables for two on Paradise? I know there are some in the anytime dining but wondering if it’s even an option for the other dining room? I recall some ships not having tables for two in the set time dining. Thank you!
  4. Thank you. Will be at Puerta Maya so will plan on walking it.
  5. Not too far as in walking distance or is a cab needed to get there?
  6. Hello- The past 15-20 cruises I have emailed the maitre d and made a request the week before the cruise. Usually they seem to respond in a day or so. In December after 2 emails I never received a response from the maitre d on Paradise. Our request wasnt noted either when we boarded. Cruising Paradise again in a couple days and am having the same issue with the Paradise maitre d (no response). Anyone else have this issue on Paradise? This has never been an issue in the past. thanks!
  7. Deciding between a couple options on our stop to Cozumel in about 3 weeks. Was wondering if there was a place to rent a boat (small catarmaran or hobie cat) to go out on our own, not with a guide? Dont think I've read or heard of anyone doing this but thought I would ask.
  8. No kids just me and my boyfriend πŸ™‚
  9. Hello! Will be in Cozumel in 1 month. We have been there probably 10-15x but havent rented a car there in over 10 years. Any jeep rental place recommendations (Puerto Maya)? Also recommendations on the best beach to snorkel (we have our own gear), best quiet beach bar with strong drinks and good authentic food, and any other worthwhile stops would be appreciated. We've been to San Gervasio years ago and dont recall it being something we'd want to go back to.
  10. Thank you- so no anchor noise in Cozumel or when porting back in Tampa?
  11. Any thoughts in size between M11 and M29 on Paradise (or Fantasy class). I have 11 and debating about switching to 29 since its more center (maybe less noise?).
  12. Hello- Booked in M11 on Paradise for Feb. I read that M11 is slightly longer/larger or a cabin but that there is anchor noise. I see that a similar category cabin M29 is open. Closer to mid ship, maybe less anchor noise? Just curious how much extra room really is in M11 and if I should move to M29 if the noise is bad? Thank you!
  13. Going to be in Cozumel from 8:00-6:00 in Feb. Have been several times before but havent taken the ferry over to Playa Del Carmen in 20+ years. The person Im going with would love to go to Tulum on our own. Is this doable? Not a fan of the ship tours. Guessing we could be at the ferry for the 9:00 a.m. one then rent a car once in Playa Del Carmen. Just not sure of the timeline- how long the drive is to Tulum, etc... Has anyone done this?
  14. Hi! Will be at Nacci on Saturday. Tips from anyone who's been there recently? Best place to get a lounger? Food or drinks there you would recommend? Thank you!
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