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  1. Will be on Carnival Ecstasy in late August. Wondering if E76 was a bad choice due to noise? Looks like it is below the edge between of the piano bar/dining room. Love the location but hoping there isnt a lot of noise from above! Thanks so much!
  2. To give us something to look forward too after 2 cancelled cruises this spring, recent Ecstasy cruisers please share... 1- Who will the CD be in August? (I am only seeing Cam till July) 2- What are the playlist production shows on this ship? 3- This one goes to Princess Cays and Nassau. Any tips on the beach's quietest area/direction? 4- Havent cruised from Jacksonville in 5+ years, what time do they start diamond/platinum boarding? Thank you!!!
  3. Thank you! I couldnt recall the name of it. Went there last time and wasnt sure if Shipwreck was also that direction.
  4. Trying a new beach on our cruise next week to Saint Kitts. Decided on shipwreck Beach. Looks like and sounds like a nice quiet relaxing beach day. Does anyone know how much the taxi should be to get there? From the port to this beach does the taxi go by the lookout spotWhere the Caribbean and Atlantic meet? How was the water/swimming/snorkeling there recently? I read a little while ago about there being sea urchins? Thank you
  5. thank you so much... is there a particular place in that area I should tell the taxi to drop us precisely?
  6. roughly how much was the taxi to get there?
  7. Do you mind telling me a little about Simpson Bay Beach?
  8. I have been to this island a few times. Have done an island tour with Bernards and done an all day sail/snorkeling with Capt. Bob's. Will be there in a month on my honeymoon and my future husband hasnt been there before. Looking for an idea of some type of 1/2 day or 3-5 hr. tour that includes snorkeling or beach time (not just a quick beach stop). Not sure if there is such a tour that will at least let him see a little of the island. No need for shopping stops or much sightseeing. Any ideas?
  9. Hi all! Will be in Barbados in 5 weeks and will be there till 9:00 pm. How far is Ostin's fish fry from the pier? Taxi? or walkable? Also is this at the same place as the "festival" I remember reading about with a parade and night market? Thank you!
  10. Have been to St. Thomas 4 or 5 times. Love heading over to St. John for the day but wont have time for that this time. This will be the first full day of our honeymoon cruise and just want a pretty and relaxing beach. We like to snorkel but I have been burned twice by going to Coki Beach. Snorkeling there was great, but way too crowded and rude employees both times. For maybe 2-3 hours of beach, swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing time would you suggest Sapphire, Secret Harbor, Megans Bay, or a different beach? thank you!
  11. Going back and forth between their tours that seem very similar. Has anyone done both to compare? Spencer is a little more $ but just wondering which is better overall.
  12. Could I also get your map and notes? Will be there for a couple days after our Fascination cruise. Thank you! babyclaytonmom at aol.com
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