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  1. Yes. You just need to add the offer and then make payment of $500 or more. The $150 statement credit will be on your account in 5-6 days usually. I also get a "congratulations you just used your amex offer" email from them as soon as my payment posts (but not always)
  2. I am not sure. It just appeared today under my offers (along with a Marriott offer and some car rental offers, as well)
  3. My Amex Gold card had the above offer that expires on 12/31/2020. My son-in-law had it on one of his cards as well. Just giving everyone a heads up that it might be worth checking to see if you have it listed under offers on your cards.
  4. I just got off the Getaway on Sunday and my daughter is on it right now. We both found it to be business as usual. We both noticed extra cleaning ( never a bad thing) and my daughter has said that they are not allowing self service in the buffet any longer.
  5. Bid just got accepted on March 1 Getaway. Got BB Balcony from an inside. Bid 255 which was a little high but I was in a difficult position because I was on a CAS comp but more importantly I had booked during a double points promotion that is going to put me at platinum. If I had upgraded directly I would have lost double points and being a comp I dont get additional free at sea offers when I upgrade anyway. Ship looks to be pretty full so I think I did ok.
  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to recap your trip - it makes it easier for those of us with trips coming up to plan activities/dinners, etc.😃
  7. Also, there are sailings that you must select it as one of your "perks", just like you would the beverage package or specialty dining before it removes the charges for the third person in the cabin. Maybe that is the issue?
  8. Still 3%. Worked out for me on European cruise as I had card that paid 3% on travel as well and didn’t want to carry cash in Barcelona and other places with pickpocket concerns.
  9. My son in law was turned away but was able to dine in either of the other two dining rooms on the Breakaway to Bermuda. That was July 2018. I'm sure someone else may have more up to date info but I would plan ahead just in case
  10. Thanks everyone! Glad to see some half - way decent reviews about the Getaway lately … there was a while there that they were all pretty dismal. Looking forward to March.
  11. Safe travels home. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us!
  12. Still on fence about trying for these, but does anyone know where vibe passes are sold on Getaway out of New Orleans? Thanks 😊
  13. We rented a car and drove down to Key Largo and had a nice lunch and looked around and made it back in plenty of time for our flight. We have been lots of places in Florida and were kinda beached out so this was a way to go somewhere new. Lots of places to explore by car and it was relatively inexpensive to reserve one.
  14. Thank you for this information. Have a great trip!
  15. Thanks for the quick response! Who knew ships could fill up so quickly- rep told me there isn't a single oceanview left for our July sailing and only a handful of balconies
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