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  1. Near the Rain Gauge in Downtown at the Visitor Center. I am thinking that NCL is going to run a shuttle service but am not sure yet? I am on August 7 sailing
  2. Answering my own question - owner of company passed away about a month ago and so I am in touch with his daughter who is now running the tours. Am hopeful that they will live up to great reviews and will report back here when we return from our trip.
  3. The only independent tour I booked this trip was the Ketchikan All in One with Seaside Tours for our upcoming Encore cruise. I booked directly through them and wasn't concerned because they had great reviews on Tripadvisor ( and we have had wonderful luck in the past with independent operators). I have tried emailing and calling them numerous times with no response. Does anyone have a suggestion for me since I have already paid them?
  4. I truly am excited to be going ANYWHERE. I am an obsessive planner and not knowing where we are going is an issue mostly because we could easily drive a few hours to either Galveston or New Orleans if we end up in say Roatan, Belize , Cozumel or worse only hit two ports.. I agree that any day on a ship no matter where is a good day.
  5. Trust me, after MULTIPLE cancellations, I am very grateful that our September 12 Horizon sailing is a go. I also understand that situations are fluid but I think that Carnival has to have some idea at this point where we are going. My consultant suggested that we might only have 2 ports (Ocho Rios and Cozumel since Caymans will most likely remain closed) or that we can get switched to the Amber Cove, HMC, Bimini itinerary. It seems that port changes are being made quite late. Anyone on September Horizon sailings have any insight?
  6. LOVED LOVED LOVED day we spent in Orvieto. Rented a car in Civitavechia and drove there. Best day ever and best pasta carbonara ever. Had spent time in Rome previously so was so grateful that we chose to do this.
  7. Communication will be sent to all guests in the 30 days prior to setting sail
  8. galveston park and cruise GPNC2021 10% OFF Expires December 2021
  9. Can the 1/2 price case of beer be taken in a collapsible cooler to Half Moon Cay? We will have Cheers but its my understanding that it can't be used on private island??
  10. Just as an FYI, the service charge for the complimentary 2 meal specialty dining is $31.60.
  11. Per the CAS representative I just spoke to, the ship is at capacity (60 percent) and so they closed off bookings. She assured me that I had nothing to be concerned about. Ship is headed to Seattle and crew assignments were in place
  12. I am wondering what itinerary will be since Grand Cayman is still stating that they are not accepting cruises for the remainder of 2021. Carnival has already switched their July itineraries to other ports from GC.
  13. I am hoping that they announce port changes sooner rather than later. Was flying to Miami to jump on Horizon just to do some different ports (Jamaica and GC) but could much more easily drive to Galveston and hop on Vista if I am going to end up going to Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. Done those ports numerous times with NCL and was wanting to go somewhere different
  14. Looked back and our flight was at 1:00 and got moved up to 11:00 by British Airways and we had ample time. This was pre-covid but we walked off ship and had plenty of time to catch an uber to the airport (in a torrential downpour).
  15. I keep hoping they replace the Sky with a bigger ship since it appears demand is there. I will book for September if literally ANY other ship gets that itinerary. I keep hoping Gem or Joy gets that route
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