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  1. Well you need to embrace color more often it looks great on you!! I'm laughing and really enjoying this and reading it while showing my hubby the pics while he is watching La Lido Loca on the you tube. This made my night!! We were on the 4/6 sailing on the Enchantment. We are enjoying the time at home with our 3 teen boys though!
  2. Well so glad my mom just cancelled their cruise on the Royal Princess 3/14! Luckily she got the health advisory email and texted me to ask if they should cancel, I told her absolutely.
  3. Just got off the Liberty 3/8 for the second time this year and Love it. Ask for my time dining when you board and then ask for a table for 2 then you can eat when you want. There are no tickets for the ice show or any other show that we saw just show up at least 20 min or more early to get the seat you want. For the shows in the theater we always sat in the back row and they were great seats, enjoyed all the shows even the late night comedy. No park cafe or bags of chips that we found. Chops and Gioviannis are both good. Did not eat at the buffet for dinner but the last night looked rea
  4. Will be on the Enchantment 4/6 sailing to Nassau, Coco Cay & Key West. We get "free" drinks in the casino and wondering if the casino/casino bar will be open while we are at any of the ports. I'm sure it will be closed at Key West but not sure about the other two. Thanks for any help.
  5. My parents are also supposed to be on the Royal sailing on the 14th and I'm hoping they cancel as my dad is not in great health. Mom is hard headed and probably wont cancel. Now wondering if it will still sail or be cancelled. If there is crew that tested positive wouldn't they just need to quarantine the whole crew??
  6. We were on a recent sailing on the Enchantment and our debarkation was delayed first due to fog then the gangway was not working. They said something about due to the weather the last 48hrs the gangway was not working. Debarkation ended up being like getting off in port on deck 1 or 0, I can't remember which deck it was. It did go smoothly once they got started. Just wondering if the gangway is working for the Liberty as we sail this Sun 3/1.
  7. Yay glad you held out and got the Liberty, you will have a great time. Look up cruise state room dot com for deck plans.
  8. Well count the two of us in on that 300 onboard this coming Sunday! Were both diamond at 110 points and have JS 7712 on the Liberty sailing 3/1 so double points and chugging along to D+, lol. My in-laws are coming along, gold, so we probably wont use the DC as much as normal. Now heres to hoping some do cancel due to corona virus concerns and they get their royal up from a promenade view to a balcony. Were ready for some sun & fun!
  9. I thought I had a picture of the muster station map for the Liberty but can't find it. We sail on Sunday and my in-laws are going with us, they haven't been on a cruise in a long time so trying to plan ahead a little. We have muster station B07 and they are D28 so wondering where they are. I know they should be on deck 4 I think and probably on different sides and ends of the ship. If anyone has the map can you post it please. I did google it but didn't find it.
  10. More great information, thanks! I just looked and Easter Sunday will be a sea day so thats good. It will be just the two of us. We wanted this specific itinerary and didn't realized it was over Easter until several weeks after we booked so our teen boys will be at home. We have a lot of family close by so they will celebrate with the grandparents and cousins and I will probably leave them a little present.
  11. We recently sailed on both ships and do prefer the Liberty, its bigger, more dining options, food was better but the solarium area on the Enchantment was larger so thats a plus and had the park cafe right there for food. We are booked for a 7nt on the Enchantment in April that goes to Nassau, Key West and Coco Cay. I copied and pasted some thoughts I posted on another thread about Liberty vs Enchantment: We were on the Feb 7th sailing on the Enchantment for the first time and had a great time. Some thoughts on the above post: -Solarium was great the first s
  12. We were on the Feb 7th sailing on the Enchantment for the first time and had a great time. Some thoughts on the above post: -Solarium was great the first sea day as it was too cool and windy for us but the last sea day was surprisingly fantastic on the regular pool deck. -Enjoyed the Diamond Club which is right above the Viking Crown Lounge, also bigger than the one on the Liberty. -It was a different ship layout that took some getting used to and finding new things throughout our sailing. -Park Cafe was good and convenient. -We also thought the MDR on any other ship
  13. Well we just realized our Enchantment sailing is over Easter weekend. We saw it was doing a 7nt to Coco Cay a while back so picked that sailing not thinking to check when Easter is this year, sorry kids mom and dad wont be here this year, lol. At least our kids are teen boys and haven't hunted eggs, etc. in a long time but maybe the Easter Bunny will have to reappear and leave them each a basket of goodies for ditching them. So now on to Easter onboard will there be any celebrations? Special menu or anything?
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