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  1. What is your favorite place to do a day pass and why? We will be in Nassau in Aug with my parents. My dad has mobility issues and we will have a wheelchair for him he also can't really walk in the sand so would stay by the pool but we might like to go in the ocean for a little bit. We are not interested in Atlantis or Baha Mar. Thanks for any help.
  2. Does anyone know which of the places on the linked list have an elevated parking garage?
  3. Can you tell us the date of the Sept sailing on the Allure, so we don't accidentally book it, lol.
  4. Is there a place in the port shopping area to buy beef patties?
  5. Does anyone have the current Vintages tapas menu on the Liberty? We went to Vintages on the Harmony in May and enjoyed the tapas and are hoping they are as good on the Liberty. It was basically a few of the appetizer items from Jamie's Italian so I'm guessing it will be some appetizers from Giovanni's.
  6. We are also now looking at this excursion with RCCL. How early do you usually get off the ship/tender for this excursion? We were originally planning to get off on our own and take the public bus/van to Royal Palms but I just realized we may not be abel to get a decent tender ticket time.
  7. Now that would be nice but not in our budget, lol.
  8. We will be on the Liberty for the first time in a few weeks and I was just reading a review and now have some questions. In the review she stated their tender ticket number wasn't called until 11:30am!!! We have only been to Cayman on a Carnival Cruise and always manage to get off at a decent time. We usually like to get off as early as possible and plan to go to Royal Palms for the day, if we get off that late its possible they wont have any beach chairs left. So does anyone have any information how to get an earlier tender ticket (without booking an RCCL excursion)? So for the Key is sold out so thats not an option. Thanks for any help.
  9. Your welcome but I can't take credit for it, its not mine just sharing a great video with everyone. Coco Cay was nice and I think a good way to have a free port day if you wanted. The chairs & umbrellas were free, just go early for a good spot. Your drink package works or you can just drink ice water, juice or whatever is offered in the free dispensers in the buffet areas. The food shack and buffet were all free. Yes its pricey for all the extras such as snorkeling, waterpark, hot air balloon, etc. but you can skip that and just relax at the beach or pool areas.
  10. We were there in May and thought the food was pretty good. There was a place you can walk up and order burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, fries, mozzarella sticks, cookies, brownies & funnel cakes. There was also a place that had huge buffet stations with different salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, a Mexican food station with taco, etc., soft serve ice cream, cookies. I can't remember everything but everything we got was pretty good. I think there are several setups like this around the island.
  11. Anyone currently onboard the Vista 6/23 sailing? Just wondering how its going, did they fill up the cabins or does it seem like less than the usual amount of passengers? We almost booked with a casino offer for a good discount on a balcony but changed our mind. Now have a good offer for the next sailing on 7/1.
  12. We have/had casino offers much the same for various ships. The Vista 8 day sailing to Costa Maya & Cozumel on June 23 & July 1, inside cabin for $100pp with $100 casino credit, around $250 for a balcony. On the July 1 sailing John Heald will now be onboard so I'm guessing they're really trying to fill that ship.
  13. They had video poker on the Harmony, I'm guessing all the ships do but not sure. I was playing $1 video poker and got 4 Aces with a 7 for $800!! Was really wishing that 7 had been a 2, 3 or 4 for a bigger win, lol.
  14. We did several Premiers, a Getaway and an Ultra and never got a free cabin or very good of a discount, would usually get $500 casino cash. We sailed in Jan on RCCL Harmony of the Seas and the FREE or $500-$1250 towards a cabin offers have been nonstop for both of us. I read on these board about people switching to RCCL for better offers and we can say that is the best move we ever made. Now the offers could stop or slow down but we have several cruises booked that we only have to pay port fees & taxes and then for the 3rd person in the room if we take our 3 teens with us. We have also been able to pay a small amount to upgrade to a Jr Suite.
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