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  1. Thanks so much for the great trip report! You mentioned that you played blackjack - how were the conditions? No 6/5, I hope (NCL had 3/2 at $15 on our August trip, although I prefer $10) - reasonable table limits? Just days till I sail...
  2. It is definitely hit or miss who gets what offers, but as a follow up - my gratuities qualified for 10% back but shore excursion hasn't so far. Also, as a side note - both my card and my husbands had a 10% back on Southwest if anyone is using them for flights.
  3. Crayola1932, There is a bus schedule listed on Ketchikan visitors site, I believe. We just lucked into catching the bus heading the right direction that we wanted to go. I think that as long as 1. you did a little research - which I really didn't (just got lucky) 2. had sufficient time in port 3. had activities planned that bus went to, that bus would be a pretty easy way and economical to get around and do some activities at your own pace. Sorry I am not more help.
  4. Not as good as Amex offers, but my daughter and I both had a Chase offer for Carnival. Hers was on a Sapphire card and mine was on my Freedom card. It is for 10% statement credit on a charge over $100 up to $56 cash back. She purchased her Cheers package and has already received the $56 credit on her $700ish purchase. I prepaid gratuities and bought a shore excursion and am still waiting for my credit to post so I will post back as soon as my credit appears. Worth accepting the offer if you are using a Chase card anyway and you happen to have the offer listed.
  5. It is, and they offered to turn on some outdoor heaters if enough people requested them
  6. My bid was accepted August 3 for my August 7 cruise
  7. Not at all - great cruise! Ketchikan was a great port but it was a bit of a disaster. We made it work🙂
  8. I think all day pass is $5. We paid $4 for one way. It was nice visiting with some locals and the biggest bonus for me was not listening to Tim complain about the horrific shuttle lines....Fingers crossed that they will get that situation worked out but the bus would definitely be an alternative for someone wanting to meander a bit on their own.
  9. Called Carnival and they are "aware of Bahamas restrictions" and are evaluating what plans will be ongoing. They will let me know what my itinerary will be by Wednesday of next week....my group is vaccinated but my pvp didn't know what ramifications of new policy would be on ships port schedules. I sail in three weeks/somebody please make some decisions sooner rather than later.
  10. I was on August 7 sailing. Just putting this out there as what my husband and I did (along with about 10-12 others from the ship). Since weather was beautiful, rather than wait for what we could see was a giant mess, we headed up the hill and caught the city bus into town. Its a little bit of a hike, its not pretty but it only took about 10 minutes and we lucked out and bus pulled up right as we got to the not very clearly marked stop. It made a couple of stops at a grocery store, local library, Walmart, and then let us off in the middle of downtown. It was $4 and you had to have cash. We had booked Lumberjack show, so we returned on shuttle but I am just putting this out there in case someone wanted to do a little exploring (Creek Street - DO NOT MISS SEALS AND SALMON), totem poles in town, souvenir shopping, etc. on their own
  11. Effective August 6, 2021, those travelling to The Bahamas from other countries who have been fully vaccinated will be required to obtain a negative COVID-19 test (either a Rapid Antigen Test or PCR), taken no more than five (5) days prior to the date of arrival in The Bahamas. The name and address of the lab where the test was performed must be clearly displayed on the test result. Going to make timing of testing even trickier as I am scheduled to visit Bimini on my upcoming Horizon cruise and am flying in a couple of days early.... what a mess!
  12. Thanks for posting - I had totally missed that email🙂
  13. kimandtim

    White Pass RR

    Thanks!! We will give it a try. I have been excited about it. Just a shame that it got shortened due to Canada border closing then shortened again due to bridge outage. Definitely gotta go with the flow especially these days...
  14. kimandtim

    White Pass RR

    A recent tripadvisor review said that it was not worth it to do the shortened tour. Is anyone considering a bus tour instead? I am conflicted. Don't think there is time for both
  15. Just glad that we know where we are going. Bimini looks pretty and Half Moon Cay is a new port to this Platinum NCL cruiser. Excited to get my toes in the sand and a drink in my hand🍹
  16. Near the Rain Gauge in Downtown at the Visitor Center. I am thinking that NCL is going to run a shuttle service but am not sure yet? I am on August 7 sailing
  17. Answering my own question - owner of company passed away about a month ago and so I am in touch with his daughter who is now running the tours. Am hopeful that they will live up to great reviews and will report back here when we return from our trip.
  18. The only independent tour I booked this trip was the Ketchikan All in One with Seaside Tours for our upcoming Encore cruise. I booked directly through them and wasn't concerned because they had great reviews on Tripadvisor ( and we have had wonderful luck in the past with independent operators). I have tried emailing and calling them numerous times with no response. Does anyone have a suggestion for me since I have already paid them?
  19. I truly am excited to be going ANYWHERE. I am an obsessive planner and not knowing where we are going is an issue mostly because we could easily drive a few hours to either Galveston or New Orleans if we end up in say Roatan, Belize , Cozumel or worse only hit two ports.. I agree that any day on a ship no matter where is a good day.
  20. Trust me, after MULTIPLE cancellations, I am very grateful that our September 12 Horizon sailing is a go. I also understand that situations are fluid but I think that Carnival has to have some idea at this point where we are going. My consultant suggested that we might only have 2 ports (Ocho Rios and Cozumel since Caymans will most likely remain closed) or that we can get switched to the Amber Cove, HMC, Bimini itinerary. It seems that port changes are being made quite late. Anyone on September Horizon sailings have any insight?
  21. LOVED LOVED LOVED day we spent in Orvieto. Rented a car in Civitavechia and drove there. Best day ever and best pasta carbonara ever. Had spent time in Rome previously so was so grateful that we chose to do this.
  22. Communication will be sent to all guests in the 30 days prior to setting sail
  23. galveston park and cruise GPNC2021 10% OFF Expires December 2021
  24. Can the 1/2 price case of beer be taken in a collapsible cooler to Half Moon Cay? We will have Cheers but its my understanding that it can't be used on private island??
  25. Just as an FYI, the service charge for the complimentary 2 meal specialty dining is $31.60.
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