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  1. We sail April 2, 2022 out of Ft. Lauderdale.
  2. Thanks. Our gang has the 4 suites on Apex in between the MC rails on deck 8 for a cruise in April '22. We researched the rooms a lot being in the line of the MC and couldn't talk ourselves out of booking them. Got a crazy good casino rate too. I have the aft most room, with the additional aft facing window on the balcony. Glad you had a good experience there. Gives us even more confidence in our choice.
  3. Curious what your objections to the Sky Suites between the Magic Carpet are. From what I read, the MC only moves a couple times a day, and at times you are unlikely to bein your room. I understand the orange pillars are there for the two suites on the outer edge, but the balconies are a bit larger, aren't they? Also, if anyone knows how many suites a butler services, that would be good info. We travel with a group of 8, and we will have 4 suites next to each other. Since our schedules are usually all in sync, we'd love to have the same butler service all 4 cabins. Tha
  4. We really like building a rapport with our servers too. Haven't done a suite yet, but will on Apex in April '22. We did have access to Blu last cruise and really enjoyed it there. Like you same servers each night. Only issue on Apex will be that Luminae cannot order from MDR as the kitchens are on opposite ends of the ship. Apex also has 4 different MDRs. If we do end up bouncing from restaurant to restaurant each night, the question then becomes what's the right way to tip? Leave something each night as we'll never see the same server? That inability to build a relationshi
  5. Similar for us......We still stay in regular touch with our favorite waitress ever on RCL. She went back to her home, and got married to her longtime boyfriend, who is a restaurant manager on the same ship. They are both furloughed. She is now with child and won't be returning to sail. He will return when called. He is a top room mgr on the biggest ship, so he'll be back as soon as they start to sail. For now they are making do with temp type jobs in their homeland.
  6. He's up sometime this hour. Will be interesting to see. If I can find the interview on You Tube later today, I'll post it.
  7. Exactly where I got mine. They only had 2 bottles left last week. Call ahead.
  8. Just noticed your avatar signature. We probably live less than 5 miles apart. I'm in Royersford. If you want to try a nice new bourbon, usually available in PA state stores, try Bradshaw bourbon. Made (or at least sponsored) by Terry Bradshaw. A surprisingly smooth pour.
  9. Let's see Basil Hayden on a large rock. Time to fire up one of the following. All three are Robusto size (5x50),about a 30-40 minute smoke. Enough time to sip down a smooth Basil Hayden double. The Liga 9 was the go to cigar on our last cruise. A non cigar smoking buddy of ours was on the cruise and turns out he's friends with the CEO of the Swisher Sweet company. They own the Drew Estate company that makes the Liga brand. He brought each of us a box. Very smooth smoke. The H Upmann is my mild, smooth go to at home. a real nice flavor that doesn
  10. Woodford Double Oaked was "the best" offering on our Summit cruise last February. A pleasing bourbon but not a first choice. An excellent, value priced bourbon is 1792. Small Batch or Single Barrel are both great pours. If they could have Basil Hayden on our next cruise (April '22) I would be a happy man. That would make the evening cigar even better.
  11. We were on Summit in Feb 2019. Boarded at 11am and was able to go straight to our cabin. Luggage had not arrived yet but we were able to drop our carry ons. The welcome aboard champagne was a nice touch.
  12. I like that Celebrity (a sister company of RCL) permits you in your room immediately upon boarding. It may not even be turned over yet, but it gives you a chance to put your carry on luggage down and maybe change into a swim suit. Should be an easy implementation since they have the procedure already built into the company.
  13. We were Aqua on Summit, not Edge or Apex, but we had dinner every night at 6:15 in Blu. At that point in the evening, we always got the same table and servers, and never had a wait. When we left around 7:30-7:45, there were always people waiting. As for dining in other locations, including the MDR, the maître d' would gladly arrange seating for you. We were able to get anything from the MDR menu served to us in Blu each night also if we wished. Now with the 4 different style restaurants on Edge and Apex, that may be a little different. Hope this helps some.
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