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  1. Thank you for a non-trolling voice of sanity. We all need to take a deep breath. Some things may very well change as the first months of cruising go on, some may not. We can adapt, or we can move on, both are OK.
  2. No, I don’t know for sure, but I think even with reduced numbers that Celeb would have to use almost every available indoor venue during cocktail hour to allow everyone onboard to have access to a bar. So what are they going to do? They could limit how many Elites and above are allowed to sail on any particular trip so that the Sky Lounge is socially distanced, or they can give free drinks on your card at HH time and ask people to spread out over the ship - which they have done before on trips with many many Elite and above that would make a very crowded Sky Lounge. I didn’t read anything that
  3. These may all be Covid related (social distancing issues) and as such, could change when things open up. I don't know for sure, but think about what most of those events entail and how would you social distance, even if you required people to sign up way before sail date. The proof will be in if they retain events that you have to pay for - under Covid rules even the Chef's Dinner, which they charge a fortune for, would not be allowed.
  4. One, there's no way to social distance the venues (Sky Lounge or Club on Edge) without significantly impacting the numbers allowed. Secondly, we have been on a couple of cruises, not as Elites, where they simply couldn't have the evening event because there were so many Elite and up on board, it wouldn't work, so even pre-Covid, the evening event wasn't a done deal. Finally, as someone else pointed out, there is wording in there that makes it sound like this may be temporary because of Covid, so those who want to stay with Celeb and see this continue should provide feedback for the future, cau
  5. It didn't make a lot of sense to me either, but I think they are substituting discounts on upgrades to Elite and up who are sailing on Always Included. I'm in the not terribly upset camp, we often sail in a suite, so the Elite benefits didn't mean much to us. We tried one cruise just before the lockdown in an inside cabin as brand new Elites with a Classic beverage package (included in our booking), we only made one Elite Happy Hour, which was fun, nice snackies, but only made that because we went early to get a seat for the acrobatic show. We made it less than 24 hours with the Classic beve
  6. Confession - I haven’t read all the responses - I’m not sure trying to attract families is the answer. Too many families would prefer RCL for the activities and many Royal ships have cabin arrangements that are better for families and especially for multi- generation trips. Not to mention a slightly lower price point - who knows where any of that will be post-Covid. My children, who are now new parents in their own right, would likely have enjoyed Celeb as grade school, middle school, because the kids club activities were some of their fav things on the cruises we took when they were that age
  7. Have done Royal Suite and Sky suite, our CS cruise is May 2021, 11 day, so may not happen, :(. I agree with some other posters, we upgraded to the RS because we were traveling with friends, and many of the advantages to us were because e could spend more time with our friends - we had dinner in the suite, had room to play cards on the balcony, half bath for privacy, they helped us with the liquor, etc. Loved the tub on the balcony, although, lol, we used it as a hot tub, not a bathtub, if you get my meaning. We felt that for us the CS was the sweet spot for value because it allows DH to h
  8. Also, I think that assuming it will be Q3 of 2021 before vaccine is available to the general public is a pessimistic view. Assuming there are no major snafus in the safety data (and we are looking good on that front so far), vaccine should start being available to the general public around April-May. Yes, we still be vaccinating people at the end of 2021, but I think that will be because many people will be reluctant to be vaccinated. Based on what I've read in the medical news available to MDs, the Pfizer vaccine has to be shipped ultralow, but they have containers that will allow dry ic
  9. Any inkling about FCCs and cancellations? We have a May 2021 cruise scheduled that is over 7 days. We would possibly be interested switching to a 7 day or less cruise depending on what caveats are in place - particularly whether or not I would have to quarantine on return (whether that quarantine was from CDC, my home state or my job). Not too interested in L&S per se.
  10. To piggyback onto Markeb’s excellent explanation- in the case of SARS - CoV 2, in the immediate future what you say is true, BUT, one of the goals of true herd immunity is to lower the risk of infection for persons who cannot get vaccinated. As we go along, it may well turn out that very few people will not be able to get vaccinated or more common today, won’t develop immunity from the vaccine. But there will always be a small number of people whose only protection will be herd immunity or having the infection and developing some natural immunity. Measuring and answering some of these que
  11. Reading that brings up a question for me. If we need to know the vaccine prevents transmission, how many people need to be followed to determine that? The fewer people, the easier to do repeat testing, but the fewer people, the fewer infections, especially if people begin to get vaccinated and social distancing, etc continue. I don’t see how a challenge trial could possibly be ethical at that point... could some sort of retrospective study be done of say college students, get them vaccinated, then say go off and live life and follow them? It seems to me that we have reach
  12. As TeeRick said, the efficacy is in their Phase 3 trial, not just a laboratory observation. I don’t want to sound like an entitled, spoiled American, but the first doses will be shunted to places where cold logistics are available, but that isn’t just in North America - first responders and healthcare workers in many other countries could rapidly get access, because of centralized administration. Will that cover every elderly person in the world, sadly, no, but every dose used is one step taken toward herd immunity. For that reason I’m not too apologetic about First World countries getting
  13. We were contacted by someone in the federal govt - HHS likely, possibly through our national hospital network - several months ago about availability of -70 freezers. We have 2 at our mid sized community hospital, but neither would be usable for drugs under current guidelines. I think then the pharmacy was either shipped a freezer or told that we were on the list to get a freezer. My point is that in the US, vaccine distribution will be over seen by state health departments and will not be through the normal routes for the general population at first. It will likely be state health for ol
  14. Saw that early this morning, told DH, best news we’ve had in a long time! I was about to tell him to not bother with his Greek language lessons for our Oct 2021 cruise.
  15. I had to laugh, glad to know the ferrets are protected and that NYT is being precise in their reporting. Interesting first study.
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