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  1. Wow! Maybe you will keep the hurricanes away because you’re having too much fun. We’re from Mobile, hope to see you onboard August 1!
  2. Later poster have misconstrued what I was saying. Yes Luggage Valet is a great service, but best I can tell has not returned. We sail Sunday, so I will let you know. What I was trying to say was that a 12:15 departure qualifies for LV and I think also for a Celeb transfer, so the vendors providing those services are willing to guarantee your bags arrival - I think that’s good evidence that a 12: 15 depart time is good. Yes, you get a Luggage Valet form in your cabin toward the end of cruise. You have to state that you are abiding by your airlines checked bag rules and the time o
  3. Our flights are typically around that time, and we are always at FLL in plenty of time (hate that airport). If it makes you feel better, Luggage Valet is typically available for that time and Celebrity transfers, I think are available then, so vendors that guaranteeing to get you and/or your stuff to the airport, stand by those times.
  4. Motion? A bucket list trip for us is around the horn. I can definitely see the advantages of one of those aft sky suites, but would be concerned about seasickness - we are both reasonably good sailors, never had any issues that couldn’t be managed by Bonine, fresh air and a nap, even in the Bay of Biscay skirting around a hurricane - but the places where it would rougher are the places we wouldn’t want to miss?
  5. This Jeremiah, that’s helpful info. So much is up in the air right now, we can only think about generalities. We haven’t had much luck with l&s, the available cruises never seem to quite fit, I’m sure others have had that problem! We will just hang on and hope for the best!
  6. Congratulations! This past June was our 40th. We had a wonderful cruise in May scheduled for it - that got canceled, rescheduled for our actual anniversary, then fell short of first sail date by 2 weeks! Looking forward to this one.
  7. Does anyone know if there is a time limit on calling and making these changes? As I described above about my Las Vegas flight, I’m kind of on the edge of whether my seat change matters or not, and if it’s worth my time. Online chat might be doable, but I know they are swamped and it isn’t that big a deal.
  8. So, my husband and I were discussing this the other night. We are booked on a 7 day Reflection cruise in Feb 2022, can’t honestly recall if this is an FCC or L & S, or just a booking. We would want to try to rebook on another ship with a similar itinerary. How busy do bookings look going forward. We are going to have this discussion with our TA, after we both get back from upcoming sailings. We don’t want to wait too late, although obviously if Celeb cancels we have the most options. I’m thinking if any Reflection sailings cancel this fall, that will be a bad sign. Or if they do signi
  9. That is a lot of Caribbean, but maybe if Canada opens up and Covid remains managed on board… I have 2 Apex sailings booked. I go semi-retired next year, and had ideas for a long celebratory trip, but I didn’t have enough confidence to book South America, transpacific, Australia, and not enough money for the Galapagos! I will be very happy when Apex heads to Florida and even happier when she heads back to Europe, because then my May and October 2022 trips are good bets.
  10. I edited my post, I was asking about Tracelets, and autocorrect didn’t like it
  11. I have a couple of questions, especially based on what I’m seeing real time. Why did they test that person? And if positive, why did they knee jerk kick them off the ship? Do they have Tracelets on Millenium? Teerick, we are seeing enough breakthrough cases now to make me think that a significant percent of vaccinated persons can get enough of an infection with Delta to transmit. Significant illness is rare in these breakthroughs, but the sniffles or a bad cold may not be. I guess it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me with all these protocols in place, to take people off. I know why
  12. Thanks Jeremiah, that actually makes me more hopeful about my February Reflection sailing.
  13. I want to comment again. Delta makes these changes best I can tell beginning about 2 months out. Before Covid, my experience was that there was one round of updates 6-8 weeks out, and that was it unless there was a real problem or a major change. Now though, I’ve seen multiple changes. Check your seats! I have a flight from Mob to Las Vegas in Oct, so it just came up for revision. My flight out from Mob was moved by 15 minutes, and I lost my first class seat! They put me in the first Comfort Plus seat, and want me to pay $43 more to go back to first class, which looks empty right now
  14. Another Aug 1 cruiser, have a wonderful cruise, following with interest.
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