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  1. On board now, please see my separate thread with an answer, but in short: pros are excellent service, not crowded at all, and is usually breezy, although right now it’s very hot in the sun, it’s August. Cons are very little shade, and if you need shade, you have very few options to move to a more breezy or a quieter spot, because there will only be shade in one or 2 places. Other cons: multiple flights of stairs to get there and to get back down to the bathroom. If you can manage stairs and you don’t mind sun, it’s amazingl private with excellent service. Someone said no bar, but they will fetch what you want super fast, truly. There’s a pantry with ice and cooler, so many simpler requests are available right there.
  2. The new premium pkg has not filtered down to the ship, so who knows!? we are those people who save all that pesky paper, so I will keep dailies and the future cruise flyers and post when I get home. The WiFi is slow, so hard to post pictures. Sorry about shows, haven’t made one yet.! New entertainment crew joined in FLL, so we have not had a production show yet? Don’t know if those things are related? We did hear the violinist outside her 7 and 9 shows, she was good - classically trained violinist plays Devil went down to Georgia. The band Nu Image is also quite good.
  3. I have the pictures of the Alcoves. I think they will be awesome in October, with very acceptable shade and breeze at that point. You might lose some view in order to have shade though. They would be tight for 4 people, but there is a little apron of deck in front of them, so you could move a chair onto that to open up more space without harming the grass. Would be a great idea for a family or group that needed a meeting space, especially if no one had suite privileges. I have photos that I will post when I get home, I’m not savvy enough to get them from one device to another with the slow wifi
  4. I’m bumping this back up to answer questions now that we are on the downward side of this cruise, boo! Alexandra is the Retreat Lounge concierge, she has been quite helpful, setting us up with Luggage Valet and answering questions. Saber is also listed as a concierge, but we haven’t had interaction with him/her. Yan is the sommelier, although we are wine people, we haven’t had any real special requests. Not sure who you mean by restaurant manager, Tanya and Victoria are hosting. Waitstaff include Nino, Alfred and Mylan ?sp Retreat Sundeck, I’m sitting on the sundeck, just anchored in Grand Cayman. The short answer to everyone’s questions about the Retreat is yes - yes, plenty of staff, well taken care of, they come around with ice towels in the afternoon, sherbet, plenty of cold drinks. But, there’s no one up here, even on sea days, maybe 10 people tops, very little shade, hot ( it is August). Good baffles, not too windy even underway. Pleasantly breezy right now, but I doubt we will be able to stay for lunch, it will just be too hot I’m afraid. The music is a little loud, but not terrible, it masks other people’s conversations, because even though there are few people up here, everyone is trying to sit in the little bit of shade, lol! There is no access for the mobility impaired, it’s 2-3 flights of stairs, and no handy bathroom. Great view of mooring in Cayman. I’m quite cynical, but the sundeck is very much a half finished work in progress. I wonder what they will do moving forward because the guest staff ratio is averaging one to one. It’s great for us, we are the only people up here! Che morning, see above to answer sundeck questions. If you pick your days carefully, you should be fine up here, particularly if you can tolerate some sun - I have to have complete shade, so I’m moving around chasing shade and breeze. This week, first half of cruise was LPC new menu, second half old menu. I don’t know if that is the way every cruise is or if they just alternate every 3-4 days, regardless of day of the cruise, you follow?
  5. Change was made over a month ago, can’t remember why, or if were even told. We stop at KW Friday, and are staying longer than original time, now I think 7 am to 7 pm.
  6. Forgot balcony furniture. It is new, 2 armchairs and breakfast size table. One lounger type chair, but it is in 2 pieces, the chair which lays back and the footstool part
  7. I will try to answer these 2 relatively easy questions, first, and will be back later with more answers. First I want to say, that these are my opinions and biases along with some gathered factual info. I work in the medical field and see every day what kind of terrible things can happen to people, so really, honestly, I don’t care what the ship looks like, as long it is clean and reasonably comfy, I’m blessed to be here! Mild preaching over! Mattress is probably new, it is firm and quite comfortable, there might be a new throw pillow and the bed skirt is obviously new - the other soft furnishings and carpet are old, and getting a little worn. In the bath there are big bottles of Bigelow products, I only tried the body wash - it’s mildly scented, very neutral. Just looked in the Daily Planner, don’t see it? Yesterday when staff was trying to sell pkgs, we flashed our premium card and they immediately backed off- saying you got the best. So I don’t know about premium plus, we will ferret this out!
  8. I’m going to note the questions and answer towards the mid to end of week. We are planning on staying onboard at Grand Cayman, so will try to definitely spend some time at the Retreat then. im concerned that when the ship is docked it will be too hot up there, but we will see.
  9. Will do my best to answer. I don’t/can’t do sun, so I have real misgivings about the Retreat sun deck, but are definitely going to try. We’ve been to the Caribbean a bunch, and been on the western once or twice, so we will have some shipboard days to try it out.
  10. B2B2B! As we say in the deep country South, “they won’t be worth killin’ when they get back!”
  11. Sitting in the breakfast room of the Hilton Marina, anxious to board Equinox this am. im not even going to pretend like I’m going to attempt a Live Blog, but if anyone has questions, I will try to get answers. i know there have been a couple of threads recently with very specific questions and people offered to answer later, but I’m too lazy and too much on vacation to go back and search for them! So fire away, we will try to board around 11, this is our first time in a suite - Sky Suite, but our second time on Equinox in the last 18 months, looking forward to checking out the changes.
  12. I haven't been on the Edge yet (Feb 2020), but I did begin cruising when I was your age and I began on Celebrity. Some things about Celebrity haven't changed, and some of the differences with RCCL (and I have sailed RCCL as well) were present back then - and I think these differences are still present on the Edge, even if it is pointed toward millenials. Celebrity is much more about relaxing - the adventure is more reserved for the ports. We were working high pressure jobs with small children in our mid-30s and the best thing about cruising was we didn't have to make any decisions, we only had to unpack once and people brought us drinks. Then when we started to get just a tiny bit bored, we were at a port, yay! RCCL, then, and much much more now, is about activities on the ship -do this, do this... It is not that there is nothing to do on Celebrity, it's just that relaxing is first and most important activity. Second big thing (and I don't know how much this applies to Edge, certainly does to other Celeb ships vs RCCL) is that the Celeb ships still connect with the ship - yes, they are big floating hotel behemoths, but you still don't lose sight of the sea. On RCCL, about half the time, you could have been in any generic Vegas resort. There are a lot of other pros and cons, but someone said it above - the Edge prices are so inflated, that you should be certain that is what you want to do (particularly if you want a true balcony), because you can do the Caribbean for much less. Wow, though that ship is cool, isn't it?
  13. You must have traditional dining?? I booked my Select dining choices for Feb 2019 as soon as we booked the cruise, about 1 month ago. Be aware that if you don NOT have Select dining, you cannot go around to the 4 dining rooms without making special arrangements, so you don’t prebook.
  14. They often hand out bottles of water either at security or at the gangway - we have always had a bvg pkg, so I cannot be certain, but I think those are free to everyone. They will also set up a tent a bit later with jugs of cold water and cut fruit in it (spa water). Sometimes they hand out cold towels as you are coming back aboard.
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