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  1. We bought the DVDs for all 9 seasons of Love Boat last summer during the pandemic and have been binging the show ever since. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it makes us miss cruising more. But it's fun, super-cheesy entertainment. I LOVE this show. Also Dr. Pimple Popper, although sadly now her show has moved to the D+ streaming service which we don't have. I don't mind paying for Netflix or Disney streaming, but I already pay for Discovery and its related channels on cable, so why should I ALSO have to subscribe to their D+ streaming to get their best shows? So annoying. (
  2. Awww, she was my first cruise ship back in 2001 out of Galveston. She was already old and a bit tired by then, but I didn’t know any better and had an amazing time.
  3. I recently cancelled our Christmas cruise - a few days before Carnival cancelled nearly everything in Nov-Dec. Received the refund in less than a week.
  4. I just cancelled our December cruise on Saturday, the day before final payment was due (again). We had previously paid final payment for this cruise when it was originally scheduled in March, then was cancelled 2 days before it sailed. We rescheduled for December. We decided to cancel (so devastated!) because not only did we owe another $500, which we were willing to pay, but we found out that required Covid testing for non-medical reasons would cost us another $750 on top of that. Plus the uncertainty of everything right now. Anyway, even though we had an Early Saver rate and had
  5. I miss cruising terribly and I think about it every day. I work many hours as an accountant (and I’ve had to work in the office this entire time), so it’s super-hard to keep that up without the promise of real rest and time with my family away from all of the stress of life.
  6. I’m going to miss choosing all the toppings at Guy’s, since I’m sure it won’t be self-serve like it used to be...
  7. Hi, Kim! I'm so happy to see a new review from you! I hope your ankle is doing much better. It sounds like you are able to do most of the things you enjoy, even if you have to watch it carefully. It's great to read along and see what your family has been up to!
  8. My first cruise was on the old Celebration in 2001. It was already older at that time, but we still had a blast, and my love for cruising was born.
  9. What about younger people with underlying (but well-controlled) health issues?
  10. Thanks for writing a review! It's been too long without any of these, and we need the diversion right now! Sorry if I missed it if you mentioned it already, but has the collision damage on the Glory been fixed yet?
  11. We stayed in 7408 on Liberty and absolutely loved all the extra space and view in both directions.
  12. This is my concern. I don't mind having my temperature taken, but after standing in line in the hot sun, I imagine a lot of people will test too high.
  13. When our 3/16/20 Dream cruise was cancelled, we rebooked for 12/21/20. I sure hope both of us will be on cruises this December!!
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