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  1. Thank you!! I have looked into the Spy Museum, and it’s on our list as an idea if we have extra time after doing the other essential things.
  2. Yes, that was a big part of choosing to go during the spring. I’ve been there during the summer before and definitely didn’t want to repeat that experience!
  3. Hey, thanks for asking about me. I’ve been posting less everywhere online for a while. On CC, the threads move so fast sometimes I get lost in the shuffle. And I’ve just been feeling a bit down lately since the first of the year. There’s been some work stress and just general blahs, but it seems silly to post about when others are going through much worse. So I end up just withdrawing for a while. Our next trip is to Washington, DC in a couple of weeks during Andrew’s spring break. I really wish it was another cruise, but it’s important to show Andrew the capital city. It’s NOT going to be relaxing at ALL, and scheduling is such a challenge now that most of the sights require a timed-entry ticket. But I’m finally starting to feel a little excited about it. Hoping to see some cherry blossoms this time since the festival begins the week afterward.
  4. I don't want a formal photo shoot. I usually just buy the pics taken all throughout - at embarkation, at dinner, around the ship, in front of the backdrops or staircases, etc. Other cruiselines have packages where you can choose 5-10 of those impromptu pictures for a flat fee. It seems that Celebrity does not offer this. Good to know!
  5. The website doesn't list any photo packages other than actual sessions with a photographer. I usually buy a photo package on cruises that includes a certain number of photos snapped all throughout the cruise. Does Celebrity not offer this at all? Do the regular ship photos have to be purchased individually?
  6. I hate using lanyards, so I bought the little clip Princess offered and kept my Medallion clipped to a pocket in my tiny travel purse. So much easier.
  7. No, Roscoe posted a pic of himself yesterday, and that's not him in the group pic above.
  8. In the back: Megan, Pebbles & Amy - standing in front of... maybe Bohjang (Keep Calm shirt) and her DH? I'm not sure who the couple on the left are.
  9. Being able to remove the flipper teeth opens up all sorts of costume opportunities on Halloween, so there’s that…
  10. Are you getting a new implant, or another tooth added to your flipper?
  11. Back in my 1980's childhood, we didn't have a microwave until I was in high school. So leftover night meant a whole bunch of tiny little pots piled together on the stove, each with a single serving of whatever. My mom had a whole random collection of miniature cookware just for leftovers.
  12. I got a mailer from them with a personalized membership card right after my 25th birthday (a long time ago). I was SO offended. 😆
  13. HEY! So glad I found your review by chance - since it's not on your website, I didn't get a handy notification email this time. Very happy that you did a review, anyway. I always enjoy following along on your adventures!
  14. We sailed on the Dream's first cruise after the shutdown, in September of 2021. Your Dream review was really helpful!
  15. Oh hey!! Glad to see you're back! Congrats on the sweet addition to your family. ♥️
  16. I wonder why everyone's experience is so different? Seems like it would work or it wouldn't.
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