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  1. Looking for insurance that will cover the need to cancel any airfare, cruise trips if it becomes medically necessary, as well as for medical needs if required on a trip. Looking to replace placing individual insurance on every trip we take.
  2. Are there any Annual Insurance Plans that also cover trip cancellation? Domestic and International Air trips?
  3. We live in Florida, are both in our 60's and have 4 cruises planned beginning in December. We have insurance on the December one due to rebooking from one that was canceled. Looked at Allianz, but not finding anything. Checked GEO Blue and Nationwide. Can you suggest what is best or another company?
  4. Thanks, we are going to wait until 2023 as don't think Australia/New Zealand will let us in even 2022.
  5. Thank you all for this very informative thread. We are also Celebrity Elite and looking for some different itineraries. We don't smoke, have kids, go to art auctions or casinos. After reading this thread we are going to be booking!
  6. Thank You for all the info!
  7. Reality hit and our 3 Celebrity Australia/New Zealand/Transpacific cruises in 2021 are now cancelled. So really looking at Azamara for 2022. Can anyone tell me the comfort of the mattresses. We are now looking at 50 days, so a comfortable mattress a must. Anyone stay in a handicap suite? That is the only Continental suite left. What are the differences in handicap room versus a regular room? That is the only room we could have on all 3 cruises. Can anyone explain how the loyalty points work. Are they added to Celebrity or do you start accumulating on Azam
  8. I started this topic and unfortunately the suite we booked did not sail. So no further input is requested. Thanks.
  9. How about the mattresses compared to Celebrity Eclipse, Edge, Equinox or Silhouette? (Not Reflection)
  10. Good information, as I also wear hearing aids.
  11. Very interesting. Thanks for your input.
  12. We are currently booked on Celebrity Solstice B2B2B in Australia/ New Zealand/Transpacific in March-April, 2021. I don't think we will be allowed in the countries at that time. Celebrity's 2022 schedule does not allow us to do a Lift and Shift for the same ports without booking 6 cruise. I started looking at the Azamara schedule and it looks like we can do the ports we wanted, but not the Transpacific. We have not sailed on Azamara and wondering if we could have some input on the differences of sailing between the two lines. We are Elite with Celebrity and typically sail Aqua Class.
  13. We are looking at Galapagos in case we are not able to do our NZ/Australia trio in 2021. Any feedback on selecting either the inner and outer loop would be appreciated. Also room selection on the Flora.
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