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  1. Just to give everyone hope and make you weep for joy, MSC Magnifica set sail on Monday 19th. I have two cruises booked on Magnifica on the back of this, come on NCL..... Your turn!
  2. So good to see another MSC ship sailing, I have two trips booked on the back of this.
  3. I'm sorry I can't say if it is the same in the EU, I suspect it is as we (still) share common laws. I don't think it is a regulation though, I believe it's the companies choice to have a non refundable deposit, we have a lot of additional rights covered under laws, as an example you have probably heard about the EU compensations levels where a flight is cancelled or rescheduled under 14 days, this can be as much as $650 per person. A couple of years ago we were delayed on a flight from the UK to central America by 24 hours, we received this top tier of compensation for the flight even though we still travelled and the compensation was more that what we had paid for the flights. We also have the organisations ABTA and ATOL to protect our bookings. I think all this regulation and protection comes at a cost. I don't believe they have to keep the deposit but it is allowed under law and they take advantage of this situation. Certainly in the UK we are used to loosing deposits if we change our minds but this can be for most purchases, not just travel. This is also why insurance is so important here from the moment you book, if your cancellation is due to an insured risk (illness for example) you can normally claim that lost deposit on the insurance.
  4. Exactly right @sverigecruiser deposits with NCL are always non-refundable in the UK, we can rebook after a price drop but always at the cost of the deposit.
  5. Totally agree, I just booked the two Fjords & Guernsey. Guernsey was £220 for a Fantasia Balcony, premium drinks package and gratuities, how can you go wrong for a weekend away.
  6. We are looking at two (just greedy 🙂) Guernsey for a simple 2 night weekend getaway then also looking at the Fjords in July, I'm just so tempted now the ship is running again but I still have that niggling doubt it will get cancelled but at least there are no flights, hotels or hire cars involved. It's a good point, my travel insurance does cover me for Covid including all medical bills etc but I had not considered what impact the FCO advice has on that, as you are normally not covered if you go against FCO advice. Clearly I need to research this more.
  7. Hi, I have been looking at the Magnifica cruises out of Southampton next May. I think Magnifica is due to start sailing again in three days on 19th October. I realise nothing is safe as things stand but I was thinking Magnifica is probably as good as it gets right now, I would value anyone's thoughts? These cruises are very tempting as they are all inclusive, I live 20 minutes away and the all leave on a Saturday. Thanks Ziggy
  8. Yes, they have both been there for a while, it's a pity the Bliss and Encore could not line up nicely for a picture. It looks really beautiful at night when they are all lit up out in the bay. Weymouth bay has been a popular safe haven during the pandemic, no Norwegian here but a beautiful time lapse
  9. Haha, sorry yes, stupid me, I can't change it now either.
  10. Both the Bliss & Encore have been moored just of the UK's south coast. Though you might like to see the Norwegian Bliss today, sitting pretty next to Britannia, & Marella Discovery No pic of Encore, sorry.
  11. You can normally get a one time extension, if you call up once you have decided they can handle that for you.
  12. My experience is as above, a stool in the room, but would be hard to watch tv on due to the small room and high level tv, it's more comfortable to sit/lay on the bed and watch tv. Plenty of room under the bed for suitcase storage.
  13. Yes, that's the horrible thing about Shingles, once you have had chickenpox, the virus sits waiting to come back as Shingles when your system is weakened, a time when you can least cope with it.
  14. Strange thing for a doctor to say as you can't catch shingles from another person, the virus can be spread to another person but only if the other person has never had chickenpox, the infected person will then get chickenpox but not shingles. CDC: Shingles cannot be passed from one person to another. https://www.cdc.gov/shingles/about/transmission.html
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