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  1. I have these two showing in my account. Book now two distinct experiences!Includes: 1 dinner at our exclusive Indochine restaurant offering savoury selection of French-Vietnamese dishes, many of which can be served in a family style 1 three-course dinner at our unique Butcher's Cut Steakhouse parlour offering exceptional beef breeds and cuts Book now three distinct Dining Experiences!Composed of three distinct Dining Experiences at selected Restaurants: Indochine Restaurant: Vietnamese cuisine heritage and tradition alongside a French influence i
  2. I may have an answer to this (certainly for me), I noticed the screenshot above was on https://www.msccruises.co.uk but that my web browser was on https://prod-gl.msccruises.com/ I was all logged in correctly and must have been taken to that site from a link. Out of interest I changed sites to https://www.msccruises.co.uk and now the upgrades are showing. Make sure you are on the .co.uk site and not the .com site.
  3. Hope your wife is grateful, it must me amazing to spend time in your company...... Glad you won't be allowed onboard & I won't risk that experience.
  4. It's weird I have never had it showing, they sure have a random system.
  5. British territorial water includes the cost of Norther Ireland.
  6. I'm certainly waiting until MSC provide more information on their requirements. I think we need hard facts from MSC, exactly what cover they need and what values are required. My current free (with HSBC premier account) covers for covid related treatment while away even if traveling against government advice. It does not however cover me if I catch covid and can't travel, being vaccinated that would be unlikely.
  7. Give your droning on a rest, you cant even stay on the same subject you started, I really can't be bothered to read more twisted nonsense that suits your agenda.
  8. You were the one talking about a family of 4 going on HOLIDAY, make up your mind! The beginnings of the traffic light system are already there.
  9. Don't be ridiculous, you know as well as I do you are not allowed to fly internationally from the UK right now without good reason, you started this by making the difference travelling vaccinated or PCR testing. I quote your original post I responded to "Adding about £1000 to your flights or holiday for a family of 4" If you were in fact talking about now, you know full well a family of 4 can't currently legally go on holiday outside the UK. It is obvious the pricing I was suggesting was for those wanting to fly once things open after 17th May and in response to yo
  10. Except you can have it done in the comfort of you own home for just £72 via post with Randox health, so all that is nonsense.https://www.randoxhealth.com/covid-19-home-testing-kit/ using code eJh2021 That's £72 + Є40 per person using Cyprus as an example. And when its made even more sensational by using "family of four" most countries don't even need a test for a child (under 8/12) to fly.
  11. Only because it's being extremely exaggerated in the press like the Daily Fail which gullible people are sucked into, all the main UK airports are doing £60 PCR test and Cyprus for example are doing Є40 tests (Grease Є50) making the cost £380 for the return journey for 4 people to Cyprus.
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