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  1. Most laptops have a security slot to attach a lock and cable, they won't easily be removed without destroying the laptop.
  2. Your reason to wait is: "prolong my 3 year membership" This is not the case as you get a fresh three years from disembarkation day, with this in mind there is no reason to wait as it only increases the risk of a lower match if they reduce/withdraw the scheme.
  3. I have to say it was really hit and miss out of Miami this spring, some places we were charged and other not, we had several glasses of wine in the MDR with no tax added (even though our server told us there would be a charge) then some drinks in the spiniker which we were charged tax on.
  4. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I want to congratulate you on your approach to this, yes there is a juicy bit everyone is anticipating but you have not allowed it to influence your enjoyment of your vacation, so many people only remember the bad bits and forget they had a wonderful experience before the problems. It is wonderful you have not allowed the last few days to sour your overall memories and experiences, 5 pages in and still a wonderful review without a gripe in sight.
  5. It is in the Stardust Theatre, there was no need to book when we were onboard and I doubt it would change, I don't think the Stardust is ever full on the Jewel.
  6. Our december trip on Fantasia I requested late seating at 8.30 which is perfect for us: Dinner time preference: Second sitting approx. 8.30pm
  7. Spot on, I thought it would be on the final payment invoice.
  8. Frank, what do you think the outcome will be onboard, they booked online got confirmation but were not charged which is very odd.
  9. your status is valid for three years from your status match, if you matched 10/18 then you should stay black until 10/21. There should be no issue with a 2020 cruise, call MSC or if you use an agent get them to call on your behalf. Have you logged into your MSC account and checked your Voyagers Club status, it should show your level and the expiry date. Each time you cruise the three year clock resets https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/MSC-Voyagers-Club/Voyagers-Club.aspx
  10. Is it showing as a line and cost on your invoice? This happened to me but for a different reason, when they scrapped the deluxe drinks package and gave a short window to lock it in, I called and had it added but they did not want payment, they just increased my cruise cost by adding a line to my invoice (this was Nov 2018), this means I will pay in full at my final payment date (I benefited as the money has been in my account for an extra year). If it's on the invoice, like me you will pay at final payment before boarding. It could be a glitch as LB says but you don't want to be paying onboard or your drinks will be subject to additional gratuities with each drinks order.
  11. Thanks Frank that's really useful, we love special cocktails, not too sweet for me but love trying new cocktails.
  12. Thank you for that, the shows are a highlight for me too, I really look forward to each evenings show, it's good to hear you enjoyed them, especially as a dance teacher who knows what to look for.
  13. Viccarol, we are on the Fantasia in December out of Rio in South America. I would love to know more about the included food you found around the ship and also the entertainment, which I guess will not have changed by the time we sail. I booked a long time ago and have the old deluxe drinks package so anything you can share on gelato would be great.
  14. They do not do them for free but they do sell them in the shop, everything from basic straps to fully blinged rhinestone ones. You can bring your own with either a see through pouch or just a clip at the end and customer service will hole punch the card. Some of the newer ships you can't hole punch the card, I don't know about the Joy but as she is quite new I suspect not.
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