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  1. Good god, some people will never get it..... please watch the video just two posts up from your message using an old t-shirt and you might start to understand.
  2. Are we saying that the OP would be OK if they were booked as two separate trips? I mean, they settle the bill and disembark then go through security and reebark in a completely different stateroom. If so, is this not possible, could the OP just cancel one part of the B2B and rebook it as a completely different booking.
  3. If I grow bat wings I will let you know because I get my shot any day now.
  4. A masquerade ball sounds a lot of fun to me.
  5. Just for an update on this. They checked the recordings and agree I was incorrectly told I would get double latitude points and claim they are using the recordings for training. The manager said she love to add the extra points but it is not physically possible with the computer system (I did not argue but I know this not true) and instead have offered $100 OBC ($50 each), as they could offer nothing else, I reluctantly accepted as the points were all that mattered to me not money.
  6. We also have charge backs which apply to all debit card payments and credit card payments under £100. This is very much a EU/UK thread as we have Section 75 which is very different and covered by law, when we file a Section 75 we are holding the provider (in your case Amex) equally responsible, they need to deal with it effectively or they can end upholding the baby. We don't ask for a charge back and hope for the best, we file a section 75 and hold the card provider responsible. Once filed, you don't need to worry about your time as you then have NCL and Amex responsible as well as ABTA and any insurance you may have as a backstop.
  7. That is why I worded it the way I did: You have generously done the legwork for the OP I was not willing to do. What I did not know was what SteveH2508 says, that regardless what the contact says, UK law prevails and it remains 14 days for a refund.
  8. If the 14 days applies to NCL that's great, I was (obviously wrongly) assuming that as NCL is not a UK company the 90 days needed to be complied with, good advice is good advice and I'm happy to be corrected, all good 👍. The important bit is that there is no rush and after 90 days there is no excuse so therefore as we both agree 91 days is the sweet spot.
  9. Just to clarify, if you file now you would have to prove you did not agree to 90 days, after 90 days (as @SteveH2508 says) you are good to go as they are then in breach of their contract.
  10. A section 75 claim means you are asking your bank to claim from the card issuer (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) as under UK law the card issuer is jointly responsible with the service provider. What you have been told is correct there is no limit to file a claim, the only limit being the statute of limitations, this is six years (five in Scotland). As you are holding your card issuer responsable, it does not matter if NCL are trading or not. To make a claim you have to provide evidence the service provider (NCL) has not fulfilled their part of the contract, in your case you would have to prove you did not agree to 90 days when agreeing the contract. As an example, I have filed a section 75 against RyanAir as UK law says canceled airline tickets must be refunded in 7 days, RyanAir say I will have to wait 6 months, clearly they are in breach of the law and I can prove it in a simple statement and copies of correspondence.
  11. It's not even a typed post, just a pasted screenshot from Facebook.
  12. You're no soothsayer but you will call it right one day. Don't take up gambling 😂
  13. So today I make my 7th call to resolve the missing CruiseNext voucher value and again ask for confirmation about the double Latitude points, yet again I was assured I would get the points after I returned but they could not send anything in writing (I just have to trust them). This time I was insistent she checked my booking (no I'm not trusting anyone's word because it counts for nothing these days)...... guess what, it's not an insider offer (I know that, that's why I questioned it!),...... No double points (I guessed that!). Now they are so called "checking the recordings to see what was promised". I will believe that when I see it! 7 phone calls to resolve all the issues I have had and most of them promised a call back and not one person has actually done that. I love NCL and when things are straightforward they are great and it runs like a well oiled machine....... But when things go wrong nobody will pick up the problem and own it, the computer systems are clearly outdated and they literally have no procedures to put things right. I can't believe the terrible level of customer service I have experienced over this, I have kept my cool, laughed and joked will all the agents but despite all the assurances and promises, I have literally been lied to by everyone. Every call on my home line is recorded, I literally have recordings of them saying that there is a promotion where "every" cruise currently gets double latitude points. I won't let this spoil things but I have never in my life had service this bad, especially as we have got on so well during our conversations. Even my CruiseNext problem is still not resolved after 7 calls, I had to call again today as midnight was supposed to be the end of the CruiseNext double-up, fortunately I'm told that has been extended until the end of May now.
  14. @WorldTraveler151208 Our 9 day trip is on the Sun, out of and back to Seattle on 7th Sep 2021 (might be a bit later if you want summer), it has an amazing itinerary over the 9 days. Tue Seattle, Washington --- 4:00 PM 0 Wed At Sea --- --- 0 Thu Sitka, Alaska 10:00 AM 8:00 PM 0 Fri Icy Strait Point, Alaska 7:00 AM 8:00 PM 0 Sat Glacier Bay (Cruising) --- --- 0 Sun Skagway, Alaska 7:00 AM 8:00 PM 0 Mon Juneau, Alaska 7:00 AM 3:00 PM 0 Tue Ketchikan, Alaska 6:30 AM 1:00 PM 0 Wed Victoria, British Columbia 7:00 PM 11:59 PM 0 Thu Seattle, Washington (Flight Departure) 7:00 AM --- 0
  15. I have not been so not an expert but from my research, the sail day in glacier bay as opposed to Endicott arm & Dawes would be the winner for me as, I'm told the glaciers are more impressive and limited ships can enter glacier bay each day. I should have been going in october 20 but due to cancellation I'm now Sep 21.
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