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  1. Ireland considered changing from driving on the left to driving on the right. They thought it might be confusing to do it overnight so decided cars would change on 1 Jan but all the other vehicles would change the following week.
  2. England is doing its own thing with nil cooperation with N Ireland, Scotland or Wales.
  3. Who'd want to be a Ship's Surgeon on board an SS vessel when a positive test comes along? Plenty of high-risk individuals, limited resources and potentially many days from land. And who wants to be one of his/her patients in those circumstances? Thousands of miles from home, on a ventilator in a country where you know neither the language nor the customs? Is it a risk worth taking?
  4. I know, Spins, it's a sad but necessary thing.
  5. Terry, do keep these reports coming. This side of the pond we are getting very little cruise news, in fact almost none. Your comments and links are so useful for keeping up to date.
  6. Back in April I rang the SS London office to cancel our Spirit Athens - Dubai cruise for 5 Nov this year. Our contact expressed surprise: "That's 7 months away!" I'm not claiming any clairvoyance but, at the time, I don't think many people fully appreciated the nature of a highly infectious virus nor how long the magic bullet of a reliable vaccine would take to develop. We also cancelled our Moon TA for March next year because I cannot, in all conscience, leave the money in SS's coffers at such an uncertain time. How anyone can look at the next 6-12 months and state with anything other than wishful thinking and crossed fingers that cruising will resume in any meaningful way is an act of pure guesswork.
  7. Which is like saying we have enough petrol in the tank to reach our destination without knowing if that destination is 10, 100 or 1000 miles away. I still can't get my head round why, when a cash refund is on offer, anyone would go all-in for a possible small saving from a company whose future must be in question. And also why anyone would wait for a cruise x months hence to be cancelled rather than cash in their chips now and walk away for the loss of a relatively tiny admin fee. When the world economy let's go it's going to be very bloody, many big names won't recover and any company stretched by unsustainable debt will simply shut up shop. Especially those, such as cruise companies, who are effectively using customer payments for future services as unsecured debt.
  8. We are planning the next couple of years as if cruising didn't exist. It's sad to feel that way but we can't yearn after something unachievable when there is so much to do and experience. For example, rather than being on our Spirit cruise next month we have taken a holiday let in a part of the UK that we really don't know very well. With the cash back from the cruise we gave upgraded to a very plush property that we 2 and our 2 dogs can get lost in! 2 more stays booked for next year and (yet another) fly-drive to the USA planned for 2022 so that we can mop up the final 6 states that we've yet to visit. Time's too precious to spend longing for a return of cruising - much more exciting to be planning future travel. You guys that live in North America have a hugely geographically diverse continent to explore.
  9. Lola, this is your fault. I usually last a little longer before breaking my promises: Autumn. In England. Raining. What a surprise.
  10. I promise this will be the last of the "let's cheer everyone up" doggy photos. For a while.
  11. Nothing wrong with York - quite the opposite but there are more "local" places that Terry might like if he wants to experience living like the locals. I agree about Lincolnshire if we include West Norfolk and North Cambridgeshire. Peterborough Cathedral us one of the finest of its kind in the land yet gets almost no international visitors, the Fens are eerily atmospheric and Lincoln is a bit like York but with steep streets. And let's not forget the little gem that is Stamford and the neighbouring Burghley House. Again, living like a local in the SE? Yes, but why go through the masses when the British Isles has such a variety of splendid scenery and interesting towns and villages that are far from the clichéd picture of Britain. I'm sure all areas have their charms but why not explore the areas that the international tourist generally never reaches?
  12. Sounds like an excellent plan. There's a lot of the UK that doesn't feature on the international traveller's checklist. Might I make some suggestions (assuming you would have a hire car)? Fly in to Manchester and head North to Carlisle. That's a great base for the Lake District and Scottish Borders. Move East and stay in North Yorkshire - I suggest not staying in York - maybe Northallerton or Thirsk to explore the Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors. Next stop Buxton in the Derbyshire Peak District to explore this area and visit the revitalised city of Sheffield. Finally why not visit the primitive beauty of North Wales - I think our friend Daveywavey70 might be able to recommend a base there (😏) and you are close to Manchester for the return flight. Just a thought but includes interesting scenery, typically British towns and villages and keeps you away from the tourist clichés and disappointments of London and the South East!
  13. To an extent it doesn't really matter how confidant or not cruise lines are. They must at least appear confidant of only to prevent cancellations and gain new bookings. The future of cruising is not in the hands of the cruise lines, it is dependent on global travel restrictions, customer confidence and general economic conditions. In a world where travel is likely to be curtailed for an unknown period, people are looking to staycations (yes, I hate that word too) and the global economy disappearing down the plughole I think it will take more than expressions of confidence from the cruise industry to convince the sceptical to put their vacation money into a currently non-operating industry. I think we are a long, long way from seeing anything like normal cruising even if the companies survive.
  14. Quick word of warning following on from a couple of posts ago where, amongst other things, grapefruit juice was suggested for Bob. Please check his medication notes first as there are a few commonly prescribed meds where grapefruit juice should be avoided.
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