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  1. Don't worry, your country doesn't have a monopoly on morons. We've got our fair share, too.
  2. I should have been clearer. The Saga cruise is July 2022. I'm not sure many cruise will be going anywhere this year except in the antipodes.
  3. Yes, you read it correctly. For July 22 we are booked on the Saga Spirit of Adventure voyage around Ireland. Why? Why not SS? I'm still of a mind to consider the virus as a major disruptor for at least a year. Many parts of the world will not be vaccinated and even in supposedly advanced countries there are enough anti-vaccination nutjobs to allow the virus to persist and further mutate. So we reckon that sticking close to home not only keeps us within the Common Travel Area it also means the minimum of admin shenanigans that cross-border travel may entai
  4. I can still remember my friend running out with tears in his eyes shouting "It's a boy! It's a boy" We never did go back to Thailand.
  5. After a particularly, indeed spectacularly, dense patient left my nurse said "I wonder if he dies, will his village replace him?" Took a minute then I understood...
  6. I didn't let my oral surgery residents graduate until they could spell Beer.
  7. That really earns its acronym. Certainly send autocorrect into panic.
  8. Went to the Dr. He said I could have MRSA, IBS and even PTSD. But that was just an initial diagnosis.
  9. No vaccine, no sail, no exceptions. That may be discriminatory but only against idiots.
  10. No. According to your post you heard the figure on Apple+ reporting a figure from CDC. That is a whole world away from from seeing the original data as presented by an authoritative source. Too many figures are bandied about which end up being a journalist's misinterpretation or politically massaged or just plain wrong. I can find nothing from the CDC that reports the figures you've given. In terms of the oceans of misinformation pounced upon by those wishing to manipulate opinion, it is absolutely critical that original sources rather than reported sourc
  11. You are absolutely correct. When there is so much disinformation being touted about Covid, the vaccine, risk etc, you need the info from the horses mouth. I posit that if 1000 people a day were dying after the vaccine it would be more widely reported. In fact it would be news headline number one the world over.
  12. I hadn't heard that. Do you have a reference source for that figure?
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