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  1. A point to consider if you like sitting in the sunshine is that a veranda will only get the sun when it is on that side of the ship and then only in the early morning or late afternoon - at other times the veranda is in the shade.
  2. The floor area of a Vista is the same as a veranda suite. The dimensions for the verand include the balcony. On a dozen SS cruises we have had a veranda twice, a Vista all other times. It's a highly personal thing but we really think £50 or more a day is simply not worth it.
  3. At school in England I used a word in common currency in Ireland. The teacher said it was just a made-up word. I thought about it and said, 'Miss. Aren't all words made up?' Well, they are, aren't they?
  4. I would never for one second believe you capable of being insulting, intentionally or otherwise. The topic that was the subject of my original post is dominating the UK media just now but one could hardly expect someone the other side of the Atlantic to be aware of our domestic spats.
  5. Our PM's political adviser was caught breaking lockdown rules by driving himself and his family to his parents' house in Durham. He was later spotted in the town of Barnard Castle, 30 miles away, but claims he thought his eyesight had been affected by a recent illness so went for a drive to make sure his sight was good enough for the 265 mile trip back to London. During this 30 mile excursion he was so concerned about his ability to drive that he took his wife and 4-year-old child and had a walk along the river. Seriously, I'm not kidding.
  6. Let me drive you to Barnard Castle.
  7. It's an odd relationship the Irish still have with potatoes. My parents, for example, will simply not consider food a meal unless there is a potato element - boiled, mashed, roasted, chipped; doesn't matter as long as there is a potato in there somewhere. If they have soup they cut up a couple of spuds and chuck them in the soup for half an hour on the stove. So you get soup (vegetable, chicken, tomato, whatever) with chunks of boiled potato in it. It's rather nice, actually. The only exception is a fried breakfast. Well, I say an exception but they get round it by frying up (eugh!) a couple of potato farls (HP or tomato sauce being optional extras). Both 88 and fighting fit so they are clearly doing something right.
  8. Nice looking plate, DW. Roasties in goose fat? Oh, heavenly. OH won't roast them that way, I say she should. I'm Irish, she's English. Who's the tattie expert? (In case you're thinking 'well, do it yourself, lazy boy', in my defence I'm simply not allowed to do anything vaguely approaching cooking. The advantage of having a skilled chef as a Mrs.)
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