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  1. When my sister-in-law moved many years ago she sent us directions to her new house: "When you leave the motorway you go along a main road with several roundabouts. Turn left at the last one" (Think about it)
  2. On the other hand, when everyone leaves the ship at a port stop for excursions, the ship becomes, almost, one's private yacht for a few hours. Sea days are just the best.
  3. Some people are so judgemental. You can tell just by looking at them.
  4. Rorschach testing is becoming very popular. I don't know what people see in it.
  5. I thought I was bring very philanthropic when I went to the transplant unit to donate a kidney. All fell apart when they wanted to know where I'd got it from.
  6. We have the dubious honour of being ejected from Raffles before getting the chance to be ripped off for a Singapore Sling. They do, however, make very good ones on Silversea. Why were we thrown out? Actually, no idea. Went into the bar and were asked if we were hotel residents. We said no and we're then invited not only to leave the bar but we're escorted to the exit. Can't explain it.
  7. Every so often we need to subject ourselves to close scrutiny. I have a labrador to do this for me:
  8. Do we need a picture of a happy labrador at the beach? I think we do:
  9. We have an Eastern Emperor bed. 2 adults and 2 labradors need a lot of space! And our son's Irish Doodle can't be left out when he visits:
  10. Knowing Fudge's background I'd be inclined to think he knows what is and isn't fraud. However, naffing off SS for the sake of, in the scheme of things, peanuts isn't something that I would risk. It might not be illegal but it's certainly not in the spirit of the concession.
  11. Question asked in the HoC on 5 July 2021 The short reply can be summarised as "No idea. Don't care." https://questions-statements.parliament.uk/written-questions/detail/2021-07-05/27012/
  12. Noooo... How awful for you both. Our thoughts..
  13. There are still plenty of cruisers that appreciate a certain level of dress for evening dining. If it's such a big deal then SS is maybe not for you? Perhaps, in time, the race to the bottom will lead to more relaxed dress standards but, until then, I and many others are happy with the current standards.
  14. And also the ability to predict which countries will go back onto whatever list exists at the time.
  15. I'm not suggesting it's not a useful facility but it's certainly worth understanding the limitations on the Ts and Cs.
  16. I note also in the Ts and Cs that, for UK bookings at least, the included limo service is for up to 50 miles each way and extra miles charged by the providing company to the customer. Furthermore, SS will not be held responsible for delays. So, if like us, you live 110 miles away from the airport on a route bedevilled by travel delays not only will the cost be undefined until the booking is made but you could miss the flight and receive a shrug from SS. I think I'd take the £75 credit and use a hotel and parking deal as we normally do. Maybe no cheaper but I like to control my arrival time.
  17. Remember, the rule does not apply to British visitors to Ireland under the terms of the Common Travel Agreement. You can stay there, and Irish citizens in UK, indefinitely. Both countries exercising their sovereign rights.
  18. Judging food from photographs is like tasting wine from the sound.
  19. OH always takes her Seabourn tote bag on SS cruises. Not been keel-hauled yet.
  20. I'm from the Shankill area of Belfast, God help me. We moved to West Yorkshire when I was a mere youth but living in Huddersfield with a strong Shankill accent immediately marked me out as strange, at the very least, or a terrorist at worst - the only time most people heard such an accent was from news reports from the Troubles. So my accent became pure West Riding as soon as my little brain could make it so. Even now I still have a Yorkshire accent, although quite mild. The thing is when I'm talking to my parents or family still in Ireland my OH tells me I start going all Shankill Road again. We lived in NE Scotland for 4 years and I went very "Och aye, the noo" and 18 months in Cardiff made me quite South Walian. I now find accents easy to mimic with the honourable exception of Liverpudlian (an omission for which I have no explanation). I think regional accents are rather wonderful.
  21. So either a. One of you has tiny feet or b. One of you is a circus clown?
  22. I think we need another "Ahh" photo. This is what 2 labradors like to do after a busy day at the seaside:
  23. 2 dogs, Covid, complicated international travel etc. Its just all too difficult.
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