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  1. Combined Services Entertainments (CSE) is the body that shunts celebrities around the world to entertain the troops. I don't have too much experience except to say that those that volunteer do end up in some very non-celebrity places. I know I had a pop at Mr Davidson earlier but, and this needs saying, he will have spent 48hrs in the back of a C130 Hercules transport aircraft, stayed in someone's spare room in Stanley and chowed down with the troops. And I'll tell you another thing: the troops really respect these people but would bring them down to earth in a moment if they got a bit "starry". Total respect to CSE and those that don't need to put themselves to the hassle of visiting the troops but still do. And they get nothing other than satisfaction from so doing.
  2. Following on, if you will indulge: British readers will remember Sir Harry Secombe: a founder of The Goon Show , actor, singer, comedian and quite possibly the most famous Welshman of his time. He came down to entertain but I missed the show because I was on duty at Stanley Hospital. Anyway, before the show Harry set aside a chunk of his time to come to the hospital and chat to the staff and patients (some of whom, you might imagine, were quite unwell). Well, he was wonderful. He spent so much time with the lads in the wards that he was late for his show and missed dinner. At one point the CO said, "Best get going, Harry, and get some dinner before the show." It was the only time Harry looked cross. "Considering what these boys have suffered, I don't mind missing my dinner." A true gentleman.
  3. Reminds me of a night at Stanley airfield after the shooting stopped and things "settled down". One of the first entertainers to come down was Jim Davidson - very much an old school sort with so-called jokes that I didn't find funny then and find offensive now. He picked on several members of the audience and was, quite frankly, plain rude. Of course I was on the front row and, of course, the pager went off during his act. "Dear God, I'm for it now" I thought. However I had a red cross symbol on one epaulette so as I got up and he stopped and looked straight at me - ready for the kill - I tapped the symbol and mouthed "Emergency Dr on call". Well, he snapped straight back into his routine. I was not only grateful but also very impressed. He may have been objectionable but a true pro.
  4. And that is the end of Silversea as we know it. Just another flashy, larger ship line with nothing special to offer. No soul.
  5. Those silly things also included severe disappointment with the food, a vibrating ship and other factors that can be accessed by reading all of F's posts above. It's so hard, sometimes, to understand why some feel the need to challenge another's experience. Unless, of course, they shared that experience.
  6. Perhaps his gift of foresight had temporarily abandoned him?
  7. Fletcher, did you board the wrong ship back in Athens? P and O, maybe? A badly navigated Isle of Man Steam Packet? Anyone else remember when you could call SS a six star line? Without irony? Reading stories like this from someone clearly dissatisfied for good reason, and reading other less than stellar postings from many members over the past year or so, has me fearful for our Wind cruise next May. I don't recognise the Silversea we have 201 nights on before the plague hit. Sounds like SS is overreaching and underperforming. So sad. So very sad.
  8. You may well be correct. But the deposits are mainly carbon so, at the very least, they'll have the effect of an internal deodorant if you break wind! 😎
  9. I've always thought that the prices charged for the deluxe and higher suites are a touch ambitious.
  10. That would be my hope. I wouldn't bet my house on it, though.
  11. Before SS sold itself to the devil it had a loyal band of repeat cruisers who clearly enjoyed the product. Since the passenger capacity has doubled in the blink of an eye the line needs to appeal to a wider audience. Part of that, along with the brashness of the new ships, seems to be a gentle diminution of dress requirements. Clearly, there are plenty of cruisers who don't want to dress according to the cruise line's code, clearly, too, the line will have to accede to that desire or lose customers. Those of us who know the line from its previous ownership were attracted by the understated elegance of the ships, the personal attention and the common good manners (mostly) of fellow guests - including the observation of dress codes. It was a particular vibe and suited the line at the time. Seems that those days are passing. Everything, in time, regresses to the mean.
  12. When Manfredi sold SS to RCL he not only sold its ships but its soul too. SS worked because it was small and intimate with high standards and many repeat customers. Now it's bigger, clearly more corporate and sliding into average. It's such a shame.
  13. It's also the postcode for Birmingham, England. Considering that Birmingham's only purpose is to make everywhere else, even Detroit, look good I'll take Bermuda. Thank you.
  14. For all our American cousins: This is my granddaughter on holiday yesterday in Dallas at the George W Bush Presidential Centre. She's getting ready to be your next President:
  15. It took a moment, but once I realised they were ear plugs...
  16. They say in Scotland you can experience all 4 seasons in one day. In the Falklands it's half an hour.
  17. This is a true story: On the West Coast of West Falkland my Cpl and I decided we'd had enough of being cooped up in our temporary lodgings (essentially a muddy hole covered with canvas) and would have a stroll to the nearby beach. There was plenty of Air cover and naval patrolling going on and no known mines so I thought, "Sod it, let's go find some penguins". The CO said OK as long as we were armed and in radio contact and confirmed the location of other "blue" forces. Not being short of ammunition, but being bereft of common sense, we thought it a great idea to lay down a good few rounds in the direction of the sea - just because. Well, my Browning 9mm jammed on the first round so we blatted away with the SMG for a while. Took my weapon back to the armoury and gingerly handed it to the armourer explaining that there was a live round jammed and 12 rounds in the mag (which was also jammed). He took it from me, looked me up and down as if I was something unpleasant he'd just stepped in and said "Mmm, been playing have we, Sir?" I felt about 2 ft tall! Never did see the penguins.
  18. We make the donation by getting them to debit our onboard account. No temptation for sticky fingers.
  19. They saw you coming. So will everyone else when you're wearing that jacket!
  20. What an excellent account of your voyage. Keep the instalments coming!
  21. It's the free of charge Silversea inoculation program. All part of the service.
  22. Rather less than joint relief cream and denture fixative, I expect.
  23. My wife just informed me that she thinks vacation sex is the best. Not the sort of postcard I'd hoped to receive.
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