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  1. Ooh. I've no idea if it's a tender or not. Good point.
  2. I see the ship docks at Newhaven, 0800 to 2200. The dock is very close to the retired Royal Yacht, Britannia. For an active person it's a 15 minute walk. I'm sure the SS "VIP" excursion will be silly expensive so if you'd like to visit Britannia (and you really should - it's magnificent) either walk or get a cab. If you are ex-military, entrance to the yacht is at a lower cost. From Britannia you can get a bus (I forget the route number but Google maps will tell you) from right in front of the building to Princes Street where you'll find the Scott memorial, Scottish National Gallery (free entry!) and can walk across to the Castle, Royal Mile, Holyrood House. And after a good day's foot-slogging get the bus back to Newhaven. Whatever you do I'm sure you'll enjoy Edinburgh. It's a fine city. You also get to visit my old hometown of Belfast! Looks like a great itinerary.
  3. It strikes me that anyone who takes out their frustrations on the hard-working crew members exposes only their own inadequacies.
  4. Mostly with SS shows after 20 minutes it feels like over an hour.
  5. See, I told you. Whatever next? Cowboy hats in the restaurant?
  6. Oh, I think they'll look after Mysty and Mr Mysty all right They wouldn't dare do otherwise!
  7. I'm beginning to sense that, for various reasons, the intimacy and personal service that we always found on SS ships is now slipping away? I know all companies evolve their product ultimately, they hope, to the benefit of the bottom line. That's just good business. SS seems to be evolving into a more mass market product at the expense of service to the passenger - not just the direct personal service from individual crew members but also in terms of food, ambience and SS's uniquely customer-centered ethos. SS is morphing into just another cruise line. That makes me sad. Am I wrong?
  8. Oh, no. How very sad. Those who don't have the privilege of having pets just couldn't understand the special bond we have with them. The only comfort at times like this is knowing that this unique little individual has had the best possible life and receives the very best of care.
  9. Mainly political biographies. So, yes, fiction.
  10. Is there an option to ask for a bar of soap?
  11. Brad Pitt's let himself go a bit.
  12. Is it unusual? Or is it the extent of reporting that is unusual? Or unusual to us because it's gained a life of its own on this forum? On a worldwide scale, this sort of ship/nature interface isn't that rare.
  13. It's important to remember that trial by social media is not guaranteed to be impartial or even intelligible.
  14. I hadn't realised there were so many Master Mariners and Forensic Detectives on this forum!
  15. Maybe it will turn out to be a storm in a tea cup?
  16. Why quote me yet not address my point?
  17. I'm intrigued by the thought that it takes longer to dress smartly than scruffily. Unless, of course, one goes straight from the tour to the dining venue. After x hours in 90 degree heat and humidity. Without showering. Yeugh!
  18. Jacob's Cream Crackers?
  19. If that's what people think deserves the word "smart" anywhere in the definition then I have to say that the descent to sloppiness is faster than I thought.
  20. You'd think so. Sadly, money doesn't buy class.
  21. So do I. She insists on coming.
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