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  1. And then there are travellers from countries where guides are properly paid.
  2. The SS site used to say something along the lines of "tipping is neither expected nor required". What isn't widely known is that each ship runs a Crew Fund to which guests can contribute and which goes to support amenities for all the crew - this rewards not just front of house staff but also those whose hard work is otherwise unrecognised; for example, deck hands, Engine Room crew, laundry and others without whom the shop couldn't function. Just a thought...
  3. Ah... So we haven't met.
  4. You naughty girl, you.
  5. That same figure might well apply to Scunthorpe. But for a different reason.
  6. Not sure but to play it safe wear jacket, tie and hijab.
  7. The way the dress code is going, you won't have to much longer.
  8. I think guests should dress as they feel most comfortable. We are naturists. Looking forward to meeting you all.
  9. It's wonderful to see all those creatures waddling around in their environment and all looking the same. And the penguins.
  10. I've looked up the definition of elegant and elegance and can't find polo shirts mentioned anywhere. Not even US dictionaries.
  11. When we start using ChatGPT as a sartorial guide it seems the end of elegance is nigh.
  12. I couldn't possibly comment. 😉
  13. Maybe, but it's still the shirt used by polo players. People wear soccer shirts when not playing Association Football or running shoes while riding the bus. Still sports kit.
  14. The clue is in the name. Polo shirt. Think horses, mallets, chukkas, upper-class buffoons...
  15. My wife asked me, "If you won the lottery jackpot would you still love me?" "Of course I'd still love you! I'd miss you, but I'd still love you."
  16. On every cruise we've taken (not just SS) we have seen this sort of obnoxious, self-entitled dramatronics; thankfully, from rarely more than the few on whom millions of years of evolution has been wasted.
  17. Don't worry. If things go the way we are expecting, sweat pants, T-shirt and flip flops will be all you'll need.
  18. Khukuri is really Anglicized Indian food and very good it is too. You won't find dahl bhat or goat curry on the menu. Nor anything to equal Shaffi's or Ali Khan. I was RAF at Sek Kong too, 1990-1993. (Incidentally, if you remember Shaffi's the guy that ran it, Ali Liggat, now has two restaurants - one in Wanchai and the other in Yuen Long. Both serve Cantonese food with little influence from Ali's homeland of Pakistan😔)
  19. I hope that's the same meaning in Canadian English as in British English!
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