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  1. Fantastic photos and videos. Thank you for posting your link.
  2. We did a ''drive-by' in February 2016 with Celebrity and thoroughly enjoyed it. I just wanted to see the scenery (Paradise Bay was magical) and we didn't want to pay the quite considerable extra money for a zodiac experience. We did see one whale and a few penguins (at a distance) but the glaciers, iceberg formations and colours were wonderful and that was enough for me. On our way back to Buenos Aires we stopped at the Falkland Islands and saw masses of penguins. The Drakes Passage crossing wasn't rough so I guess we were lucky and the 'circumnavigation' around Cape Horn was a great experience. Visiting that part of the world was on my bucket list and I came away knowing that I had seen a magical place.
  3. When attempting to cancel my December Oceania cruise back in March, I was initially told by my TA that I would lose my deposit. I then wrote to Oceania and discovered that they were happy to refund the deposit as I was well within the cancellation timeframe for a full deposit. My TA then agreed with this and I subsequently received my refund but not until more than 3 weeks after Oceania had refunded my TA. After this experience, I carried out some research on a few UK TA T&Cs and discovered that they all had cancellation charges which involved a loss of deposit if you cancel. However, I've come to the conclusion that repayment of the deposit does depend on the cruise line policy regardless of the TA T&Cs. Oceania clearly returns the full deposit (or part thereof) if you meet their cancellation criteria. Other lines are often non-refundable deposits. A TA's T&Cs cover all cruise lines and other types of holidays but they don't make it clear that there may be exceptions based on the 'Principal's' own T&Cs with regard to cancellations. I for one will be checking very closely all the T&Cs for any future cruise bookings I may make and check with the TA their policy with regard to my cruise booking before I hand over any money. I once cancelled an Azamara cruise a few years ago and lost the deposit after talking with my TA but I never checked Azamara's policy; lesson now learned.
  4. That's good news. Has your TA confirmed in writing that they have cancelled your cruise? Only asking as your 121 day deadline is fast approaching.
  5. Pet. I've just had another thought. You need to check with your TA if they are saying you will lose your deposit because of their T&Cs and not Oceania's. As you are probably aware from reading posts from UK cruisers, UK TAs have their own T&Cs which often state that you lose your deposit if you cancel your holiday. This was the case with me but my TA refunded my deposit anyway. That may be why they are offering to transfer your deposit to another cruise. That's a very hard line to take under the current situation but they may be just mis-interpreting Oceania's T&Cs. I hope that is the case for you.
  6. Pet. You should not have a problem getting back your deposit as you are in the same position as Jay23 who paid the deposit direct to Oceania. You will still need to cancel via your TA (and don't delay as your 121 deadline is looming) but I would advise that you also email Oceania and ask them to confirm that, as far as their T&Cs are concerned, you are entitled to the return of your deposit (I did this and got a reply within a few days). You can then send their reply to your TA. Once the TA has cancelled your cruise Oceania should return your deposit back to your credit card. As the TA has never had your money I'm not sure how they can hold you to transferring the deposit to another cruise. Good luck.
  7. I'm not sure if we can do that; I'll check it out. We have booked on board and then transferred to our TA. I know at least one TA who passes on the deposit direct to Oceania without the money going through their account.
  8. Good news Glenndale and royallondon. I think those of us in the UK have learned a valuable lesson about TA T&Cs. Whilst I got frustrated with the refund process I seem to have fared better than many others. I consider myself lucky to have got my deposit back as my TA T&Cs (as do others in the UK) say that you lose your deposit if you cancel. So my TA gets brownie points for doing the decent thing but loses out on paying me more than 3 weeks after they received the money from Oceania. I use a TA primarily for getting a lower fare, or if it's part of a package holiday to take advantage of our consumer protection laws, and this worked well for longer cruises. So, if we ever cruise again I will probably book directly with the cruise line for shorter cruises and forgo any small reduction the TA might offer. I don't want to run the risk of losing a deposit especially for Oceania as the deposit is much higher. BUT I will definitely be looking at the T&Cs in great detail before I part with any money!
  9. Not sure what you mean. Is the TA holding onto the deposit because of their T&Cs (ie you lose the deposit of you cancel)? I almost had this problem but was fortunate that my TA did refund the deposit.
  10. Oh no! How can the TA dispute the amount when there is a record of what you've paid on your CC?
  11. The refund was paid back on our credit card 3 days ago. So, that's the last of our cruise refunds paid. Am a bit sad that we don't now have any cruises to look forward to but hopefully in the future we may cruise again.
  12. Hi Homerody. I'm pleased to report that Hurtigruten has agreed to give me a refund rather than the FCV. Now, when I receive the money is another matter! At least I know it has been approved. No travel agent involved this time. It will be the last of my three refunds to be paid.
  13. Paulchili. You were right! All sorted. Thank you.
  14. Good news. We have finally received our deposit refund from our TA. Trouble is, we now have two credits on our credit card: one from the TA and one from our card dispute. You couldn't make it up! So we now have to sort that out.
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