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  1. Thanks UKTOG. Great advice. We're going up to London on Thursday so will try to see the Diana statue.
  2. Hi Glenndale. Perhaps you could ask your question on the roll call? However, it's possible that no one will look at CC now the ship has sailed.
  3. Thanks Riocca. I have booked b2b Journey cruises next year and I got what I thought was a good discount from my new cruise TA. I debated booking direct but decided on trying a new, well regarded, TA. I decided to try a new TA because the one I have used for many years have not once contacted me since the start of the pandemic (and I have recommended friends to them!).
  4. We have never had any TA OBC. Have any other UK cruisers managed to get TA OBC on UK booked cruises?
  5. My screen name is the name of my lovely grandparents house. It was created from the initials of their three children's forenames. Sometimes confused with Madiba, the name often used when talking about Nelson Mandela.
  6. I count myself fortunate that my husband is not a polo shirt wearer!
  7. Interestingly the Twitter account is @Azamara but the Instagram and Facebook accounts are @Azamaravoyages. As I've only recently signed up to Instagram, I don't know how long the Instagram name has been in use.
  8. Yes I did. Only just seen it when I looked at the forum page. Is this the new name Sycamore wants to use? Thanks for information about Destination Celebration.
  9. Medeba


    Extract from CC News article: The CDC makes clear that it expects guests and crew, as well as port personnel, to wear masks in indoor and outdoor areas except for brief periods while eating and drinking and says that "removal of the mask for extended meal service or beverage consumption would constitute a violation of this Order." This may be what people are talking about with regard to putting masks on between courses. Absolute nightmare if true.
  10. Riocca. Thanks for posting the photo. Century's last voyage with Celebrity was in April 2015 from Dubai to Singapore. I've now remembered that I was upset when we boarded because we had been upgraded to a concierge room and I wanted the cabin I had selected many months before. I had to take the upgrade because they had allocated our cabin to someone else (we had arrived on a late flight and the cruise was leaving Dubai the next day). It all turned out well in the end and it was a fabulous cruise. I have found the certificate we were given which says "Let this certificate acknowledge that the holder was among our honoured guests celebrating the final cruise of Celebrity Century after twenty years as a proud member of our fleet". It will be interesting to see what changes have been made under her new ownership.
  11. This was the one thing I couldn't get to work. Will try again sometime.
  12. I agree with you, Phil. We were on Century's last cruise under the Celebrity flag and were hopeful that Celebrity would organise something special on the last day, but they didn't. I seem to recall we got some sort of certificate but that was it. Very disappointed.
  13. I must admit setting up the NHS app is a bit of a palaver but I'm glad I've done it. Fortunately I didn't have any problems but I already had a photo of my passport on my phone and I had my NHS number to hand before I started. I knew the other details required without having to look them up. Well worth the effort because I can see the app becoming the main source for the vaccination passport.
  14. Windsurfboy. Have just discovered on another forum that the NHS app (not the Covid app) gives you access to your medical record, including vaccinations (assuming that your GP has signed up to the NHS app which fortunately mine has). Not sure if this is different to GP surgery online apps that you mention.
  15. Thank you Portisheadblue. I have downloaded the NHS App and now have access to my vaccination record. Just have to remember the password to access it 😂
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