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  1. That is exactly what we had with our first cruise with Silversea and I was hoping something similar might have operated with Oceania. Another regular Silversea passenger "sponsored" us and they and we received a chunk of OBC.
  2. Hawaiidan - the "scheme" operated by Silversea does not require any payment up front - why should it? If they are giving ME some OBC why would I need to pay them money.? As we've already established Oceana do not have a similar promotion for first timers, so my original question has been usefully dealt with as you will see if you look at earlier replies. Thanks to everyone for your input.
  3. OK thanks again. I checked with our TA. It seems that when we booked this in July 2018, we were given an early booker's discount plus a discount from my TA as regular customers. We do have O Life options and it appears that at the time of booking we chose the House Select beverage package with the recommendation from our TA that most of her customers take that then upgrade to the Prestige package onboard for $20pp per day. We visit only 2 or 3 ports that we haven't been to before so the 8 free shore excursions were not of interest. The other choice was $800 OBC, which would have covered the tips with $150 to spare. We are not heavy drinkers, but are likely to want to enjoy drinks in the bar before lunch and dinner and late evening, so the Prestige package looks like the right choice for us. But everyone is different, of course.
  4. OK, thank you everyone. Was worth asking the question anyway ! We're very much looking forward to our first Oceania experience. I'll talk to my TA about this. Happy cruising.
  5. Hi we are sailing on Marina in November Barcelona to Rio. First time on an Oceania cruise. Does anyone know of any scheme for first timers to obtain on-board credit? My package doesn't include any OBC. When we sailed with Silversea last year another passenger on the Roll Call suggested that I should be sponsored by a regular Silversea passenger and this worked and gave us a decent on board credit. Is there a similar scheme with Oceania?
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