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  1. Agree , P&O MDR doesn't match Cunard QG or I presume many companies with separate enhanced suite dining, but neither do it's prices. That's why I intend to use some of the £7k savings cf Cunard to eat dinner in Sindhu and Ocean Grill. Which from my memory of Sindhu on Aurora matches QG, I haven't tried Ocean Grill. We will eat in the main dining room on formal nights, where I think the atmosphere suits formal nights more than the speciality dining rooms , I wouldn't wear DJ to go to a restaurant. Lunch is a sandwich in room, so same on both . In my opinion, the general atmosphere on most of the ship on both lines is similiar . Some people may miss grills deck , but we could always find somewhere to sit on Aurora for our morning sun-bathe until coffee called at eleven. I'm happy on both lines, I have cruises with both booked, choice based on an itinerary I wanted at a time of year I wanted . You can't compare P&O suite to Cunard QG and ignore the price difference , (£350 per night). As for guest speakers, it's all about personal taste. Very few on either line grab my attention/interest but my experience only goes back 5 years.
  2. We had it at sixty, no problems. Worthwhile, keep it in passport , because some countries will not let you in if you've been to a yellow fever area, without it. Even if the visit was a few years ago. Once some borders officials have said no , the facts and rules are irrelevant it's all about face.
  3. As someone who has been to Hamburg many times on work, I don't think it's that special. I take it as a day to enjoy the ship in peace and quiet.
  4. Yep , I understand just off a Cunard in July . IMO, the physical suites on P&O are better with a proper dining table but neither have a proper coffee machine. Breakfast for suites equals Cunard. But of course you don't get QG dinning room and menu and off menu dining, QG lounge , QGdeck etc. However P&O have more and better Mediterranean itinaries from Southampton. They are going where I want and when I want. P&O when I Iast sailed, 5 years ago Aurora Cape Town to Southampton, still had class , for example on formal nights dress code was adhered to as well as on Cunard. Also, for a 2020 19 day med cruise , P&O are £7k less than Cunard in the same size suite. That equates to a lot of specialist coffee, speciality dinning, champagne in the room before dinner and extremely nice wine with dinner. They are different, but I think you can compare them and would sail with both. I'm happy with either, itinary and timing is the key factor. I like Cunard but wouldn't sacrifice itinary just to sail with them.
  5. We live 4hrs away but also follow the AndyMichelle lazy disembarkation. Miss the 9am school traffic
  6. Thanks Pete14. Looks like we will have to go out for our morning coffee. I can't understand why suites have such basic machines. But on the other hand given the saving c.f. Cunard suite we can afford a few coffees.
  7. Are they like Cunard just espresso machines, or can they make latte as well.
  8. Self disembarkation is only way. As a self disembarker, he should be able to get off as soon as the ships paper work is completed.
  9. At that price even if you want a one way, buy the return JackEDawson has found and just dont use the return
  10. Given what airlines charge for singles. Have you tried Cunard the long way round via London.
  11. The Captain made the right call 're safety that's not the point, it is about comfort and well being of passengers The issue is there were no hotel rooms available so there could be no satisfactory contingency plan for unexpected bad weather. Never mind the weather with no hotel rooms available tendering should not be contemplated
  12. A comprehensive review. The key point is about tendering protocol. If a ship has to tender from open sea, then there is always a risk. It should not tender if there are no hotels available in case things change. Tendering at Monaco during boat show is an obvious NO NO.
  13. My question wasn't about why they stagger by deck even for an old man like me that's obvious, but why the complicated timing order , why not simply a, b , c , d ......... Excepting suites and high loyalty tiers, Embarkation time doesn't link to say cabin size or any thing obvious like that
  14. For longer stays over two weeks out of town hotels often give longer inclusive parking and are better value. The New place looked good but as we come from west new forest hotels suits us best.
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