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  1. As someone said FCO advice is a ban as it invalidates insurance. If cruise ships aren't going to spread the virus more than say pubs, then don't think its the government's job to tell me what risks I should take. I'm not cruising not because I don't think it will be safe which is questionable (but I'm not going to pub even though I'm a fit no pre existing condition 70 Year old) , but MORE because cruising certainly won't be nice with all the guidelines and distancing.. I am risking short haul 2hr flight we like the sun, planes are much safer than cruise ships or even your local supermarket. Everyone has masks, hepa filtered air, and take plenty of hand sanitiser. My holidays for next few years , Small/medium hotels with large grounds, rooms with large terraces, and restaurants with much more capacity than hotel guests so plenty of space. Hopefully by 2023 cruises will be back to normal experience and normal prices.
  2. Someone suggested in another thread that one way to solve the numbers/overcrowding issue in cruise ships was for the FCO to go back to advising against over 70s cruising Given that it's not age itself that the cause of the high death rate for over 70s but the high prevalence of pre-existing conditions in the over 70s that is the cause of high death rate. This would be illegal age discrimination. Perhaps FCO should advise against people with the known pre-existing conditions of any age against travelling not pick on the over 70s.
  3. Given the evidence that it's not age itself that is the cause of high death rates in over 70s, but it us the high prevalence of pre-existing conditions in the over 70s that is the cause of the high death rate. Banning the fit over 70s would be seen as illegal age discrimination. If the FCO advised anyone with the pre-existing conditions they know put you at high risk not to cruise never mind age then that would not be age discrimination.
  4. How do we choose a cruise, 3 factors 1) Prefer UK Southampton departure , don't mind flying, indeed have booked European holidays for winter, Portugal (fingers crossed) and Tenerife. Expect to stick to small hotels with large rooms , with large terraces and lots of outside space for next few years. Really Looking forward to driving to Southampton, and getting on ship in 15mins of arriving 2) Destination intinary 3) Cabin , we like a midships suite. Given this All the cruises we want are fully booked for 2021 and I expect that the 2022 cruises will be grabbed by people using FCC. Prices will rise by 25%. So can't see us cruising till 2023, by the time 2023 cruises are launched hopefully there will be signs cruises are returning to normal. Hope so a my wife has bought new dresses for cruises we never went on. However if Cruises follow antisocial guidelines, no shared tables etc , will have to give cruises a miss
  5. I think Harry is logical but also brave. The Question is the market logical and where is all this money from the magic money trees going to end up, history says higher asset values, but the past may not repeat itself. I note outside of the travel and hospitality industries (which includes aerospace) most of the companies going yo the wall were those whose future was doubtful any way, e.g retail . As for leisure, the long term trend is positive, but holidays may change. I think those that can afford it will opt for much more personal space. Small hotels , small ships but with more space per person will flourish. The big mega ships and mega all inclusive hotels , will have problems everyone looking for space. So like someone earlier said , cruises may revert to the past. As for investment anyone's guess, but the good companies will survive and flourish, poor ones will go to wall faster
  6. Harry, I don't think the new owners will have to take on debt. The ships are security against the loans. The lenders will repossess them Then sell them of to recover as much money as they can. The new owners will have the debt from buying ships but at below cost. Cunard if it survived has debt from buying /building ships at cost plus debt from 6 months or more of no income but considerable expenditure. In the end youre right market demand will dictate prices. Have to wait till 2023 when FCC is out of system for true demand .
  7. Threads on this forum have questioned how long Cruise companies can keep going. What happens if they can't start up in October Carnival is building up huge debt, which in the end we the customers will help them pay back via HIGHER PRICES. If they went bankrupt then the hedge funds who invested in them will take the hit not consumers, except those with FCc. New owners can buy ships for peanuts and start cruising again with much lower costs
  8. If the hotel is closed you are entitled to a refund. So if your booking was for before July 4th you are fine. If after July 4th, then a refund is a good will gestur4
  9. I presume you paid by credit card. That would be first port of call. All they require is proof they did not supply service and proof you have given P&O 14 days to refund the money. After 100 days just give up on P&O
  10. Carey's Manor refunded my money today, in the end much faster than P&O 50 days and Cunard 80 days. But its the communications black hole that makes you wonder if you'll ever get it.
  11. Exactly right Juggler, which is why I waited till they cancelled on me. Still no response. Hence I feel Credit Card route is all thats left. It's a pity about Carey's Manor, lovely hotel and with 21 days parking included good value for a longer cruise. They just haven't understood law or don't want to.
  12. I know this should go on the Southampton forum but no one reads that and P&O is biggest cruise line out of Southampton. I have recieved my P&O refund after 50 days. But still waiting for the refund from hotel, Carey's Manor, offered me a 100% voucher, then a 120% voucher, but went deaf when I insisted on a refund . Going CC route next week What is experience with other pre cruise Southampton hotels
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