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  1. Why here not on menu. Wierd logic
  2. Was the cruise in question a one week out of Miami, never been on one but all the ones that have been on TV look like party cruises. Expect not all Princess cruises are like this, especially out of Southampton. Length of cruise and intinerary have a big impact on clientele and hence atmosphere.
  3. The demand for summer UK cruises has been very good. The key question is come October will sunnier climates open up. Hopefully Med, but this will mean fly cruises or minimum 14 days
  4. Host Sharon , if you come across a "premium" wine list if you have a minute could you take some pictures and post them , thanks .
  5. The back of the Saga ships is more elegant than many modern bigger ships
  6. I agree with ExArkie who said they were curious these items were not on menu. It's Communication by telepathy, which doesn't often work. It only takes one line at the bottom of the menu , salmon, chicken and steak are always available. . If someone who doesn't know about these , they might just order something from the menu that they don't really fancy, not knowing there are alternatives. I don't think you should rely on waiters being trained to interact and also rely everyone asking if there is something else. Some people are just inherently shy. Not mentioning
  7. Thought with a name like Zap99 you'd just tazer him
  8. This sums it up well. P&O offers a good quality product, nice ships with nice people, good food if not that exciting , very reasonable wine list with fine wines if you want it and you can always add more luxury using the speciality restaurants and retreat.
  9. I thought a care breakers yard was Boris's new social care policy until I realised it was a typo😁😁😁
  10. Could sit on rowing machine , and practice in case ship broke down and you had to get out oars
  11. I thought Cunarders automatically turned left , what where you doing turning right?
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