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  1. You'll have to spend twice as much time on the water to get rid of the Cunard kilos. Enjoy the TA
  2. We are going to have vaccine, 69 and 71, but no cruises booked till 2022 we were playing safe took refund as cash. Won't be booking now for 2021 , not because of Covid, but having not booked doubt if we could get cabin we want suites have gone.
  3. We went for a midship suite, think it was right decision, can only tell after our first Saga cruise some time off. Felt a deluxe cabin didn't offer that much over a standard cabin. A lot ( i suppose a third to a half) of the extra space is taken up by the bigger empty space at the foot of the bed which you don't use. Logically go for a standard cabin or a midship suite. As Solent Richard has said if you can afford it go for it. Or a standard cabin and a longer cruise.
  4. there is a virtual tape measure in the virtual tour app
  5. Have you used the virtual tour of the rooms on the discovery on the Saga website, found them very useful.
  6. Never had any problems in Q3s very near lift. However 5198 and 5122 are the only cabins on ship that are physically touching lift, so could be different.
  7. Perhaps if you spoke to them in person as a very regular customer you may get more joy, only perhaps. If they refuse to budge then I completely understand and agree with your stance.
  8. MajorTom. Have you spoken to Cunard .
  9. On further thought, one issue is that many people may have booked on launch with a 30% or 35% discount, when they come to book again after cancellation these discounts have gone and all they have is the 10% offered by Saga. If Saga cancel they should honour whatever discount you had originally, plus a small extra for the inconvenience caused.
  10. Many people have paid luxury prices for 2021/2022 and will be disappointed if they dont get a Luxury product
  11. I think covid will highlight the difference between good and bad TAs
  12. Forgot to say. Never used the two desks in penthouse except to move the chair in the sitting area for guests, the wardrobes are fine, The Q3s are slighly bigger, but waste this space by a bigger bar with a sink. One other positive which I forgot is penthouses have a walk in shower. If you don't need to be midships the suites at the aft are bigger and cheaper.
  13. We're in the opposite position, normally QG but too late to get a QG and my wife likes midships. The penthouses are baldly designed a lot of unusable space. The seating area is small only a 2 seater, can only entertain 4 people (including ourselves) in comfort. People say PG on Vista ships is long and thin and dark. However as it's the bed area that's dark and seating area (3 seater Sofa ) is by window should be OK. We will have to wait to find out. Of course QG gives you butler, in cabin drinks , off menu dining.
  14. No one can tell if P&O will deal direct ,but nothing to loose by asking
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