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  1. I think Saga did well , I'd be happy with where they went , given circumstances. A bit of excitement I'm an optimist, cases in most countries coming down. Immunity is building. For example in South Africa which has only vaccinated 20% , estimates of up to 80% have antibodies.
  2. Am in Lagos (Portugal ) will wave as discovery goes past
  3. I think we will all have to wait and see. My biggest horror would be if they started messing with formal nights. Following other lines and having only one a week. Just not worth bringing formal dress for.
  4. Interesting read. Ambassador cruises will be carrying far less debt than other cruise lines. This should make them profitable and competitively priced.
  5. Nov 2019 we had a very bad , 9 metre waves (29ft), 45 knot wind crossing. But we were expecting it , firstly ensured we had a midships cabin in QE. Secondly looked at wave predictions before we left Southampton and took tablets night before. Two nights out of Southampton mill pond all the way to Capetown. We were absolutely fine because we prepared , so just ensure you are midships, makes a huge difference, and take tablets before you feel sick.
  6. If they ensure mask wearing on coach. Also social distancing every other row. Same rules as in theatre on board , no eating or drinking. May need extra comfort break. Then chance of transmission low so a reasonable new rule. If coaches are full and no masks or lots of mask cheating a bad rule.
  7. Only advice BOB can be smooth or very rough. Check predicted wave heights day before you sail . If you're anything but very very good sailor take tablets the night before. They do not work if you leave it till you are feeling sick.
  8. Life would be much simpler in two PG cabins. Either together and one very big balcony. Or as said above one either side for permanent sun. PG menu very very similiar to QG, slightly smaller a la carte , no off menu , but only a minute sacrifice. Rooms plenty big enough. As to free drinks, for what you save can buy your own and have lots of money leftover.
  9. But it's worth it, the chancellor will only get it otherwise
  10. This makes sense , but couldnt they reserve an area for isolation that contained an accessible cabin. It doesn't have to be a grills cabin. People would understand if they were to be isolated in a different cabin type. As long as it was not inside as some people are claustrophobic and that woild be torture.
  11. I don't understand this. OK they could perhaps keep one accessible room free in case they need to move people. But don't use any doesn't make sense.
  12. Does any one know what if you can get bubbly as part of the drinks in suites and if so what is it. Thanks
  13. Underwhelmed by Duc the Valmer, was that the only sparkling wine in restaurants and bars.
  14. I don't think this is the case, I would interpret this only as saying ,on a joint booking , for two households who live seperately and travel seperately, if one of them is positive the other household can board.
  15. I remember the discussion about the German changes very well. On my last cruise (Nov 2019) I did as I said I would do during that thread. I opted out of auto gratuities, then asked for the German form so I could opt back in. Caused a bit of consternation at Pursers desk, as they didnt have one to hand, but found one with a bit of searching. When asked why , I just said like the Germans, I prefer to be asked politely if I would like to tip , not taken for granted. Just confirming I did pay auto gratuities
  16. My point was that if you booked independently, it would be illegal for the coach company to pass on your information, if you look at the privacy policy then cruise lines are not mentioned as someone they will share data with ( unless it's Marella who are part of Tui group) I don't know if by giving intercruise your cruise booking ref you are implicitly letting them talk to Cunard. Anyway looks like best thing is to avoid the coach.
  17. One question if you booked coach yourself , how will Cunard know you came by coach. They will have a list of everyone they booked on the coach. However the coach company cannot pass on its passenger list to Cunard for people not booked by Cunard. That would be breaking both privacy and data protection laws
  18. Do as for planes and get it monitored over video link , and a 3rd party certificate, but cost 45 quid
  19. I'd absolutely not risk going on a coach if one passenger testing positive means no cruise. ONS survey one in 200 over 60s have covid. At 50 to a coach , one coach in 4 coaches will have trouble. Will be reduced significantly as passepassengers tested before getting on coach,. However why risk it , not everyone will be sensible and isolate before holiday. Sorry but driving and stopping on way looks best, what's latest date you can cancel coach for a refund.
  20. Completely agree , why wait to send a letter just before people go on holiday. All the common requirements for all cruises and dress code , should be spelt out clearly and unambiguously on the website and in any new brochures. To be read before you book and enter into a binding contract. Saga unfortunately are not the only cruise line to think that vague statements about dress codes on their websites will suffice.
  21. You still have the normal width under deck 5 plus same again which is overlooked but only if people really lean over. Gives possibility of more sun.
  22. It may change again by the time you get your pre cruise letter. Don't hold your breath . Did the letter mention if after eating in grill , you could go to any of the bars or theatre.
  23. Sorry hadn't read Harry's reply above , after our first lot of canapes we just cancelled them. If we'd have known about others. But it was our first cruise and hadn't researched via cruise critic. So just ask for what you fancy
  24. In a suite you can get anything from room service menu at no cost , could try smoked salmon. No harm in asking for what you like. P&O was our first cruise nevermind first suite. In Cunard they swapped canapes for strawberries in chocolate. Just ask they can only say no , just check you won't be charged.
  25. Best to tell bultler you don't want canapes from day 1 , save him/her a lot of effort, must be frustrating for them delivering plates then taking away untouched. Anything you can do to make their life easier , showing consideration and patience, will get you better service.
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