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  1. Hello We are sailing on Sky Princess autumn (2022) to North East USA. Looking forward to visiting Boston but a few questions 1. can we walk the Freedom trail from the port? or do we need a taxi etc. (We are reasonably fit, walk, bike etc). 2. Is it easy to walk to the Cheers bar from Faneuil square? 3. any recommended restaurants to eat in? 4. anything we really should see in Boston outside of those mentioned above? Thank you in anticipation. Derek.
  2. I have read to page 30 of the EU guidelines on Cruise travel during the Covid 19 era and that was enough. A few comments to state, less passengers so prices will increase, repatriation - who will pay? isolation so no inside cabins if have to quarantine, peoples mental health stuck inside will deteriorate, therefore the ship will have less occupancy and costs will increase? If at boarding you are excluded from boarding who pays? Laboratory testing at boarding who pays and how long will this take? Natural ventilation of spaces, doors and windows to be opened daily so no inside
  3. This was cut and pasted from an article in "The Times", UK, Wednesday 10 June 2020, online. The photo accompanying the article showed QM2 in the early evening light in Sydney Harbour just in front of the opera house - beautiful picture. The article was brutally truthful. "This Sailings of Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria have been cancelled up to November 1, and the Queen Elizabeth will not weigh anchor before November 24. Mr Palethorpe said that Cunard needed to “better understand the implications Covid-19 will have on board our ships”. He said that staff were working with governm
  4. Lanky Lad The car service was a intermediate (small) - oil change, oil filter change and pollen filter change with a check and top up of all fluids. Total time 2 hours 30 mins walking in to garage to driving out. If it was a big service (2021 June) then probably 4-5 hours to amuse ourselves. The problem with the MOT and I need one in Sept 2020 is the mechanic will crawl all over the car to check seat belts, all warning light etc so car will need a thorough clean post the MOT. As I stated the weather was warm and sunny with us finding a picnic area to sit, I had my I phone, ear bu
  5. In North East UK, weather changed on Wednesday sunny, windy, some rain overnight and cool wind, but we have had lots of sun and no rain prior to Wednesday. I was out on my mountain bike last week and the countryside has lots of fly tipping - so sad and someone will eventually need to clean it up. We have done some garden maintenance to make life easier for ourselves. I removed some garden waste to the local recycling centre a 1 hour wait, and 1 car in and 1 car out, workers wore facemasks, then removed them to have a cigarette. On Monday 1st June my car had a service booked, it had been
  6. babs135 We have an annual insurance policy that covers us for foreign travel and cruising. At present all holidays are cancelled with our cruise deposits used for an Iceland cruise next summer (July 2021). I have always thought that holiday insurance was for emergency medical care and repatriation to UK. The loss of shoes or clothing I would just bear myself. Our annual policy is due for renewal in September and we have discussed whether to renew. I am sure the price will rocket due to Covid 19 and as I have had medical problems in the past though now resolved historically they still seem
  7. Dear Jeffrey1950 We did a Transatlantic back to back July 2018 not June, the weather was sunny, warm but very windy and climbing the last stairs from deck 12 to 13 near the sports centre to the sun deck I was nearly blown down the stairs just managed to catch a railing other wise a nasty injury or worse. Do not remember the Boardwalk café being open. It was a lovely voyage and the day in NY was great though very intense / busy. Your initial comment - people dying, furloughed staff, unemployment, and people recovering from Covid 19 the recovery taking a long time - simple economics
  8. We decided to cut my hair in the garden, we did not mess up the house. My Braun shaver has a beard trimmer so my wife cut all the hair off, it took ages. Two of the local cats had killed a bird in our garden, with my hair looked as if we had a ritualistic voodoo killing in the garden. On Sunday evening at 7-30pm we walked around Durham city, NE, UK and it was empty, normally a very vibrant city. Durham has a famous cathedral built just after the Norman conquest, the main door has a knocker and the door was shut with a steel fence in front. The Knocker was used to attract attention and p
  9. Dear exlonder nearly, have been know to wear gloves, fleece hat, fleece jacket and Gore-Tex jacket with shorts well into November. Restart wearing late March. You are kind saying I must be resilient, other people maybe not so generous. Stay safe, best wishes. Looking forward to one day eventually returning to cruising.
  10. I thought I would add my comments to the posted original question. My wife and I do not dress up, not interested I am a shorts and tee shirt guy. (The last time I was dressed up was to a funeral in Nov 2019). It is absolutely fine on board until 6pm and you then have to go to your cabin, the buffet or a bar that allows informal dressing. You can ninja around the ship after 6pm but do not let too many people see you! Some people may say why go on Cunard - I like the ships, the lectures, the gym, ports of call, sail from and to Southampton and the food in the buffet is great (food i
  11. Host Hattie just logged in to see the singing steel workers - brilliant. Thank you. Usually just read the messages without logging in.
  12. When will those over 70 be able to Cruise again? Nobody knows the future, the cruise industry has had terrible PR re floating petri dishes etc, and some seasoned cruisers may not want to take the risk of being onboard if no vaccine is available. Insurers may not insure older cruisers or charge very high prices and that may stop them cruising. Governments around the World may loosen the lockdown slowly with the over 70s last and this maybe well into 2021. Governments will not want a 2nd or 3rd or more increase in Covid 19 numbers so the unlocking will be cautious hopefully. I am sure we cr
  13. Easter is over and all the chocolate has been eaten, gained a few pounds so will need to up the walking time and maybe out on my bicycle as this is more intense to loose the weight gained. I was out walking yesterday and observed a police van at a house on our estate (Barratt, not some 100k acre parkland) and observed they had fencing posts and aggregate bags dropped off to presumably do some work in the garden. Presume they had been observed and reported to the police for breaking the lockdown! When out walking people walk in strange geometric lines to avoid each other to aid social
  14. Bell Boy No they were placed on the floor in the corner of the launderette, were not placed in a basket that I would not have minded but on the floor and wet! They had to be washed again. Next time I will wait in the launderette regardless of the heat - as Lanky Lad states it can be a sauna so be it.
  15. Dear All I know we are not cruising at present but I would like to mention something that has been bothering me and have not discussed in public. On a Canary Island Cunard cruise last Nov / Dec 2019 I used a washer to wash a variety of male dark clothing, and at the end of the cycle placed 8 socks and 4 pants (knickers etc not long trousers for our USA friends) into the drier. Walked away and returned 40 mins later and had been placed on the floor still wet. (Yes I had switched the machine on and observed it for a minutes just to make sure it was working ok). Walked away disgusted - any
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