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  1. Thanks for the tips. Right now my biggest problem is finding a cat sitter. I can't leave my furry friends in a kennel. The Vet I use has some office staff who will to once a day visit for a price, we have used them before for shorter trips but not for 70 days. It's funny that a month or so ago I posted a suggestion here that SS provide kennel space on their ships and I absolutely go killed, everyone hated that idea. Oh, thanks for tip on the meds too, this is going to get complicated.😀
  2. It is a good feeling to start a thread about sailing again. We are looking at the South American Grand Cruise 6/13-3/16 2023 on the Silver Moon. The good and the bad. This cruise is 70 days. I have been on 8 Silversea cruises but none longer than 21 days. For those who have been on a World Cruise or a Grand Cruise, I would like very much to here from you about your experience. 70 days sounds very daunting. I fear that boredom will set in and at some point it would seem too much. On the other hand, the deal offered by Silversea in Barbara Muckerman's 4/13 letter sounds too good to pass u
  3. Thanks Terry. But I am confused as hell and probably will be for sometime yet. We were booked on the 6/17 Cruise from Piraeus to Venice on the Silver Shadow, which I hope we, that is SS, cancelled months ago. That was paid in full for the 20 % discount. We were able, I hope again, to roll that money over to a June 22 Expedition cruise form Dublin to Iceland. Now, I would have taken the Silver Moon cruise which had the same itinerary as what we had original booked. But it is now to late for that. . We also have 10K on the table for the South American segment of the Grand voyage departing
  4. I think if you are not an American you are going to be incredulous at the extent of the anti-vaxer sentiment in this country. I posted this data months ago when discussing the anti-laxer issue. At that point 35% of those Americans surveyed were not planning on getting a vaccination. A good part of that number comes from minority communities who due to historical events, such as the Tuskegee syphilis vaccine travesty, have a long standing distrust of government. However, I have no explanation for the remaining millions of people who are just hardcore anti-vaxers. They just don't trust the
  5. Clarification Earlier I made reference to the vaccination of children in my remarks about RC opening up for cruising but omitting children from that requirement. I was wrong. The New York Times today said " "The coronavirus vaccine is not currently available to most children because clinical trial results are still forthcoming". So. We add this to the list of things we don't know which is getting longer everyday. Also to Kimanjo if I misinterpreted you post and went all technical on you I apologize.
  6. Terry, you are through.. I just can't buy the PR from Royal Caribbean. As of this moment no one knows how long there current vaccines are good for, and whether they are effective against the new variants that seem to be popping up every day. What is commonly referred to as the British strain, B.1.1.7 is on its way to becoming the dominant strain world wide and it is a relative novel beast. As of this moment there are 7 identified strains of the virus and 6 of them have not been thoroughly studied. There is just too much that is unknown to immerse yourself in a closed environment for 7 day
  7. Me Too. I am so psyched. It feels like I am turning a big corner. Good luck.
  8. Hi Folks. Jumping out of the testing thread for this after (80,000+) views and looking for a different perspective. I have 4 SS cruises booked on SS but the only one I am concerned about right now is Piraeus to Venice on 7/11/2021. It is fully paid for. Since we have the other cruises booked, the smart move for us would seem to be to wait until SS cancels and hope that we get more than a 100% FFC. Any thoughts. Thanks. 😀
  9. But it not a long slog or a broken record. It is incredibly important for public to realize what we are up against. This is not polio where one shot takes care of you the rest of your life. This is a lightening fast mutating virus and it is throwing our variant after variant. I would not be surprised one bit if we are receiving booster shots, combating this years model, for years to come. I sound like the broken record. But friends, the extent to which we are rolling up our sleeves to get vaccinated is admirable and inspiring. We are so fortunate to have the means to do this. But this c
  10. Will this be an example for the future of cruising around the world? Israel has done and incredible job vaccinating its citizens except for the haredim. As has NYC with its large Orthodox ppopulation. One of my best friends lives in Jerusalem and I have spent some time there. I do not, for one second see or conceive of a crew comprised of Israeli's. Their level of education, of individuals with secondary degrees of Israel approaches any country in the world. Their computer and IT skills are second to none. I don't see a guy with a Ph.D from MIT being a butler for Silversea. A
  11. Gees Terry, you actually look young getting jabbed than in picture in the posts you use. 😀😃
  12. Thanks for the info on the herd. It just makes its seem more impossible. As for getting the vaccine the Governor of CT. is lowering the eligible age by 5 years increment as warranted. Also all teachers, school employees and front line personnel. Last week he went from 70-65. When he did that I was hitting the refresh button on my computer every 5 seconds or so for a half hour and finally got through. Did the same thing for my wife who turns 65 on Tuesday. 😃. A happy birthday shot, my present to her this year. She probably won't see it that way. BTW, what I was looking at population a
  13. Can we please lose the term "herd immunity" from our discussion of the ultimate solution to the Covid crisis. In the United States we have a plague of "vaxers". people who for whatever reason I can't understand, oppose vaccinations. I have seen estimates as high as 35%. With a number that high the "herd" is simply never going to be large enough ro reach levels approaching eradication. A question for the group. Is the anti-vaxer population as high in your country as it is here? Perhaps being denied access to nearly all forms of group activities, including schools, would cause anti-vaxers t
  14. I feel like I am becoming this group,s resident pain in the ass, or better put, Its fire extinguisher putting any waves of optimism that are popping up. Today I have two big issues. The first concern variants. a word we are are going to be hearing until we are sick of it. The first excerpted from Dr. Charles Chiu, a virologist from the University of California, as quoted in the New York Times 2/24/21 " The variant first discovered in California in December is more contagious than earlier forms of corona virus fueling concerns that emerging mutants like this one could hamper the sharp dec
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