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  1. I can't believe you remember that! LOL! It was really bizarre how strongly the dogs reacted, so the cheese book was the only thing we could think of. I promise there were no samples in there, but I'm sure it had been handled by many cheese-lovers. JP, I didn't know you had problems there too. You deserved an extra glass of wine for that!
  2. Actually, our cheese expert is from New Zealand--Juliet Harbutt. I'm proud to say I won her book for being a star student (i.e. great suck-up) in her cheese lessons! She runs a sort of farm to table tourism operation near Hawkes Bay NZ if anyone ever wants to get in touch with her. And the chef was the famous Pia. Amazing meals on that wonderful cruise!
  3. The Silversea page will usually show included air among the "Offers for this cruise" section. Click on that to read the fine print and it will tell you the amount of the unused air credit.
  4. Exactly! It's naturally going to cause reactions that might, in hindsight, be seen as over-reactions. I'm hoping things calm down a year from now when I have a cruise booked. Meanwhile, I guess the lesson is to opt (when possibly) for the antigen test instead of the PCR test if you are vaccinated and trying to avoid hair-trigger sensitivity. That's a really puzzling situation, isn't it?!
  5. One article/interview I found really helpful to understanding the likelihood that aggressive testing of fully vaxxed people will reveal lots of positive COVID cases, but that they are fairly likely to be asymptomatic and not contagious. The PCR test picks up tiny amounts of the virus (I know this from experience: way back at the beginning, my husband was asymptomatic but tested positive for 7 weeks!) Here's a brief excerpt: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/05/what-really-happened-with-that-weird-yankees-covid-outbreak.html How can we distinguish between an infection we do
  6. Because we've never done the Silversea Air program, we've used our OBC for airport transfer combined with tour at the end of the cruise.
  7. Interesting point! See below what I found on the government website. Canada forbids boating in Canadian waters unless "exempt". I'm guessing commercial shipping is exempt, but I imagine a cruise line could argue for going inside Vancouver Island under the navigation allowance below for a route that is direct, continuous and reasonable, as long as the ship doesn't stop: You currently cannot enter Canadian waters for optional reasons, such as: touring sightseeing pleasure fishing You may still navigate through international or Canadian waters while in t
  8. Yes, indeed it does! Thanks very much for taking the time to explain. As frustrating as this all is, it's nice that you accrued VS days. I agree that the use it or lose it issue looms because of a 2-year expiration of FCC (at least in the cases I know of). But I imagine SSea would be reasonable about when the 2-year clock starts ticking; if nothing is sailing, it seems the clock should be on pause.
  9. You're right about this. Can't even take a sailboat up near Vancouver Island or the Canadian San Juans. So the cruise will miss going inside Vancouver Island but will still get most of the gorgeous Inside Passage further north. I'm sure these cruises are super-popular, but I would rather do a one-way itinerary for maximum chances of glacier viewing.
  10. Sorry, but I'm not sure I'm understanding, but would love some clarification because I have a cruise that we booked with FCC and is likely to be cancelled soon. My SSea consultant says there would be no bonus credits for cancellations--that those apply only if you paid cash for the trip. Are you saying that you received a 15 or 25% bonus for a trip that was booked with FCC? And did you receive Venetian credit for all the cancellations? That would be amazing! TIA!
  11. I'm sure this differs on every ship, but I did have one negative experience with connecting suites. Our neighbors on the Explorer were young employees of Silversea on a "comp" trip. They had frequent visitors, engaged in lively conversations, and were on the phone a lot, speaking loudly! We didn't complain because we didn't want them to get in trouble, but it wasn't ideal. It did seem like the connecting door was the culprit, but perhaps it would have been equally irritating just to share a wall with this gang.
  12. We've received many mailings that said classic voyages will include one shore excursion per port beginning in April 2022. Today's email said June 2022. Is there a way to get certainty on this question of timing? Thanks!
  13. Well this is news I can use! Thanks for mentioning it. Carefreecruise, were you also on Deck 4? Or was it 5?
  14. I've been looking at a couple segments of the Silver Cloud's Grand Voyage -- Tropical edition, 2022. It looks like every port day is devoted to shore excursions that sound like the classic cruise variety. Neither cruise description (Singapore to Cochin; Cochin to Athens) mentions activities on Zodiacs, such as animal-spotting or bird-watching, despite being in the lush jungle territory of Indonesia on the first voyage. I've done expedition cruises that did include plenty of shore excursions, but also plenty of Zodiac exploration. I love that part of expedition cruising! Any theories about whet
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