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  1. That you did, mysty. Back in the AC days...
  2. Yes! One of the countless little interesting things that you find along these small towns. Tarascon was supposed to just be a landing site so we could visit Arles, but we enjoyed it too. Over to you, @dogs4fun - that must have been a lot of work. Was it something that you'd seen before? Tatarin was a fictional character who is a big braggart. He ends up being coerced into going on a lion hunt and proudly brags about his trophy, but in reality it was only a blind tame lion that he bagged. But he played it up like it had been a lion hunt for the ages. Sounds vaguely famil
  3. It's the Rhône. Thought I'd toss in a picture of a river we haven't visited in a while. Your description and inferences in the previous post are definitely on the right track. But to paraphrase an old saw, you can't swing a dead lion in the South of France without hitting a medieval wall. That part won't narrow it down much.
  4. Me neither, but I've been bribing my nieces and nephews for years!
  5. I agree w Randy. Unlikely. It may take a while given that this demographic is at lower risk for severe outcomes, so the principles of public health would say that they wait at the end of the line because they are the least likely to get severely ill and overburden the hospitals. BUT - you're not going to achieve herd immunity w/o vaccinating most of this demographic. If the virus is still circulating like mad in the young, then the elderly and chronically ill will not be as well-protected, even if they are vaccinated. Think about it. If you're vaccinated with a vaccine
  6. Thanks for putting me out of my misery. I was 100% convinced that this was Petite-France in Strasbourg with a reflection of the spire in one of the canals, but I just couldn't find the exact location. I flipped your original photo to make the search easier, but your full photo with the reflection and all is really beautiful. This morning, I finally figured out that the building on the right was the Pavilion Regent - the shape of the roof and the stork nest atop gave it away, as well as the shape of the canal's embankment. We walked Ponts Couverts in 2013 and I have som
  7. Sandstone cathedral. Half-timber houses. Canals. The latter is what made me think of Hamburg. What about Strasbourg? That ticks all of the boxes. But I played with Google Street view last night and couldn't find an angle where the spire reflected in a canal.
  8. The Alter Kranen restaurant in Wurzburg serves delicious food. We ate there a few years ago. A very pretty reflection! Is this in Hamburg?
  9. For some reason, I thought this thread was about the Scopes Monkey Trial...
  10. QSS. Is it Napa Cabbage? AKA Chinese Cabbage? Dinner tonight was pasta all'Amatriciana. Simple preparation of red onions sauteed with the guanciale, a splash of wine and vinegar to deglaze, then added some tomatoes and cooked it down into a sauce. It is supposed to be finished with Pecorino Romano but I used Parmigiana Reggiano insead. Oops. It's what I had. Went well with an unusual California white. Cline Chiaro Bianco, made in clay amphorae. It is made with 100% viogner, which is the closest I could find in the wine fridge to the Greco di Tufa which the
  11. Lardons of guanciale, and fresh peeled tomatoes. Any idea what's for dinner tonight? Hoping to have pictures of the finished product in a bit.
  12. Now your picture. So much gold! And Buddhist symbolism I think. Mekong River to start?
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