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  1. Lvshack, the whole purpose of the Cooler is to talk about anything at all. So nothing is off topic. It was like that for a long time and we discussed SS as well as non-SS topics freely. However, a couple of years ago there was some very spirited discussion about a couple of SS cruises that went pear-shaped, and that progressed into a very long discussion about remediation for said experience, and whether it was satisfactory. The posters felt that SS did not provide adequate compensation and posts became quite forceful and personal. Finally, I believe someone from SS stepped in, and
  2. Mysty, I love Spoonerisms. They are so funny. QSS, no topic is off-topic at the Cooler. We have been on other lines, but long ago before the era of the floating leviathans. It's a different experience.
  3. They are 6h ahead of us. So, 6AM. It's now 6PM here so it's midnight there.
  4. Ok. I have my travel clock updated and ready!
  5. Looking forward to "meeting" you there! It will be Thursday night and I am on call but hopefully will have some time to join in.
  6. Haha, that is a fairly accurate depiction of my handwriting. Chris's handwriting is beautiful and extremely legible though. We should play a game. What do those chicken scratches say? Back in the day of handwritten charts I got pretty facile at deciphering random squiggles... My guess is "leave them alone. None are important" Other translations?
  7. That is great news, Lois! Haven't been to Alaska since 2008 so I don't have any recent advice for you. Will look forward to hearing about your trip, though!
  8. That's great! This car is slightly used. Only 4700 miles and less than a year old. So it was a super deal.
  9. So we got a twin sister for Chris's RS5 today! It was sad to let my S6 go but this car was too good to pass up.
  10. Thank you for the kind words. Chris and I both love to take photos and then we spend plenty of time going through them, labeling, and sorting after each trip. I only post what we consider to be the best ones on SmugMug, at least for public view. The others are in a private folder, only for backup! I have over 100,000 pix in my Adobe PSE databases. The program struggles when I open it... So you only see the tip of the iceberg. We have been extremely fortunate and have visited some incredible places. The past 18 months have been a very weird experience without all of tha
  11. We will miss her indeed. Some of our best cruising memories were made on PAII/Silver Explorer. Like Ann and Ron, our first SS cruise was on PAII in December 2009. Though we've only done 4 voyages on board, so we are nowhere close to 144 days like those professionals are! That ship has so many cute little quirks and hidden areas. The forward balcony hidden away on deck 7. The stairs on the wraparound promenade so you didn't get bored doing laps. The other hidden balcony high up in the back, where they used to keep the spare propeller blades, which was always sheltered from the wind.
  12. Yes, and they are spectacular! My blog (linked above) has information about all 3, including the tours that we did, the food, and the logistics of getting from one to the other. We would go back tomorrow if we could.
  13. What an honor to be given the opportunity at the "end of the line" on this amazing thread! And the pressure is intense as well, to choose an appropriate picture. I think I will bend the rules a little bit and post more than one. This is a region that has not yet appeared in this thread, I believe. But the landscapes on the rivers here are so varied and beautiful, that I hope that the pictures are OK here. So I will present a few pictures from South America. We spent some time here in January 2019 for Chris's big birthday trip. One. I think most p
  14. I prefer it with Tanqueray No. 10 and Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic. Sublime!
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