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  1. Lois R

    Our Captain's guide to Charleston SC

    Hi Bonnie, I read that on the other thread...….very interesting thoughts and observations. I have been to both places before and will be sailing with Azamara for the first time on this itinerary. Looking forward to seeing what Azamara is about and to visiting both places again as well.
  2. Lois R

    Why travel solo?

    Hi...a fantasy about living here? It is home yes, but not a place I would fantasize about living. Lots of cities are on the Atlantic Well, the entire east coast is on the Atlantic LOL
  3. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Good morning.....well, yesterday we FINALLY got our computers back up.....so we had 3 days of nothing......Thursday, Friday and Monday. That is ALOT of lost business.....and even yesterday, things were not "fully fixed" until mid day...…….hoping things are smoother today and we still had NO EMAIL when I left for the day either. I imagine there are going to be 100's of emails for all of us sitting there when we are told we can open our mailboxes...…... Have a good day everyone.
  4. Lois R

    Off topic from fashion.......

    Hi Jan good to see you......I am trying Azamara for the first time and will be sailing with them in April too!
  5. Lois R

    transportation in the Netherlands

    I took a taxi...…..easy peasy and readily available.
  6. Lois R

    Why travel solo?

    I hope you have a wonderful time and please don't let your family talk you out of it. I always sail solo and will continue to do so...…..I love it
  7. Hi Bonnie, thanks for the link...…...his observations and suggestions are very interesting. I am looking forward to this cruise very much~my first time sailing with Azamara but not my first time visiting both Bermuda and Charleston
  8. I am on the same cruise too and signed up as well
  9. Lois R

    Trying Azamara....solo of course!

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I think there are still shower curtains in the cabins (from what I have read) unless you book a suite. I am sure I will be fine
  10. Lois R

    Trying Azamara....solo of course!

    Hi Neil, welcome back and glad you had a good time...…..yikes...…….2 degrees? STAY WARM!
  11. Good morning, thank you for your thoughts I read the website several times....they say it can take about 2 hours and so if it takes me 3, that is ok too. But you are saying all day? You mean like 6-7 hours? Maybe if you are going very slowly and that is how a person chooses to go through? I have a 9:30am time slot and will plan accordingly.....I probably would not stay all day even I didn't have a cruise. As for emotional experiences, I am sure it will be, as was everything that happened on that horrible day in our history. Thanks again for the input.
  12. The website says it takes about 2 hours......I will be fine, thanks....I have a 9:30am time slot.
  13. I decided to buy my ticket this weekend and am good to go. Thank you for the link.
  14. Hi Carol, hope you are doing well. I booked a room at The BEEKMAN. It looks lovely and is walkable to the 9/11 Museum. It was recommended by someone I trust and looking forward to my stay. I will be glad to post about my experience when I get back. (The cruise is in April). I also booked my ticket to see "BEAUTIFUL"...…..should be a fun evening!!! I got my 9/11 Museum ticket too and will go the morning of the cruise as I took a 9:30am time slot. Thanks again for always helping everyone.
  15. Lois R

    Review of AMASerena's "sort of" Danube cruise

    I am also really sorry to read this...…...and it sounds like a pretty awful experience to be honest with you. They left you at the curb and you had drag your own luggage...….and going all those hours on the bus to have such a short amount of time to visit the actual place....yikes. I have been with AMA once and it was wonderful but this sounds like they really, REALLY dropped the ball and I agree with one of the previous posters, I would be pretty PO'd too