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  1. I agree about missing the field to jump to other forums...…..it was so easy......you would click on the one you wanted to go to and it would just take you to that page.
  2. ALL the cruiselines (well, most of them) do all the ports in Greece and Italy. It depends on your preferences and what you want to do. To be honest, (for me anyway) I have no desire to do a beach when I am cruising the Med.....you mentioned not being into History but (again, for me) that is part of the world that has so much of it, it is simply amazing. I took a 10 nighter from Venice to Nice this summer and it was FANTASTIC...…..the ports are amazing......we went to 2 stops in Sicily, Rome, Sorrento, Malta, Cinque Terra and Dubrovnik...…. I was in Greece back in 2012 and love it there too. In my opinion, the culture, food and history all come into play when sailing to Europe...the Med, whatever part....Eastern, Western…….like I said, for me? Beaches are not part of my thought process for this type of itinerary.
  3. Lois R

    Best cruise memory

    Did I see this thread somewhere else? Do you have to choose 1 memory? I have too many but will pick 2......my first cruise on Celebrity back in 2003. I think I knew within 2 days of the sailing I would book another one and was hooked Another major memory was in May 2012. I took my first cruise to the Med.....my Dad had died in late August 2011 and this cruise was sort of an ode to him. My Dad loved to travel and I guess I got that wanderlust from him....I remember standing at the Acropolis and actually felt sort of chill (may sound corny) but it was as though my Dad was with me. It is memory I will have forever. I have since been able to see Europe a few more times since then and always think of my parents more than usual on those trips.
  4. Lois R

    River cruises in Holland

    I agree with the River Cruise Forum suggestion. There are lots of threads over there and many folks who are helpful. I sailed out of Amsterdam in 2016 on my first River cruise and loved it. I went in April and the flowers were simply beautiful. Hope you have a good time, whichever cruise you choose. I went with AMA Waterways and highly recommend them.
  5. Lois R

    I was not prepared for this

    I have thick hair and found nothing different from the ship to here at home (maybe I am lucky?)…….the things I do find just outrageous is once I get home I have to wash my own dishes and cook my own food!...how crazy is that LOL
  6. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Do ya'll like this new format? I don't
  7. Lois R

    New update, totally lost

    oh no......so we have no way to communicate anymore...…..
  8. Lois R

    New update, totally lost

    Laura, thanks...…..does that show when the last person posted on that thread as well? And would you know where the threads are that were under "Social Groups" on the old format? I am missing my friends from that thread. I can't find it...…….any help would be appreciated
  9. Lois R

    Why travel solo?

    I have been sailing solo since 2003. Being lonely has nothing to do with it:)…….I have lived on my own for almost my entire adult life and traveling on my own is part of my life. I have done almost everything in my life on my own. Sailing solo (for me anyway) is a piece of cake and I LOVE IT.....I go where I want, when I want and nobody interferes with my time. I work hard and cruising is my choice for vacations. If I want to sleep in and not do anything but lay out, read/drink/do it again I can. If I want to see places I have always wanted, I can do that too. I do enjoy meeting other people as well. I took a cruise to Italy this summer (it was fabulous)...went to Sicily, Rome, Sorrento, Malta, Dubrovnik......it was wonderful. I am getting ready to plan my next cruise......looking at the Spring but haven't booked anything yet...….. And I really don't have anyone to sail with (which is ok with me) staying home is not option for me either...….. Sailing solo is the only way I sail:)
  10. Lois R

    Florida Folks go on and on part 4

    Thanks Ellen. I will try to figure out my way around here. I know many people chat on there...….I am just now getting a smartphone and that is enough LOL...….chatting on another site too? I know many people love it. Thanks for letting me know. If this thread goes away? Oh well.
  11. Lois R

    Jump to different Forum capability?

    I asked this on another thread too...…….so no drop down. You have to choose from all the forums? Long way around.
  12. how do you jump from one forum to another? I chat with some friends and the thread was part of my control panel under "social groups"......where is that now? I would like to find my friends...... And on the old format at the bottom of each forum was a field called "FORUM JUMP" and you could click on it and pick a forum and it would take you there...…...how do we go from one forum to another now?
  13. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Hi everyone, hope all of you are doing well. Trying to learn this new format...……...very weird
  14. Lois R

    How do I find ...

    And where is the Control Panel now?
  15. Lois R

    How do I find ...

    This is STRANGE..how do I find a thread that was not part of the regular forums? I chat with some friends that are under the old "SOCIAL GROUP"...….where do I find my thread? Help please...……..