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  1. AND.... the Surgeon General actually came out with a statement today saying to wear masks and was NOT in favor of herd immunity. (well, it was a Tweet, rather than a vocal statement).
  2. Hi Debbie, went well, thanks.........I do have to have another endoscopy at the beginning of December as a follow up. I have seen those mini waffle machines.....they really do look cute😃
  3. Hi Terry, hope everything turns out well. I know I have had Cat Scans before and for me, it is MUCH easier than an MRI......actually, the one time I was supposed to have an MRI I could not do it........I don't normally get claustrophobic but in this case, OMG......I could not finish the MRI........felt like I was going to have a panic attack or something😲 Now for a Cat Scan? I felt like there was much more room around me and it was much easier.
  4. Well, had my Dr appt with the GI Specialist......everything is good🙂. I have to have another endoscopy as a follow up and that is at the beginning of December. Hopefully he will say all looks good when that is finished too!
  5. Good morning, Kat.....you won't believe this (but you probably will), after trying to find out about the Harris stop yesterday, I found out (after of course) she was not a 5 minute drive from where I live....it was a drive up event too!!!! We have a University near me called UNF (University of North Florida) and she was right there..........Not sure how nobody knew that---unless the campaign really kept it under wraps until the last minute. Oh well.........
  6. Kimanjo, so sorry this happened to you and your family. (and to all the families this horrible disease has affected).
  7. Hi Sharon, the line was about 1/2 hour wait.........so not too bad. We always have early voting at many of our libraries. And there is one right near me. We must have seen the same thing on the news as it looked like South Florida had rain this morning (not unusual for Florida). And it seems MANY folks around the entire country are doing their civic duty early this time around too!
  8. Hi DW, great photos!😀 thanks for sharing them!
  9. Hi girls, I must say I am loving my George Foreman grill!.........I have used it at least 4 times and tonight I grilled fish----less than 5 minutes and it was perfect😀........one of my better purchases for sure!
  10. Hi Kat, I have reached out and an updated news account came out........she is not seeing anyone in the public "live"........the event will be live streamed on my favorite news station so maybe I will watch it that way. It says there are no planned public appearances scheduled.
  11. Hi girls, well, I have a few things this week. Tuesday morning is my follow up with the GI Specialist who treated me in the hospital. Wednesday I am having lunch with a good friend that I used to work with. And tomorrow.......Well, Kamala Harris is coming here and I have been trying to find out about it but none of the local news stations have updated information about it. I would love to go see her. And the MOST important thing I am doing this week? We have early in person VOTING starting tomorrow!
  12. Hi Terry, this coming week? I have a follow up Dr appt with the GI Specialist who treated me in the hospital......that is Tuesday. Tomorrow? Well, to be honest, Kamala is coming here and I am trying to find out any information and if I could go see her but it seems none of the local news stations have any updated information about times and who is invited, etc......... And my most important thing to do this week? VOTING EARLY! Florida has early in person voting starting tomorrow!
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