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  1. I will be using mine! It is nearly 6 grand!!!
  2. Hi JP, your garden looks lovely......and of course your food does too😀
  3. I got my laptop back today😀 and I also had a stress test this morning. Hope everyone is doing well.
  4. I didn't drink any coke........I ate a protein bar I had brought with me. But soda? Nope, none. The only carbonated drink I like is Ginger Ale.
  5. Hi, Spins, I had the chemical one as well. I go back on Thursday for the results.
  6. Hi, got my laptop back😀😀😀 and had my stress test this morning. Have another appt on Thursday for the results. Not sure if any of you watched, but the Floyd family went to the spot in Minneapolis where George was killed. It was very moving..........a makehift memorial has been put there........this was the first time anyone from the family had been there...........
  7. Good morning. I have been sailing solo for many years (it is the only way I cruise). I have no desire to share a cabin and when I book I know I will pay more but it is worth to me. As for the ships and sizes, I prefer smaller but that is me. If you like dozens of restaurant choices (a long with 1,0000'S more people) there are plenty of BIG ships to choose from. I enjoy the the intimacy and service of smaller vessels. There are lots of Choices out there and everyone has their preferences. Have fun researching😀
  8. I am in the DRs office and having a stress test this morning.
  9. Hi. I get my laptop back tomorrow! And depending on where any of you live I hope you had a safe weekend!
  10. Good morning and I was thinking about you when I was watching the news yesterday And glad you are safe.
  11. Good morning. I love Crystal light Different strokes. The peach is delicious😀 Anyway hope everyone has a good weekend.
  12. Hi I am doing ok I can type with both hands so that isn't too bad It is just so small. Lol I actually went out to lunch today!!! First time I had been to a restaurant in forever and it felt really good! They had people at every other table and I had a delicious Grilled portobello on top of a garden salad with a little oil and vinegar dressing. I then went to Fresh Market as a change of pace. I love their stuff. Sometimes they can be pricey but today I didn't care. Got some wonderful fish along with other items. I am in blue Bermuda shorts and a type die top with sandals.
  13. Hi friends. I am in the process of having my laptop fixed and wont have it back till Monday😣😣. Using my phone now. I don't own an iPad Hope everyone is doing well.
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