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  1. Lois R

    Post CRUISE LINE Single Supplement/Solo Bargains HERE

    Hi, do you have a preference for cruise line? I would suggest this...since you are quite flexible with ports and you have 2 full weeks to work with...….(and I would do what I am suggesting)…..find a TA and tell them what you want OR you could contact all the Mass Market lines because there are ALOT that sails from those places....contact each and get ONE person to help you....Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, NCL, would be start...….that is 4 cruiselines to start. As for last minute deals? You are at that point now...it is already Feb 18th...….call them, see what the best price is you can get, if it is within your range.....then make a decision and go for it.
  2. Lois R

    Tips for Azamara Newbies

    Thanks, ahhhh...ok, I will just wait and see what happens
  3. Hi again...which one? I am going to pass on Becco……..Basso 56 looks good on line and so does Trattoria...…..out of those 2 which would you pick?
  4. Thank you everyone. Now I have to look at some of these on line and see what they are all about...decisions, decisions!
  5. Lois R

    Tips for Azamara Newbies

    Thanks...I finished my check in today.....have my Xpress Pass right here. My cruise is in April. I don't see anywhere that you can order them in the mail. I have the paper one that printed after my Xpress Pass. Guess I will get them at the Pier.
  6. Lois R

    Tips for Azamara Newbies

    Hi again, what is the luggage tag policy? Will the cruiseline snail mail them to me? Or is that no longer the way they do things?
  7. I see this thread goes back to the fall...….I am still trying to decide where to eat dinner in the city before I go see BEAUTIFUL. I know Restaurant Row is right near the theater district...….I posted on another thread too but this Italian theme is sounding delicious.. One of my roll call mates recommended Lattanzi's. Any of you know it? I will be in NYC in April the show is at the Sondheim Theater on 43rd.
  8. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Hi JP, thanks for the help. I will take that into consideration for sure! Seems many of the places have what you said, a fixed menu (3 choices) for pre-show meals. So many choices!!! I will do some more research!
  9. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    I thought I posted again...…….where did it go? JP, Gunther's place is not doing anything for me......but the Bistro looks good. Let me ask you, have you heard of Union Square Café? It was referred to me from folks on the East Coast Forum. And one of my roll call mates gave me the name of an Italian place called Lattanzi's…….they live in the city and have eaten there many times. I will look at the Bistro menu again...…. Union Square is a Danny Meyer property. From what I have read, he has several.
  10. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Hi JP....yes the show is on 43rd...……….And I will look at your recommendations!...….I have a couple of others that I was looking at but I know you are both foodies ( a good thing) LOL...…..so I will check out these on line and see what they are about! Thanks so much!!!
  11. Lois R

    Are you Loyal?

    Hi LuLu, good to see you....well, I had some life changes over the past few years and the opportunity was there to try a luxury line (Silversea)..after sailing with them twice and doing a River Cruise as well, I realized I LOVE the smaller ships, along with the excellent food, service, ambiance, etc......I just haven't gone back to X since I went on these 3 cruises. I am going on Azamara in April which as you probably know is part of the "ROYAL" family. That is not why I booked it.....more of the size of the ship and itinerary. And yes, the price was VERY good (for a solo too!). I am looking at a cruise for the fall but have not decided on which one yet. It is kind of funny after all these years...…..there was a time when I thought I would sail with X forever...….now, I don't look at them much at all anymore. I did look to see what they are offering for Nov but they are just not my first choice anymore. (Hope this answers your question).
  12. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    I am staying at The Beekman, per your recommendation....I am also going to see BEAUTIFUL after dinner...….so I want to have an early dinner and go directly to the theater from there. And taking a cab is my preference so no worries about distances (hopefully LOL).
  13. Lois R

    Are you Loyal?

    I was loyal to Celebrity for many years......no longer. I have 40 cruises with them...…..(or there abouts)……... 3 with Royal 1 Hal 1 Carnival 1 River cruise with AMA Waterways 2 Silversea 1 upcoming with Azamara.
  14. Lois R

    First Timer—HELP!

    Hi, yes, you can request being in an early group off the ship. There are many people who take their own luggage and "walk off" themselves as soon as the ship has cleared customs. You will be receiving paperwork from Guest Relations about 1/2 way through cruise concerning your disembarkation plans. Being new, it may probably all be a bit overwhelming on here but the cruise line pretty much has it down to a science...there are numbers and colors that are given to everyone (unless your are walking off). Example, RED 1, BLUE 10, etc,….your color/number depends on what you filled out on your form. It will be easier and go more smoothly than you think right now
  15. Lois R

    Silverseas business class airfare

    Oh yes, I book directly with the cruise line...definitely OK...…..my contact is wonderful and since she works for the cruise line it should be ok for me to put her name on here...….Lisa, when you call them, ask for her and tell her Lois gave her as a recommendation.