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  1. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Hi JP, we have a Trader Joe's and to be honest, I am just not that impressed. We have a store called "Fresh Market" and I like it a lot more than TJ's. Nice to have choices
  2. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Hi Mysty, nope.....I did not find one. I did get some other things but no pillow.
  3. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Hi Mysty, a Very Happy Birthday to you
  4. Lois R

    A Million Thanks for Forum Jump

    I noticed it was back the other day! I appreciate that field so thank you from me as well.
  5. Lois R

    Fashion Changes Over 46 Cruises

    I started cruising on a regular basis in 2003 and I remember a dress I wore way back then.....it was not a long gown but a red/sparkly/cocktail dress...….it is not a dress I would wear today. Just not my style anymore. I even remember the shoes and I wore hose. Times have changed for sure. I have not owned a pair of pantyhose in.....well, I bet since the year after that cruise LOL I can still look nice and feel good......dressing appropriately (in my opinion anyway). Now, I am trying to find a cruise for the beginning of the year....well, more likely for my birthday in March and I am looking at WINDSTAR......they have what is supposed to be awesome sailing ships and it is ALL Casual LOL......only about 300 guests..…..totally different than "the big ships"!
  6. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Hi Mysty, lol that is good...…..it is cloudy and about 64 degrees here. I am having my morning coffee and need to go run errands. Do you have Bed, Bath and Beyond up there? It is one of my favorite stores. I have 3 coupons to use! I have been trying to find the right pillow for a few years now...….I like the one I have but it is really old. BB&B has a large pillow selection but I have never found one that works......maybe I will give it another try. And I may go out for breakfast too. Have a good day everyone.
  7. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Hi Julie, how logical.....we have many folks who ask the same thing all the time......tighter back round checks on people who buy guns......the majority of the people agree with that logic. Why doesn't it happen? It is called the money of the NRA and nobody (so far) has had the ----- to stand up to them. Who knows, maybe now that the Democrats have the House, maybe, just maybe, they can do something......though I won't hold my breath.
  8. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Yes, I am and yes, I agree, it is...…..more than sad......it is out of control and seems nobody walks to try and fix it. Not an easy task but something needs to be done.
  9. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    JP, you always have such thoughtful posts. I was raised in a city and my family never owned a gun...…..I can't remember ever being around them growing up. I agree with your assessment of each situation being different. I have no answers either but I do know (just for me personally) every time I see something like this I want to break down and cry. (which I did multiple times over the past 2 weeks). Now, this is just my opinion, but I think 1600 Pennsylvania Ave has done NOTHING......after Parkland I was hoping something would change.....Sandy Hook, Pulse, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh and now Thousand Oaks...…..is this who we are?
  10. Lois R

    Turning 60

    Hi Nancy, I don't have anything booked right now...….Japan sounds lovely. I am sure you will have a great time. I had fun at Disney.....we stayed on site at The Contemporary. I must admit, I love cruising much more than the Mouse though.
  11. Lois R

    Why travel solo?

    Love your post...….I have been sailing solo since 2003. I am researching my next one for the spring......I have probably been on close to 50 cruises (and shared a cabin maybe 3 times)……..I just value my own space too much to give it up anymore.
  12. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Hi JP, I went to Williamsburg once...…..many years ago.....In the early 2000.'s or late 90s......it was my first time there and I will never forget how really neat the Old place is...….everyone dressed in the original outfits...... Enjoy your visit.
  13. Lois R

    Finally booked my 2nd River Cruise!

    Good morning.....Fuel, have you cruises on The Seine? I see most cruise lines do the Paris/Normandy itinerary and I have been saying I want to go to Paris now for several years (never been). Any thoughts on it?
  14. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Hi Mysty, oh wow, glad to know it wasn't just me then!!! I thought I was losing my mind or something......when I tried to post and I was going to post "asking for help"...….it kept asking me about doing a poll......how weird!