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  1. Lola, I don't have 22 friends at all...acquaintances maybe, but real friends? Not even close to 22.
  2. The itineraries are going to be released on Thursday, April 15th.
  3. Hey Laura,🙂 when you first posted this subject and put up the poll, did you ever think it would become what it has become?😲
  4. I am on her in October as well.........my sailing is Lisbon/Lisbon.
  5. When I click on that link it won't let me read the article. Says I have to have a subscription☹️....that seems to happen quite often. But I used my friend Google and found it that way......it worked! So now he wants to sue the CDC and also tell the cruise lines how they should be running their companies?😲
  6. Hi Jilly, sounds lovely. I don't have 22 friends that I could call😮
  7. Good morning, so they are offering 1 complimentary excursion in each port. I thought you meant all of them were free.
  8. Debbie, congrats on your daughter's good news🙂 I have been following the trial and tomorrow the Prosecution is supposed to rest its case.....the Defense then starts and from what the Judge said, this case could go to the Jury early next week. Sadly, not 10 miles from where George Floyd was killed, a 20 year old was killed yesterday. You have to wonder how Minneapolis will stay sane through all of this...the officer said she thought she pulled out her taser but it was actually her firearm.......huh?😲 Really crazy!☹️
  9. Prices vary depending upon the excursion. Some are 50.00........others over 500.00.
  10. Hi, looking at the website, the cruise is not listed yet. You must have "an in" somewhere. Would you mind posting what you paid?
  11. Hi Kat, it seems like yesterday when you started working there again. Now, the season is done. Being lazy is allowed😃
  12. Hope you and your entire family have a wonderful cruise😃....and I highly recommend you go to Ephesus when you are in Turkey. I was there many years ago and it is still one of the best memories ever!!!
  13. Just want to say good morning to everyone. And a shout out to JP.....hope you and Chris are doing ok. I saw where you had posted on the River Cruise forum. Sounds like it has a been a long week and sending you good thoughts🙂
  14. Good morning, that sounds truly awful.☹️ It is one of the reasons I LOVE sailing on much smaller vessels.
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