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  1. Received a notice from Chase today stating that Crystal had refunded the deposit for our Sept 2021 cruise on September 15th following my filing a dispute on September 3rd.
  2. You may want to check with Capital One to be sure this is a permanent credit rather than a temporary one. After my latest dispute I filed with my CC company regarding a deposit for a cancelled Crystal cruise I was quickly provided a temporary "refund", pending an investigation. I was advised that if the CC company required more information from me I would be contacted within 10 days, and that it could take up to 35 days for them to resolve the situation with Crystal. In the meantime I am not responsible for the charges, but my refund is not finalized.
  3. I cancelled a Crystal Cruise for September 2021 on August 10th and filed a dispute with my CC company last week. I received a call from Chase this morning asking for additional information. The two questions I was asked were was the cancellation due to CoronaVirus concerns, and what was the refund policy at the time I booked the cruise. I replied “yes” on the virus issue. Regarding the refund policy I stated that I did not recall any written policy regarding time to receive a refund, but that. Crystal had since posted information that hopefully refunds would be received in 90 days.i also stated that prior to this year refunds for cancellations had been received within a few weeks.My TA has since verified that she could not locate any policy for time to receive refunds for the time of my booking . I thought the agent’s focus on the refund policy at the time of booking was interesting. Chase is in the. process of contacting Crystal and the agent said to expect a response in about 10 days
  4. We have had mixed experiences with Viking. We have only sailed on Viking river to date. Have had 1 terrific cruise in Bordeaux, and 1 less so on the Seine. We had a Viking river cruise scheduled for 2020 for the now cancelled Passion Play.We had no problem with refunds which arrived promptly on the date promised. We may give Viking Ocean a try in the future. Crystal ocean has been our choice for several years, But due to the way they are currently treating passengers regarding refunds (including ours) we will not sail with them in the near future.
  5. Such an array of emotions and people taking offense. From my point view there are many things you can do that others might not like. As long as they don’t put others in harms way It is not my place to judge. But I am deeply offended when individuals don’t wear a mask in the presence of others, don’t exercise social distancing, fail to use appropriate sanitization practices, and insist on gathering in large groups despite the danger to themselves and others of doing so. Being a responsible person and acting in ways that shows respect for the welfare of others should not be considered a hardship or an infringement of others rights to safety.
  6. Not sure I understand the hysteria comment.
  7. Interesting about the 60 day limit with Chase. Did you call to dispute the charge, or did you do it online? I recent cancelled a cruise. Given your experience I will not wait past 60 days to file a dispute.
  8. Finally received my refund dated August 14th for a cruse cancelled on March 25th. (See Tipsygirl on SusieQft’s spreadsheet for deposit.) i had just filed a dispute with my CC company on August 10th. The refund was initiated by Crystal on August 12th. Coincidence? On August 10th I cancelled a cruise scheduled for September 2021. So I will go to the back of the line to wait for that refund of that deposit. I can only hope that Crystal is improving the speed of their refunds. Just kidding.
  9. I just cancelled a September 2021 Crystal cruise on Symphony , after having submitted a dispute to my CC company in order to hopefully finally force a refund for a cancelled 2020 Crystal Cruise. Crystal was my cruise choice, but I will travel with other lines untilI see evidence that they are solvent and care about their clientele
  10. Masks, shutdowns, and social distancing, along with quarantine of affected people can be used effectively to end the virus. The virus needs a host to survive, and If it can’t get to a host then it’s lifespan is limited and it will die. Unfortunately there is now so much virus out there in many communities, and so many people acting in such a way that the are willing hosts we have lost our opportunity to eradicate it in our country in the short term. And not having an effective and extensive national testing program that identifies nonsymptomatic individuals contributes to the problem even more. Herd immunity can offer some hope, assuming a significant number of infected individuals acquire immunity that is lasting, and a large portion of the population receives vaccinations that provide some immunity. Any effort that makes the virus unable to acquire a host will add to the eradication of the virus. Of course our ultimate safety will depend on this happening worldwide.
  11. I have been patiently waiting for a refund for my cancelled cruise for 130+ days. Waited a little longer when my TA was told by her GM over 10 days ago that he had been told that our refund was being processed. But I have had enough. It appears to me that Crystal is abusing their loyal clientele in search of new unsuspecting clients. Luring them with special benefits that they are not extending to previous bookings. So I will file a long overdue claim with my CC company, and also cancel my 2021 booking. I will definitely not be as patient in waiting for that refund. So sad to part ways with Crystal, but I will take my dollars elsewhere.
  12. Several days ago my TA tried another approach to obtaining my refund after she had again been told to be patient a little longer. She first surveyed several other TA’s In her company about their experience with Crystal refunds. After finding their experiences were consistent with her own she contacted her General Manager, who then tried connecting with his main contact at Crystal. After 3 days of no response he got the reply that my refund was initiated on July 25th (coincidental??), and should appear in my CC account in a few days. I will report back when/if the refund appears.
  13. My TA contacted Crystal again today and was told that they are just now working on refunds for cancellations on March 12. She was told that it would be a few more weeks before they will get to my March 25th cancellation. So I will be contacting Chase on Monday to initiate a dispute.
  14. We have 3 cruises and a land trip booked for 2021, including a Crystal cruise in Europe for September 2021. One of the remaining 3 trips is scheduled for April, one in June, and another in August. We booked all before the spread of the virus.(We book our trips at least a year ahead so we can schedule our favorite pet sitter.) We are somewhat hopeful that we will at least be able to safely take the September cruise.We don’t think that it is likely that it will be safe to take the other trips, but we will be thrilled if we are mistaken. We cancelled all 4 of our trips for 2020 . We love to travel, but do not wish to risk our health, or the health of others should we get infected. We want to be sure we are healthy to travel when the right time comes. We do not see ourselves as Negative Nelly’s either. We see ourselves as well informed and pragmatic. In the meantime we have “wine time” each day to chat about future travels and pretend we are on a cruise.
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