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  1. We are booked on Mariner and it is the cruise and not individual suite categories that is waitlisted. I hope to have information before the August final payment and in time to book something else.
  2. We have booked a cruise in and out of Miami in December 2021. I was just looking at the Regent website, and now most cruises involving Miami are Waitlisted. I am assuming that is not good news?
  3. I don’t know about laws in Florida, but in Texas our Governor, who has also issued a ban of vaccination passports, ended up having to clarify that this could only apply to entities receiving state funds ( penalty would be losing state funds), and not to private businesses. What control does DiSantis or the state legislature have over private business?
  4. Selecting “manage booking”, then “Itinerary” got me to the precruise hotel in Miami, which for us is the Mandarin. Thanks for the guidance cindt
  5. The ACL website now states that a test 4 days before boarding wil not be required of passengers who can provide evidence of having been fully vaccinated 2 weeks prior to the cruise. This appears under the Preparing for travel and boarding section.
  6. I had troubles with the Regent website when I using Safari. Had no problems when I switched to Goggle Chrome.
  7. I am suggesting there is a distinction between requiring a vaccination, and a vaccination passport. A vaccination passport in the US is nonexistent att present and would seem to rely on a central US registry of vaccinations. if this exists in the US, a company without a central healthcare system, someone please tell me because it doesn't appear that we even have that information for our state. Requiring one be vaccinated is another matter, as well as what evidence would be accepted as proof, under what conditions.
  8. We have booked the Grand New England cruise on the Constitution July, and I have a few questions. I was looking for a laundry room on the deck plans and didn't find one. Is there one, and if so where? Do they have laundry service? Where is the best place to get early morning coffee? Any specialty coffee available, like a latte or capucino? I see there are a number of large lounges throughout the ship. Also small lounges. How do they differ in what they provide? Has anyone sailed in cabin 310. Our TA had picked a different cabin, but due to a mixup this is the one we g
  9. On a map of Boston Charleston is the name for the area where the USS Constitution is docked near the Bunker Hill Monument.
  10. Tell me about the government registries of vaccinations. I would hope there is one, but I have not heard that there is. We are vaccinated and have been wondering how we will be able to show proof beyond our little cardboard vaccination cards, especially for oversees travel.
  11. Sounds good. We are Jamison's drinkers.
  12. So sad to see politics enter into the issue of vaccines and travel issues related to the virus. The virus doesn't have a political party, nor does the science. The origin of the virus has nothing to do with what we need to do to get rid of it .The virus can only survive if it has a host, willing or not. The way we prevent the spread of the virus and its survival is to use measures that prevent us from being infected from the virus and then spreading it to others. Vaccinations, masks, and social distancing are proven ways to stop the spread. And Vaccinations can greatly accelerate our progres
  13. On CoVid testing, many communities still have sites that will test for free. We are fortunate to live in a suburban community that has a free testing site with 24-48 hour turn around that is just a few blocks from our house.Also we have a Medicare Advantage program that would pay for all CoVid related issues including testing and vaccines. There are also a number of nearby locations that will test for a charge, but it is not a huge cost. More important is the turn around time and the type of test. Hope everyone is getting vaccinated. Our state has made all adults eligible. It is in the i
  14. What beverages might one expect at cocktail hour in the wine and spirits categories? And if you prefer a better beverage what is the cost?
  15. I will be watching for reviews of these cruises. Hope the experience is great!
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