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  1. MV21

    Booking Excursions

    Hi, I've been reading this thread and wondered if anyone could tell me whether one can book excursions for friends. They will be on their first cruise so I have said I will book all our dining reservations (I understand I can do that as long as I have their booking reference) but can I do likewise for excursions. Many Thanks
  2. On the Riviera in the Summer and have an OBC and some internet minutes free. Will this be shown on the docs I receive from Oceania as I can't see them on my online account? Thanks
  3. MV21

    House beverage package

    Can you order booze via room service if you are using Prestige Select?
  4. MV21


    Having been on the Riviera a couple of years ago and then doing a Seabourn cruise this year, one thing my DW and I commented on was the better quality of the "pool experience" on Oceania. On O the sunbeds are thicker padded and with a towelling cover, not so on Seabourn. You get a very Holiday Inn type of sunbeds with no covering. Also the mixed exotic drinks were better on O with a Pina Colada with plenty of flora/fruit. On S it was just a Pina slush mix bleeeh. Made me think that when some guests are making drinks purchases on the ship that is a motivator for the company to make them appealing which if you are on the drinks package is a pay off. Just a thought. BTW booked on the Riviera for Summer next year. :::)
  5. MV21

    onboard internet price

    [quote name='ORV']Keep us updated on how that works out. As the included minutes for certain room categories is all a new thing I haven't seen that question come up. Surely there would be some trade value for your included minutes, although I doubt what they would charge for them. Another option would be to use up your minutes then take out the unlimited for your remaining days.[/QUOTE] Could I do that? Could I use my included minutes and then buy unlimited for the remaining days? Does one not have to take the unlimited package for the entire cruise?
  6. MV21

    onboard internet price

    I am booked on a b2b on the Riviera next summer in a Concierge cabin. Part of the deal is free 300 minutes on the first 8 day cruise and then 200 minutes on the second cruise of 7 days. My query is whether there would be any mileage in asking my TA to see if he can get a quote for unlimited internet on both segments. Obviously I could pay the unlimited rate of approx 27 dollars a day but I would be seeking a discount on this price. I would effectively be 'cashing in' my free minutes in the hope of a discounted unlimited rate. Has anyone had experience of doing this. Thanks
  7. MV21

    quest cruise director, dress

    It has been suggested that the ‘casualisation’ of dress codes across the industry is an attempt to appeal to a younger demographic thereby ensuring that the sector thrives as ‘old gits’ like myself ‘drop off the perch’. My take is that I am pleased with this initiative and Seabourn’s move in this direction was one of the reasons we will be trying out their product in a few weeks. This board has been helpful although I know this subject provokes strong opinions. I will ensure that I fully comply with the dress code so my jacket wearing may only take place in the MDR on our formal night (not taking a tie). If I don’t want to wear a jacket on Formal night I will just avoid the MDR. However, the jacket may come in useful if we are eating al fresco one evening.
  8. MV21

    Formal dress proportion

    So am I correct in concluding that Formal only ever applies to the Restaurant whereas every other venue is always Elegant Casual?
  9. MV21

    Sailing Seabourn again!

    [quote name= I would deduce from that if you go down the jacket route on formal night then no tie is required' date=' handy as I only posses one and that's black.[/quote] Correct. And that is based on the policy as written, not on anyone else's "preferences"
  10. MV21

    Laundry question.

    Is the $50 bag available all the time on Seabourn? I have heard of some cruise lines offering this service at a particular time on a cruise, maybe once or twice as a special.
  11. We are based in the UK and are cruising Seabourn for the first time this July, paying final deposit in May (apparently UK final payment is required only 2 months out). Does anyone have a voucher and could explain how the system works. My email is rgriggs121 at google dot com. Many thanks
  12. MV21

    How are the dancing venues

    A quick re-read will reveal their original comment was a statement about it being from last year not a question. The OP states "it is" not "is it"
  13. My DW and I are booked on our first Seabourn cruise on the Sojourn on 25 July next year. I was wondering if this ship is due for a refurb around that time as there appears to be a gap in her schedule from July 18. Does anyone know anything further? Thanks
  14. MV21

    New Dress Code

    I've been reading a number of posts on this board recently and I was reminded of the glorious quote of Groucho Marx above. Because many posters seem to view their cruise line of choice as similar to their most treasured club where people know their name, "we" are all of a like mind, and very few interlopers get past the threshold to upset the decorum of "accepted standards". I can understand this. In this world of corporate homogeneity any brand that manages to create a special, individual atmosphere will prove a great success to those that are willing to pay for the product. However, it is just a product. When I cruise Princess, or Regent or Oceania or indeed Seabourn, I am not joining a club, I am purchasing a product. That may sound crass but I believe that is a fact and my dollars are as good as the next man or woman's. Cruising is effectively a hotel on the sea. Some lines are better than others but they are just hotels. Therefore, just as when I visit a hotel, I will not pay any heed to the expectations of my fellow guests. I will not defer to my fellow guests as to what I wear just as I do not expect them to pay any heed as to my expectations. What I will pay heed to is the expectations of the hotel. After all, the hotel/cruise line and I have entered into a contract. I will pay them money, they will deliver a product and we will both act within the terms of our agreement. With regard to that agreement they have what is called a dress code. Recently updated by Seabourn I believe. Therefore, based upon their revised dress code I intend to act fully within the remit of the said code on our upcoming Seabourn cruise. I will wear pants every night. I will wear a collared shirt every night. I will not be wearing a tie. And if I want to eat in the Restaurant on the Optional Formal night I will wear a jacket. If I don't want to pack or wear a jacket I will eat somewhere other than the Restaurant on that night. It appears that my actions and attitude may cause some people a certain amount of consternation which I find curious. I really couldn't give a fig what others are wearing and would imagine that others couldn't give a fig what I am wearing. Even if I don't particularly care for what adorns others I can always look away. Their taste in clothing is up to them or up to the establishment to police. And there's the rub. I believe it is up to the establishment to police its rules and dress code and not my fellow guests and I am willing to wager that my intentions listed above regarding our forthcoming cruise will not cause any Seabourn employee to raise any issue with me. They will take my money, deliver their product/service and I believe I will consider it all a fair exchange. I'm really looking forward to it. Because I just know I'm going to have a great time. :)
  15. MV21

    New Dress Code

    So jacket is only optional in all areas on non formal nights and jacket is only required on formal nights in the restaurant then. Am I right ?