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  1. It is easy to get a taxi. Does takes some time, depending on where you are in the line coming off the ship.
  2. We did this on our last Oceania cruise and we’re disappointed. The pours were generous , but the food was not as good as the other special dinners. I must not have a Champagne pallet . after that many champagnes I could not distinguish one from another, I do highly recommend the other two dinners. Better food and the wines were more to my taste.
  3. We will be taking our first cruise with Silversea on Silver Spirit in August. Do they have a good gym? Do they have exercise classes?
  4. Glad to hear your report. We are about to take our first cruise on Silversea. We live in a resort in Texas (The Woodlands). Dressing up for dining out means nice slacks and a nice shirt for my husband and a nice top and pants or a casual dress for me. We travel frequently. Often on cruises. But my husband gave up his tux, and I gave up the sparkly ball gowns years ago. He always takes a coat and tie a nice pants, and I will have dark pants and a lacy top.Good to know that we won't have to go out and buy a new wardrobe.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. So the SB drink package is like wine on a river cruise.
  6. Since we have never purchased a drink package (we bring our wine suitcase and/or purchase wines onshore) and now have one as part of SB, pardon my questions. I assume that one can order a glass of any wine on the SB list, and the price listed is what someone would pay who does not have a drink package? Is that only with meals, or in bars also?
  7. We have booked a cruseon Silver Spirit forAugust 2024. I was trying to get into MySilverSea this morning and got the message that the server could not be reached. Am I doing something wrong. I have tried both Safari and Goggle Chrome.
  8. We switched ti the Simply More pricing for considerably less.I left it to my TA to work out the pricing
  9. Thanks for the info. We never purchase a wine package on a ship. We like to pick up wines onshore. But it would be nice to have an OK glass of wine for lunch without opening a bottle and paying corkage.
  10. We booked our cruise using the Simply More promotion. Our invoice states that we have the Simply More House Beverage program. Does anyone know how the contents of House Select package and the Prestige Select package differ from the Simply More program?
  11. We were avid Crystal cruisers for years. And we’re very sad when they went out of business.Now that they have been bought and are beginning to sail again we are waiting for reviews before we book with them again. In the meantime we have booked a cruise on Silversea fo 2024.I would appreciate comparisons of Crystal and Silversea from those who have sailed on both. Cindy
  12. I am interested in information on the Silversea air program. Cindy
  13. There is a nice Hilton hotel that is connected to the airport by a walkway. We have stayed there several times pre-Covid. Don’ know if they still do this, but they used to have a shuttle into Rome for guests. So you could go into the city for a few hours to dine or see the sites.
  14. We always travel will prescriptions medications from our family doctor...Inhalers, antibiotics, and Medrol packs. He is a traveler like we are and, keeps us up to date on what drugs to take with us.This has saved us from going to the ships doctor more than once. We also take an assortment of over the counter meds for congestion and pain relief. And we have MedJet insurance, and trip insurance through our credit card. We now also travel with CoVid test kits.
  15. We were on our first Viking Ocean cruise earlier this year. Regarding Viking's included excursions, most were very good. We had one very bad included tour, and one very bad ship tour that we paid for. FYI, On Viking it does no good to complain, which we already knew from previous Viking river cruises. Food was definitely NOT up to Oceania standards, and the main restaurant was very crowded, with tables very close together. No social distancing. Also, though wine is included with meals, it was not very good. Their ships are beautiful. We are about to take our 3rd cruise on Oceania. We have only sailed on the larger Oceania ships. Regarding pricing on Oceania....If the cruise is one where we want to do excursions we pick the O Life price and select the excursions option. If we are not concerned about exploring the ports we will be visiting , or plan to arrange our own tours, we select the cruise only fare We usually book our own air and take a credit for the air. We either bring our own wine on board (we have a wine suitcase), or purchase wine onshore. We don't frequently drink mixed drinks, so don't buy the drink package, and pay as we go for any bar drinks we purchase. Oceania's Brochure price is just so Oceania can advertise 2 for 1 pricing. We love the food on Oceania and the service is very good. We especially like the Penthouse suites where we have a butler and a nice size cabin. We like the flexibility of the Oceania pricing
  16. We are wine drinkers and rarely drink hard liquor. We bring our wine suitcase with wines we prefer and pay the corkage fee if we take it to a restaurant. We also bring on wines from ports if we find something good. The wine dinners in Privee are one of our favorite things.
  17. I would add have Global Entry, or at least TSA pre-check. If you have a connection be sure you have a generous amount of time between flights. If you are not traveling with carryon luggage only (I have not mastered that skill) be sure to pack items that it would be difficult to replace on arrival in your carryons.(We pack some shoes since we both have irregular shoe sizes.Also some underwear. Again, irregular sizes .) Most of our problems recently have been on return flights, so we pack our carryons with items that we would need for 1 or 2 days.
  18. Oceania is very accommodating in handling dietary issues. I am on a gluten free diet. On our last Oceania cruise we attended 2 of the La Reserve dinners and they provided several substitutions for dishes containing gluten. Let them know in advance and they may be able to provide a different shuffle, or another tasty alternative. Fortunately for me I have no problem with goat cheese, and I loved the goat cheese soufflé in both La Reserve and Jacques
  19. We are about to take our first Viking Ocean this June. Have taken 2 Oceania Cruises. I will also be interested in comparing the two. We found Oceania to have a very diverse group of travelers, in age and experience. We have another Oceania cruise scheduled for next January.
  20. Regarding Kirkwall/ Orkney. The port provides a shuttle to what the call the iCenter. I copied this information from their website Kirkwall center is an open and inviting iCentre, providing information and inspiration to both visitors and locals. Bus, ferry and rail timetables are available within the centre and Citylink, Caledonian MacBrayne and John O'Groats tour tickets are available for sale, as are Historic Scotland Orkney Explorer Passes. Local experts with a wide range of knowledge on the local area and beyond are able to advise you on how to get the best experience of Orkney.
  21. Still get the black screen, only on my Mac, using Safari. Reported to Viking and got an email to change my password. Don't know why that would fix the problem.
  22. Just tried again with the same black screen results. I switched from Safari to Google Chrome and was able to log in. First time for the black screen result with Safari.
  23. Anyone have difficulty logging on to MyVikingJourney today? After I enter my username and password all I get is a black screen
  24. We are fully vaccinated including 2 boosters. We have traveled on 2 small ship cruises, one ocean cruise, and 1 group land tour in the last 2 years. For all these trips vaccinations and testing prior to the beginning of the trip were required. Also masking was required on any public transportation, and at all times on the ship except when eating and/or drinking. We felt our risk of contracting the virus was greatly reduced under these conditions. We also limit contact with others for at least a week before leaving for a trip and are still masking, even though our state has long ago done away with masks. We will continue to mask on plane flights and will move from KN95 masks to N95 masks for our upcoming International flight to our Viking cruise. I do not object at all to daily testing on the ship and appreciate Vikings efforts to keep us all well. We will do our part to avoid being infected, for our benefit as well as others, while knowing we still have some risk. We will carry "at home" tests with us so we can verify a positive test if it occurs.
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