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  1. Jancruz


    ROTFL Jancruz1
  2. Jancruz


    Thanks so much Paul for the great info..I am looking forward to seeing you in December.. Jancruz1
  3. Jancruz


    As everyone knows (or should know) I am a dunce when it comes to electronics..So I have a question I know everyone here can probably answer I know we get free wi-fi for one person Also, what does WiFi include, specifying limits if any? Internet? Texting? IPhone? Email? Many thanks to you all!! Jancruz1
  4. Laura, Are cruise critic and Regent still having these cocktail receptions?? Jancruz1
  5. Wow..I asked for new name tags that could be read..and now you want country of origin..poor Oceania cant win! Jancruz1
  6. With all the changes and additions O is making I think the question should be can Viking survive Oceania.. Jancruz1
  7. When people say they have a lot of OBC..My answer is "diamonds are a girls best friends" Jancruz1
  8. Was in Havana Monday 2/4 everything was fine..went by the area where tornado was..couldnt see much damage.. Jancruz1
  9. Remember it will sell out..better to put deposit and cancel then miss a cabin Jancruz1
  10. I Dont Agree at all and have several cruises booked on the redone R ships.. Jancruz1
  11. Thanks Orv, I could have but then I misplaced it..Thanks so much.. Lets travel together soon! Jan
  12. If I remember correctly, at one time there was a website where you looked up your ship and cruise and they had weather for the day you would be there somehow I cant find it.can anyone help.. Jancruz1
  13. Stuart and I are trying out the Dom dinner on RVA January 29 so I will be happy to post what I think..In truth I also do not like the Connoisseur dinner in La Reserve.. Jancruz1
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