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  1. When I talked to the boss last week he told me the ship yards are still closed.. Jancruz1
  2. People on CC do not realize what a pent up demand there is for cruising its amazing..especially seniors.. Jan
  3. If you think they are complicated imagine how the people that have to make the decisions for the cruise lines are feeling.. Its truly a sad situation for everyone.. Jancruz1
  4. Right now shipyards are closed no one to refurb Jancruz1
  5. IMHO I think Oceania will continue to use the R ships..they are very popular.. Jancruz1
  6. No wonder he is not on CC any more.. Jancruz1
  7. I will be on the first cruise that leaves Miami or California Jancruz1
  8. I am probably in the minority but after a year or two, I see very little changes..hopefully this is not a forever sickness and when the vaccine is found things should go back to normal..after the Polio scare that I remember well..everything went back to normal..we have the flu every year and nothing changes..in the near future probably some changes..but like everything else people forget..remember the immediate changes after 9/11..only thing I can think of that stayed was airport security and as we know that is iffy at best.. All I want is to get back to our traveling..(and out of the house) Regards, Stay Home and Stay Safe.. Jancruz1
  9. They have them at every door.. If they dont use it walking in they will not use it sitting on the table.. Jancruz1
  10. Do you really think Oceania will cruise knowingly to countries that will not let them in..I give them a lot more credit for being smarter than that.. Jancruz1
  11. I was thinking about it and was wondering if anyone will cruise before there is a vaccine..I know I would anyone else?? Jancruz1
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