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  1. I definitely will..cant wait!! Jancruz1
  2. Mine will be here next week but I promise you I will not iron them..LOL, I have not ironed in 60 years and dont intend to start now.. I was told the new bottom sheet might be tight..did you find that problem?? Jancruz1
  3. Believe me they do turn people away due to dress.. Jancruz1
  4. I never know why people book directly with O..not a great idea!! Jancruz1
  5. Cant wait to get mine..and I ordered sheets also..I feel at my age I deserve them!! Met Gary and Bonnie and had a great lunch and converstion with them..always fun to meet people from CC.. Jancruz1
  6. Has anyone gotten their bed yet?? Jancruz1
  7. Unfortunately at this time no one can answer your questions.. Jancruz1
  8. I will definitely continue my wait and see attitude and keep my fingers crossed.. Jancruz1
  9. So Interesting.. Jancruz1
  10. I thought they were lovely and tastefully done..I didnt see any TV sets tho..wonder where they will put them.. Jancruz1
  11. Actually no one reads this..but me of course Jancruz1
  12. Frank DelRio and NCLHC are suing the State of Florida saying they will not leave from there unless people are 100% vaccinated.. Just heard it on CNN Jancruz1
  13. If I can do anything to help let me know.. Jancruz1
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