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  1. We are neighbors also I am in Oxnard.. Jancruz1
  2. Actuallly Lyn, O changed insurance carriers and theirs is pretty good now..but you are correct always read the fine print.. Jancruz1
  3. We had a great trip in Israel..Actually we took a hotel in Jerusalem for the two nights we were in Israel and it worked out wonderfully..we had three days to tour and try restaurants and the country is so small it was easy for our guide to get us back to Ashdod.. Jancruz1
  4. Everyone knows I love Oceania but if we are comparing which ship is more lively I believe it is Regent hands down!! Oceania tends to draw an older crowd (dont shoot the messenger those are the stats) Jancruz1
  5. Since I am allergic to sun I love those cabins.. Jancruz1
  6. Sorry I misunderstood and thought you went in to check availability Jancruz1
  7. Knowing bookings are not open why would anyone check availability?? Jancruz1
  8. First of all O life does not have anything to do with Oceania air..two separate issues no one mentioned that..also if you figure out the extras you are getting like not paying the $175 per person for air deviation plus transfers to ship especially in Rome and Greece..using O's hotel package is not as pricy as it looks..using regular air..not BC I agreewith the others do BC your self.. Jancruz1
  9. I will be on January 4 and 14 and have not heard anything about her not sailing..there might be changes in ports but who knows so far out..I cannot say how much I am looking forward to going HOME to RVA Jancruz1
  10. I have seen this and it is beautifully done.. Jancruz1
  11. Did you see the people in Hawaii who got into trouble because they had fake vaccine passports..they couldnt spell Moderna (Maderna) Now that is dumb..LOL Jancruz1
  12. Who offered you the upgrade?? Just asking because it is negotiable Jancruz1
  13. I noticed they tried to make Vista quite different from the O ships.. Jancruz1
  14. Absolutely not!!She will not sail without Americans.. Jancruz1
  15. No errors..I have already checked..that is the way they planned it.. Janruz1
  16. I found this very interesting... https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/cruise-ship-color-status.html Jancruz1
  17. I am still keeping the wait and see option..I am keeping all of my booked cruises although I am seeing some cancellations for 22..its not going to be me!! Jancruz1
  18. That should be all the changes..but unfortunately the world is changing so we have to be prepared.. Jancruz1
  19. Sorry, not sure where you heard that but not true...all segments Not just GV will be available..Sorry Flatbush Flyer.. Jancruz1
  20. Plus 1 or even check their credit cards! Jancruz1
  21. Jacques menu items will be available in the GDR Jancruz1
  22. Jancruz


    Frank was just on Mad Money with Jim Cramer and he was amazing. of course the he said the Governer of New York went to a higher court but Frank is not going to give in..its 100% .vaccinated on his ships..ornosail..no children under 12 until they can be vaccinated ..it was a great and informative interview if you can get it on demand.. Jancruz1
  23. Best idea is to call Oceania no one here can help you and neither can venting before you know what really happened..Jancruz1
  24. Today the FAQ was updated with a more clear answer Jancruz1
  25. Even if you dont drink wine the experience is worth it in my opinion..Stu doesnt drink wine..he always has a vodka and loves the fabulous food..we are not wine people so dont appreciate the pairing part (I should not admit this) but love the whole presentation and evening..we have had both menus several times and dont have a favorite..this year we are trying the Dom..we know it is pricy but want to try it for the experience.. Jancruz1 Remember JMHO
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