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  1. On SS website the Barcelona to Lisbon leg is still showing with a departure date November 9. I am on the FLL LIM departing December 2. I really hope it will sail but do not feel particularly excited being on the almost inaugural cruise due to the potential issues that could happen.
  2. It’s not just refurbishment. « With changes so sweeping that the cruise line calls it a “re-inspiration” rather than a renovation, Oceania Cruises will be making a $100 million dollar investment over the next two years in its four Regatta-Class ships —Regatta, Insignia, Nautica, and Sirena. These changes are part of an ambitious multi-year project that the line has named OceaniaNEXT. « So I can understand the question from the OP. I am supposed to cruise on board Nautica in May/ June 2023 just before her dry dock for oceaniaNext. Not a big deal but frankly speaking would appreciate that dry do
  3. Vaccines do not prevent from getting the virus. They prevent from being seriously ill. There is no surprise here. The 90-95% efficacy is regarding the risk of going to the hospital or in intensive care. You will see many people contracting the virus while being fully vaccinated. This is normal. What would be an issue is seeing many vaccinated people in intensive care or dying from the virus.
  4. And thus do you think it will give time to upgrade the Nautica before resuming sailing or the upgrade will take place after June 2023?
  5. Sorry my mistake. I am sure you have understood I made a confusion between Oceania and Crystal! I wanted to mention Nautica. Sorry about that.
  6. Can you be more specific please. Do you mean that the refurbishment will take place before these ships resume sailing?
  7. I have just booked a 40 day cruise aboard Serenity from Singapore to Barcelona May/June 2023 directly with Oceania. I have tried to find a Travel Agent who could offer some additional perks like OBC or paid gratuities but the few I have been able to contact in Switzerland are unable to offer any thing beyond what O gave me already. I know that it is not allowed to share any Travel agent details on this forum but for example do you know where I could find a list of the so called Oceania Cruise Connoisseur Club? Thanks in advance.
  8. As far as I know, should be June 2023 after its Singapore Barcelona cruise (I will be on board). I wish the refurbishment be earlier...
  9. I am booked on the FLL LIM cruise December 2 to 18, 2021 aboard Silver Dawn and feel less and less confident. But so many things can change in a 6-month time frame. Remember what was the health situation 6 months ago end of November 2020!
  10. Thanks to All. Very clear. I am looking forward boarding the ship in LA in August 2022!
  11. Well it is an 18-day cruise and I have not seen it sold by shorter segments
  12. Thanks for your answers. We are both 53 and I am sure we will enjoy this cruise very much.
  13. I will be on board the Serenity from August 15 to September 2, 2022 and was wondering what kind of people I should encounter during the cruise. Having previously sailed aboard Silversea the average age was rather senior which we like as we enjoy quietness. Should I expect something similar? Should the fact that the cruise is from mid August to beginning September attract many kids or most of them will already be back to school in the US?
  14. Don’t you think they could take the opportunity of a later restart of Nautica to put in in dry dock and make the OceaniaNext enhancement?
  15. Thank you All for your answers. Decision taken: I will pay the deposit tomorrow! by the way do you know whether Crystal will continue serving Jacquart Mosaïque as the included champagne?
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