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  1. We will keep our Swiss health insurance with an additional travel health insurance which will cover our health cost with no limit whatever the country including the USA. The additional cost is quite limited approximately 300$ per year per couple.
  2. It has just been announced that the US travel ban will be lifted on November 8!!!
  3. On september 20, the White House announced that the travel ban will be lifted for vaccinated people as soon as beginning of November. My flight being November 30, I guess I am safe!
  4. Thanks. We are very structured and will plan each 5-month period well in advance.
  5. As far as we are concerned we are both 53. We intend to travel 2 times 5 months per year back to France/Switzerland 1 month for year-end and 1month in summer as long as our parents are still there. We will start with a road trip in the US from Boston to Los Angeles. Then 5 months in Indonesia (back to Europe with a 40 day cruise between Singapore and Barcelona) then 5 months in Australia followed by 2 months in New Zealand then a cruise between Auckland and Vancouver. Then a road trip to Montreal etc etc. This is the broad idea. Reality might be quite different. But after a quite busy work life we thought it was the right time to do it.
  6. I guess you mean Dec 2 not 3! To my knowledge there is no roll call for this cruise.
  7. Thanks. Are they OK to enter US territory for vaccinated people?
  8. Are those LFT taking materials from both nose and throat or nose only? Thanks.
  9. I have just got my SS Travel consultant over the phone. SS is about to issue my air ticket today for my FLL - LIM cruise December 2-18, 2021. My consultant is quite optimistic that the cruise will happen with the original itinerary. To my knowledge, for vaccinated European Union citizens there is no restrictions for any of the visited countries on this cruise and so I cross my fingers that it will move forward as planned!
  10. I have emailed Crystal support and got an answer immediately! It works now. Thanks for your help.
  11. I suppose it should be pcpcsupport and not pcpssupport. Am I correct?
  12. Thanks a lot for your help. I will try the email address you have mentioned.
  13. I have tried to access PCPC for a couple of days and each time I get the following message "your booking is currently being updated, please check later or contact reservations at 800-446-6620." I have not tried calling them yet being in Europe but am I the only one experiencing this issue? Thanks.
  14. Sorry but you have not read my question properly : I have never mentioned that I do not want to wear a jacket. Knowing that I want to follow the rule and wear a jacket and knowing that I may be in a situation where I will not have one with me, I was just asking whether it was possible to borrow one on board. I think it's an easy question and even if English is not my mother tongue, I think it was understandable. Thanks.
  15. It always amazes me the number of people who are not able to read and understand a basic question!! This is explicitly because I want to follow the rules that I have asked whether it was possible to borrow a jacket for formal evenings. I have never mentioned that I intended to attend a formal dinner without a jacket. I want to follow the rules. Next time please take a moment before writing your comment!
  16. More or less, yes. So we take a lot of precautions before informing our families and friends!
  17. Yes. I will ask my Travel advisor at Silversea. Thanks.
  18. Yes. We love Silversea and like formal evening. Hence my question trying to figure out whether there is a possibility of travelling without a jacket but still being able to enjoy formal evenings!
  19. Same for us. We will empty our appartement in Switzerland and have it rented for some years. We should have one suitcase each plus a medium backbag as a carry on. We intend to do some repo as well! Nice to read that it seems possible to borrow jackets on board SS ships. Where did you get this information? Thanks and enjoy the preparation of your long vacation around the world!!!
  20. I confirm : it is based on EDT. Usually I can start booking just after 6:00 am CET.
  21. Thanks but as mentioned I will travel full time and around the world without jacket.
  22. I will become permanent traveller starting summer 2022 and was wondering whether it is possible to "borrow" a jacket certain evenings for dinner. I know that I can go to Hot Rocks or Spaccanapoli, because theses locations are always casual, but I would like also to enjoy more formal atmosphere. I will have no problem to travel with a black trouser, a white shirt and a bow tie but it will definitely not be possible to carry a jacket with me just for the sake of using it a few evenings per year. Thanks for your advices.
  23. My December 2 FLL LIM has been updated on my Silversea from Dawn to Moon. Same itinerary. Quite happy. From France or Switzerland we do not have the same issue as those highlighted by cruisers from Great Britain. So should SS keep the cruise as it is now, we will be able to join the ship on December 2 in FLL! I keep my fingers crossed.
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