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  1. No advice on the cabin, but on the AMALea , the Chef’s Table had a coffee machine, and our cabin was nearby.(325) Getting your early morning coffee to have in the cabin or to sit, usually alone, in the chef’s table was a nice advantage.
  2. Before our AMALea cruise, we used Budapest Tuk Tuk. to tour Budapest. It was a blast, picked us up at our hotel, customized our tour to not go to the places that were included on the AMA tour. I used the info provide from AMA that described their tour to customize the Tuk Tuk. We went to places that big buses couldn’t begin to get to and were able to negotiate traffic quickly to see many sights. Our tour also included a daytime Danube cruise, where we got off at Margeret Island and spent a delightful hour there. The next boat picked us back up. Just google Budapest Tuk Tuk. We booked
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