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  1. No advice on the cabin, but on the AMALea , the Chef’s Table had a coffee machine, and our cabin was nearby.(325) Getting your early morning coffee to have in the cabin or to sit, usually alone, in the chef’s table was a nice advantage.
  2. Before our AMALea cruise, we used Budapest Tuk Tuk. to tour Budapest. It was a blast, picked us up at our hotel, customized our tour to not go to the places that were included on the AMA tour. I used the info provide from AMA that described their tour to customize the Tuk Tuk. We went to places that big buses couldn’t begin to get to and were able to negotiate traffic quickly to see many sights. Our tour also included a daytime Danube cruise, where we got off at Margeret Island and spent a delightful hour there. The next boat picked us back up. Just google Budapest Tuk Tuk. We booked directly with them. The guide was great and informative. We had a really enjoyable experience. The Tuk Tuk tour was 2 1/2 hours long. And then we went on the Danube cruise with Legenda which included a glass of wine or beer and lemonade on the return trip. We we also toured the Parliament, reserving tickets on line at their website. It was really worth seeing. Highly recommend.
  3. We sailed on the AMALea in August. Ending on 8/23. There were no issues with water levels on the Danube then, so I guess it’s just weather luck. We had fabulous weather, warm enough to enjoy the pool and sun deck, but not too hot at all. I thought the ship was very nice and the staff was outstanding. The food was excellent. There is a hairdresser on board. Shore excursions were very well organized, and the ship seemed to dock in very convenient locations. The best was the Octoberfest celebration that AMA organizes right next to the ship in Vilshofen. We loved our cruise. My review is posted in the review section.
  4. I know there is a CVS type of store in Vilshofen, not sure if they would sell your creamer. I was looking in the coffee aisle here in FL gearing up for the hurricane and looking for non refrigerated creamer. I saw Coffee Mate had a boxes of individual flavored creamers that didn’t require refrigeration. Perhaps you could purchase that here and bring it in your checked luggage.
  5. We are just off the AMALea Melodies of the Danube. You are in for such a treat. We had a fabulous cruise. I’ll try to give you some of the timing from the Daily Cruiser, but your times may vary Budapest. Check in 3pm. We dropped luggage off at 11 and walked from ship to Parliament for a tour. 5:45 All aboard. Ship moves locations. This is a beautiful cruise, but it wasn’t in the evening. They aren’t doing that illumination cruise currently. Budapest. Morning tour ends at 1:30. All aboard 4:15 Bratislava. Ship docked right in town. City tour ended at 11am. All aboard 12:45 pm Vienna. Walking tour started at 9am. All aboard 11pm. Weissenkirchen. Ship drops you off for tours. You meet the ship after the tour at 1:30 in Ybbs. 5 pm. Ship arrives Grein. All aboard midnight. Linz. Ship arrives 7 am. Tours leave at 9 AM -11:30 AM. All aboard 11PM Passua. Ship arrives 8 AM. All aboard 11:50 AM then on to Vilshofen arriving 3pm. Overnight here. Download the AMA app. It is great and I continue to have access to all the Daily Cruisers. Let me know if I can answer any other questions.
  6. Thanks for the good news! We are sailing from Budapest to Vilshofen departing August 16.
  7. I forgot to mention, we are doing a post cruise tour as well. Renting a car and driving to Berchtesgaden (Hitler’s Eagles Nest) and Fussen, Germany ( Neuschwanstein Castle) and returning from Munich.
  8. Of course the deck is open while you are docked. It is while sailing it is closed. The outdoor area on the front of the ship is open. You will love the Moselle. We are heading out next week for Budapest for a Danube cruise on the AMALea. I think you will really enjoy your trip.
  9. We did this cruise in 2015 on the AMALyra. LOVED the Mosel and the Rhine. In the Main and the Canal, the upper deck was closed. A lot. It was really hot during our cruise, so it wasn’t much of an issue, and there wasn’t a pool on our ship, but it was definitely closed. Sailing the Mosel is so beautiful, and of course the Rhine has all the castles. If your husband is interested in WWII, don’t miss the American cemetery in Luxembourg where General Patton is buried. And Nuremberg as well.
  10. Good news about AMA. We are on the AMALea 8/16. Was looking forward to the illumination cruise, but our documents indicated they would not be doing one. Since receiving the docs, the government has lifted the ban. I really hope we can do this.
  11. Received our documents for our upcoming AMALea cruise. In the booklet it says due to recent events AMA has made the decision to suspend the illumination cruise in Budapest until further notice. Very disappointing but understandable. I’m hoping they provide access to one of the local illumination tours.
  12. We are doing the reverse route of this cruise, from Budapest to Vilshofen in August. I recently was able to sign up for our shore excursions on line. I noticed that there was no evening concert option offered for sign up in Vienna. Does this mean that AMA won’t offer this optional tour, or do they have it, but you sign up once you are on board?
  13. http://click.email.cruisecritic.com/?qs=5f998da916e252f07e01497915f1fd464a1b8d19babc8550fd97d3603e4829b724c319ba8a92afb089f5b291a9ab81331cc221bca37cd6b27cdacb7efa630058 Here’s the link to my review of the Zuiderdam. One thing I forgot to mention in the review was the timing of dinner seatings. Early dining was at 5:30. Late dining was at 7:45. Part of our group switched to late dining as 5:30 is just way too early to return from ports, enjoy happy hour, get ready for dinner, etc. I thought the 7:45 was perfect as many lines have the later seating much later. The staff on the ship was wonderful. As you you will see, my review is mixed. It’s a good thing there are many cruise lines to sail. Something for everyone. HAL, while nice, would not be our choice for another cruise.
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