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  1. The application of the traffic light system has also not been agreed by the Scottish Government. Our government requires all our arrivals quarantine to be in government managed facilities and in making statements today (finally we get to travel out of the county after months on Friday) the first minister made it clear our freedoms in the summer were at the price of there being continuing restrictions on foreign travel.
  2. Thank you for your updates and for answering questions. It’s now a year until our trip but you’ve kept our excitement stoked up in these still locked down times
  3. The main advantage of direct booking is having control over your booking without the need to go through a third party (agent) who may or may not have your best interests at heart. Certainly those who were due refunds in the last year reported receiving their payments far earlier than those who had used travel agents, some of whom took six months and more to pass the refunds back to the bookers. If you are confident your agent will genuinely have your interests at heart all the time, there could be advantages booking with agents.
  4. Was that an open passage for a future Azamara cruise or an open passage for a future Celebrity cruise?
  5. It’s a mixture in Lothian, I was at a mass centre in Edinburgh got the AZ and a card, bizarrely my husband was allocated a community hospital the day before, got Pfizer and no card. I’m sure Scotland will have to quickly address this card inconsistency (friend in Fife Pfizer got a card, partner got AZ and no card) or GPS will be inundated with requests for proof.
  6. Thanks. Our reservation shows it as The Peabody Memphis. Looks like their laundry service is quite pricey though.
  7. As a matter of interest can you send a bag of laundry out to be done. We will have been traveling on land for a few weeks before we board.
  8. To me these UK all inclusive cruises to nowhere are potential “booze cruises” Booze events in any form still terrify public health as inhibition is muted distance not maintained and louder activity takes place. I hope I’m wrong but I really fear the consequences of big ship “free bar” and pent up effects of very long isolation (it’s now over a year since our bars we’re fully open and unrestricted on numbers/group make up).
  9. Just to clarify a few weeks ago I said I was concerned Azamara might be missing out on docking options for a UK start now I’m really pleased they are not rushing to squeeze in with the big boys. I’m assuming Azamara had good port intelligence in what was potentially going on and made their decisions based on that. I am still very skeptical that all crew on the big boys will be vaccinated as some are claiming. And where will they pick up and manage crew isolation if you are coming from the Philippines and potentially very soon India it won’t be the UK?
  10. I think the UK market is now absolutely crowded for this summer. I see MSC is now planning to chug around our shores. It just takes one of these lines to have a problem and we will be set back six months not only in terms of the cruising industry but also its impact on us in the UK. Compared to most countries our level of restriction has been severe and we need to be allowed time just to enjoy the freedoms on land other countries have enjoyed for months. Whilst I was keen to see Azamara get sailing at the outset, I think their watch and wait approach is fine and I would rather
  11. I can get into the UK site but not the US (.com) site
  12. A quick response, who knows if or what changes might be made to the IT set up which would make it better than it is because to be honest wifi is not Azamara's strongest point. Two of the ships were due to dry dock this year so an upgrade could happen. They will also be free from Royal provider constraints However, I have had no issue using FaceTime on Azamara in the past even in remote South America. Bear in mind, as you are going to Norway you need to recognise that with fjords and remote locations wifi is not good even on land so a phone plan also has limitations (as has the ships wifi).
  13. I believe Milen the chief engineer who did all that cabling up is back onboard. So possibly preparing for a partial separation. But I agree the Philippines issue is a big challenge. In time we will hit the ships with a big grin, for now our garden and house continues to be the beneficiary.
  14. Yes I spotted that, and the prices are pretty high so I am not sure they are really wanting bookings. Its a weird offer and its name could be open to some humorous responses. The cruise I am booked on - ok 18 nights - is currently priced at £18,000 for 2 in the lowest grade balcony cabin 🙂
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