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  1. Koh Samui uses local tenders so there can be different timings that apply in that situation
  2. Imagine being a poor donkey that day......
  3. A few cruises ago, we went and sat on the back verandah as there was no space on deck before the official start time. (I also think some groups were saving far more seats than they needed). Anyway, turned out to be a bonus. Ok a little longer walk to the buffet and DH had to be the wine runner until a waiter realised we were drinking the same wine and gave him the half used bottle he was carrying. But what a perfect peaceful setting. Even if DH has to be the wine runner we will consider that option again if we cannot get a seats on deck. I like the food but not the seat hogging which is now starting late afternoon as soon as the tables go out. Our other option is Deck 10 so long as it’s not too breezy, if the stairs bother you, you can always take yourself back up in the elevator
  4. Yikes I know on Journey they did a switch- that’s an awful loading, how will the local tenders cope? IF I was going ashore, I might just use a ship’s tour and transfer the hassle to them. Hope though you get a swap.
  5. Thanks Bonnie i hope if the decision is made to change plans it’s communicated soon so alternative plans can be made. i was amused on another post that Lahore said not to book when she sails because trouble follows her, well our Azamara cruising buddies now say always have plan b if you book the same cruises as us, we hold the record in our group of frequent cruisers for cancellations, charters after booking and itinerary changes. Add to that price drops (and missed ports once onboard, ok can happen) and you have to say we are well and truly jinxed!
  6. I think having worked in Head Office environments we have to agree to differ on this. Emotional tweets such as calling out bad attitudes before you’ve done all your research and exhausted escalation routes are poor practice. They can also lead to reactions where persons who make innocent mistakes in interpreting policies get serious reactions even dismissed as a consequence. Bottom line in the scenario here yes go on social media and seek clarification of the policy- Marinaro is right attention is paid to social media and executives may well welcome the opportunity to state the reasoning for their policies whatever they are but giving advice to call out bad attitudes before you’ve exhausted your research is totally unprofessional and not what anyone should advocate.
  7. I do not think that is a good idea at all. Bad advice, sorry! You only have the say so of agents at both Azamara and the agency - it may not actually be the corporate perspective but bad communication somewhere in the loop - so posting on a public forum criticising attitudes is certainly not the way to go. Yes post, but use the post to ask for clarification of the agencies corporate position and their reasons why Obviously if the agency corporate response is that they’ve opted out, a further post can be made to advise future bookings. Any agency can make corporate decisions for a range of reasons, attitude is rarely one.
  8. I am unsure what is meant by a 24 hour response - did they explain what that means? The process is automated as I understood, maybe I have misunderstood It must be so frustrating for you
  9. You just go to guest relations sometime on embarkation day of cruise 2 with the credit card you want to use. It’s so easy!
  10. Yes it is, first nights are usually quite quiet, go to the table at the entrance to Windows when you board and you will be able to make a booking with the staff there
  11. I have just seen that - that is new! ($15 if you fail to cancel by noon). We have had to cancel late due to land discoveries coming back late one time and someone not feeling so clever another time, hope circumstances and a bit of common sense onboard will allow charges to be waived in some situations. I was not aware no shows were a major issue
  12. To be honest you can get any combination you want, you just have to ask one of the restaurant managers. We have done a 4 night package before but set it up as 3 in one restaurant and 1 in the other - we were prepared to be flexible on days and times
  13. I would agree there has been a drop off in the service levels in the MDR over the last year. I think the reasons you give are indeed the cause, especially that with the third ship the staffing numbers and competence really have been stretched. The service may stack up with some lines still but it doesn't stack up as much with the premium lines or of course the Azamara of old. I think there are also issues in the MDR with more and more guests wanting variations in the menu (e.g. bring me an additional x starter with my entree or alter x or y to my tastes) The problem is having been on a galley tour I have now seen this involves the waiter having to wait in two or three service lines to get all this together. The knock on is that other tables served by the same staff are impacted with slow service or no wine service if the assistant is the runner. It is very rarely regular guests who do this, perhaps the new target market is expecting this level of wow that the MDR struggles to deliver and keep others served as wee (By the way I am not saying that it is Lois or the other posters on this thread who are doing this, more it is a general "make it different" we have observed).
  14. Just an update, all booked in 414 American Queen, thanks everyone for the input. It is more than a year away but we are excited at planning not only our stops on this cruise but also the land portion of our adventure pre and post cruise. We will be watching all the posts and reviews with a keen interest and any advice anyone wants to give us please shout out. Thank you
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