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  1. Exactly our experience! And actually the agency starts issuing reminders at 150 days which many who are not aware think is their new deadline. Oh Covid has made us much more aware of so much 🙂 (Now how will we cope if we get regional legislation 🙂 🙂
  2. I wonder if it’s a throwback to old times (delays in money transfers as Trish highlighted) but now it’s a cruise industry convention that suits them all so they’re not going to break rank. However it does cut both ways, Viking asks US guests to pay up in full much further in advance than UK guests are asked to (that one is a legislation issue). UK guests pay up at about the same point as they would with Azamara
  3. You are right, pretty standard UK practice we had an Azamara itinerary change after the money was paid to the agent but not passed on to the cruise line but could do nothing about it
  4. Yes. We see the Azamara invoice with the due date but are then given a copy from the agency of their due date. The large online agency actually starts chasing at 20 weeks even though Azamaras deadline is later and of course we now know due to the covid debacle they don’t actually pay Azamara until almost sail date.
  5. Yes, I heard about that and that certainly reflects what I was told from a trusted attendee, though if that was the driver you would have expected them also to move all the captains around.
  6. Whilst I agree there was very much a Pursuit way and a belief from some they were chosen/better in the early days (and this way was an issue for some guests so probably needed addressing) I am not sure it explains why such a wholesale change of staff was done.
  7. The date may be determined by your agent. Certainly we see a considerable variation in final payment dates depending on which Travel Agent we use. For many agents 16 weeks is the norm.
  8. I suspect our generation who probably need some familiarity when we return to cruising are no longer Azamara’s target market. I am nervous enough about my summer cruise, but had comforted myself that even if “rules” onboard were different, I’d be with familiar faces. I accept it’s only preferences and things can change, but to not be with 2/3 people we saw comfort in being with (and who knows what else at the levels below) doesn’t give the level of comfort we needed in these uncertain times. I had three combinations across the three ships I liked but can’t get any of them anywhere now. Time will tell if this “new broom” plan really works both for staff and guests or not.
  9. uktog

    Azamara Cabins Thread

    See the responses on your thread about this they will help you. If you look at the spreadsheet someone has posted about 7080 and highlighted no laundry issues. 7085 is even better as it’s on the other side of the ship.
  10. 7085 is a great room fantastic position and on the opposite side to the laundry so no risk of issues. Far better than Deck 8 where the noise from above can be disruptive and unpredictable varies from cruise to cruise. We don’t book on that floor now. Your agent will have access to all available verandah rooms.
  11. Good advice, Deck 7 without a doubt is the best place to be. Bear in mind any answers about life onboard are pre covid, it might all be very different in terms of what does or does not happen once sailing resumes
  12. Many different reasons why those named went, but let’s also think about the great new hires, Captain G, Antonio, Elisabeth etc plus the well deserved promotions of others (Captain Philip, Staff Captain George etc)
  13. I suspect that might be the exciting news Azamara Team was mentioning. Now putting 2 and 2 together any maybe getting 5, Marinaro made a good spot about Iwan who has been closely shadowing Heike as F and B for some time ........maybe he’s moved over permanently as Fabio did
  14. Yes I hoped post lay off this bright idea of breaking up a team that worked for guests would be kicked in the long grass. Sadly it wasn’t. First rule when in a recovery mode if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Nothing against any other officers but stirring the pot doesn’t always work and can be too disruptive
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