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  1. I don't shoot the messenger The Mice, but if Bonnie is still monitoring the boards perhaps she can get us an explanation of why cruise refunds are being handled out of sequence and then even within the same cruise some get their certificates/refunds and others are not. An explanation might help everyone!!!!
  2. Weird I can get through to all the menus no problem - maybe they know it is you 😄
  3. This is the number I got straight through on 0800 727 800
  4. That’s strange I needed to cancel a BA booking today for a refund and got straight through no problem. What number are you using?
  5. We were originally flying New Orleans and home from Nashville, we are probably going to be doing the reverse next year. I am just so relieved as I am sure you will appreciate that our deposit is not lost and we can look ahead and plan an adventure next year.
  6. This is not cruise line bashing but report of fact based on an email I have had today from Azamara. They are saying there is still a bit of a delay on the processing of the Future Cruise Certificates and refunds. (you're not kidding) They are now hesitant to give a time frame only because they were wrong on the last one. So ignore anything on the website and those of you who were cancelled more recently and expecting a credit certificate or refund in June manage your expectations....
  7. technically dear husband will and I will not, but Im sure we will be able to sort that one
  8. I think each travel insurance company is different. Our company said as we were transferring a deposit, the original booking predating covid it was covered this year - however the policy is due for renewal in the Autumn. Again, they could not guarantee it but they said existing policy holders who renew are more likely still to be covered. I think we will take that risk and be first in line for any vaccine once the most vulnerable have had there's! I hope this is not cockeyed optimism
  9. Can I thank everyone here for all their information sharing, you are all the best. So is AQSC. I contacted them in the USA direct and I wish I could name and shame a large UK online cruise seller whom we’ve had our five holidays a year relationship with for many years. AQSC confirmed there is no fee to move, they did not ask for full payment nine months ahead ahead and we can indeed make the switch to next year. I’m just checking out flight availability (might need to flip to Memphis to New Orleans rather than the reverse to get them) and fitting in all the other things we’d planned. But once onboard we will remember the kindness of everyone on this board who helped us on our way....and yes, we won’t be booking more through a certain agency. Thank you each and every one of you.
  10. Agree I’m Azamara Platinum I’m certainly not getting priority I say that not as a demand I should have but as a reference point.
  11. This is where it’s all so wrong. Blag is right. His experience with BA echoes mine exactly. Our cancellations either predate or are in the same group as Phzazzcruisers. In writing we were told on May 24th by Azamara Customer Relations that they had not yet started the refunds for our first cruise (21 May) - patently not true Azamara! I do not take kindly to misinformation. My experience with the Hotel Indigo Barcelona and the Holiday Inn Nice and Edinburgh airport (both IHG) and BA - all immediate cash refunds. Yet for the same holiday 3 Azamara cruises that I gave them the benefit of the doubt on and went for future cruise credits - nothing! OK in the early days it would be chaotic as it was unprecedented times but don’t use that excuse now to justify an administrative shambles. If all the major banks, insurance companies and utilities providers can place enough people home working to maintain an acceptable service why can’t RC? Such a set up does not come at no charge (probably deemed not worth it as good service reduces the chance to live off the customers money)- but I applaud those companies who maintained an acceptable level of service. I’m with them in the future. Yes many are saying I will never sail with ABC again, I do not see many saying I will go to Azamara instead. We tried to stay loyal showing faith by accepting in the short term credits. We should not have done so. Ok I know you can book then switch a credit over to an existing booking but I’ve no idea how much each credit will be for or what adjustments will be done. I’m not spending my time on the phone with a sales person I don’t know whose pretending to be my best friend. Instead because these credits are still not here, I’ve made alternative plans for the rest of this year and early 2021. As I opted for the future credit note I can’t dispute on my credit card yet but will be looking at walking away fully and have the cash soon. The only thing that stops me doing that is I fear it might confuse and slow down the process.
  12. Love the journalism “spotted in the Clyde” ......like they never knew it was coming. Typical sensationalism I’m afraid Meanwhile on the BBC the big issue is the 2 mile traffic jam at the recycling centre which also reopened today and is adjacent to the George V dock. Don’t anyone mistake that this is crowds coming to welcome Pursuit in 😂😂😂
  13. Quest is heading to the Suez Canal. An officer on Journey indicated they too are slowly heading to Glasgow. There are three anchorages at George V dock on the Upper Clyde accessible only to smaller vessels. My guess is Azamara may well have contracted for all three. As for cruises in the Autumn, I think for older guests and those with underlying health conditions even if airlines are running, ships are sailing and borders are fully open, in the absence of a reliable vaccine, holidays involving international travel are high risk. If I had to face that decision and was in that category I’d just accept despite all the frustrations, home is the place to be this year.
  14. Pursuit is safely in the River Clyde, a glorious day is greeting them and the Clyde is as sooth as glass.
  15. I only recognised Anna who used to be on Azamara. Didn’t spot anyone else that’s been on Azamara did you?
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