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  1. KevintheIrishDJ

    New to Princess

    Don't forget to buy 100 shares of Carnival stock to get a tax free OBC every time you cruise.
  2. KevintheIrishDJ

    The Love Boat tonight...right now...

    I didn't realize until recently that every single person on the Love Boat gets "lucky"!!!😅
  3. KevintheIrishDJ

    Missing Roll Call

    I did that right after I posted this and even specified Dec. 2018; however, I still don't see it.
  4. KevintheIrishDJ

    Missing Roll Call

    I sent CC an email yesterday about the Dec. 22 Pacific Princess missing Roll Call
  5. KevintheIrishDJ

    Wine packages on Royal Princess?

    Unfortunately, wines on the list may be out of stock.
  6. KevintheIrishDJ

    Just got on Caribbean Princess

    You can make your own omelettes in the buffet.
  7. Don't forget, you get an OBC every time you sail if you have 100 shares of Carnival stock.
  8. KevintheIrishDJ

    Brooklyn terminal in NY

    I loaded trucks on Washington Ave. in 1968 for Marchiony (sp) Ice Cream. We started at 7PM. That was an adventure.
  9. KevintheIrishDJ

    Brooklyn terminal in NY

    If you have the time, there is an MC Escher exhibit at 34 34 St., Red Hook, till February.
  10. KevintheIrishDJ

    Brooklyn terminal in NY

    I stand corrected about the wine stores.
  11. KevintheIrishDJ

    Brooklyn terminal in NY

    I replied on the other post.
  12. KevintheIrishDJ

    Brooklyn terminal in NY

    First, the liquor stores probable will not have very good wine selection. Second, it is not an area you want to walk around.
  13. KevintheIrishDJ

    Leaviing ship between back to back

    We wanted to do our wash that morning; however, they lock the laundry doors for security reasons.
  14. KevintheIrishDJ

    Down Grade Fairy

    What did they offer you?
  15. KevintheIrishDJ

    What to do between Embarkation and Sailaway??

    Look into the Ultimate Ship Tour. It is expensive but you get lots of "free" stuff. Register right away, space is limited.