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  1. I have to agree that the Azamara Norway cruise is fabulous. Our captain went into a small fjord, turned the ship 360 degrees at the end of the fjord (seemed a tight fit!) and sailed back out. A gentleman who we met through shared table at dinner had been fishing on a shorex. His catch was served to our table that night for dinner. I can’t see other large ships being able to either of these!
  2. Azamara did have transfer to a hotel (can’t remember which one) - from there getting a cab to your destination would be easy (or just stay at that hotel?). Check Shorex?
  3. Thanks for the work on the spreadsheet - I found a version on page 23 but when I looked at it, it was in portrait mode with the information columns separate and not attached to the room numbers. Any suggestions?
  4. I second Phil’s suggestion of a day at a hotel. We did that when we disembarked in Lima and it was a wonderful day. A few tips though - if you have the opportunity to take a transfer from ship into a hotel in town do it. We elected to take the transfer into town where our prearranged car met us. (No pick ups were allowed right at the port.). We were taken to a very seedy parking lot which felt unsafe. An Azamara rep was there but it was all he could do to keep the legitimate drivers allowed in and those preying on some travellers out. Also - the Lima airport is a nightmare. Our local dr
  5. We don’t prefer the buffet of White Night so eat specialty if we can get in or MDR if not, then join the party.
  6. I’ll weigh in as someone who will never reach top cruiser no matter how it’s calculated (we love Azamara but also do non-cruise vacations so we will just never get there). When we went to the event it seemed like a insider’s event that we were crashing. Who cares about free food and drink on an inclusive cruise? The winner seemed embarrassed and we kept thinking we’d rather be enjoying our cruise than holed up inside. We’ve never attended another. If the people who win have suggestions I suggest Azamara listen because it doesn’t seem like a huge PR win from my perspective (the repeat cust
  7. Back to the plastics/dispenser issue - I think we all agree that it’s time to start doing something, anything to help with the myriad of environmental issues that exist. Often people feel overwhelmed by there being so many problems and we feel too small to do anything. All the problems raised from cruise travel itself, to laundry, to food wrap and plastic bottles (all of which barely skim the surface) need to be addressed, but we can’t fix it all at once. If each of us does our part, pick the issue that gets you in the gut the most, and act on it, headway will be made. Azamara seems to be pi
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