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  1. That's because there is no definitive answer. I'm sure that the casino will go and the Den and new window staterooms on deck 4 added as per Pursuit and Quest. I have no certainty of the date, but understand it will happen later in 2020 in line with Journey's dry dock schedule. Nothing formally confirmed though. Phil
  2. Yes, it looks like an appetite whetter. I like the look of the 16 night Colombia, Ecuador and Peru voyage. It mentions Galapagos too. I suspect this is a tour add on and very pricey. Will wait and see. Based upon my recent experiences I will NOT be booking early, but interested to see. Phil
  3. It wouldn’t be before the cruise and as Mykonos and then Santorini are the first scheduled ports it might be hard to do timewise. Also depends on whether the ports could take the switch. I’ve had a look at the distances and it is quite doable, but we’d burn more fuel which might be a concern for Azamara. Phil
  4. As others have said, leaving at 6pm the last tender ride will likely be 5.30pm so building in a safety factor to be there at 5pm you’ll be fine. Phil
  5. Lois, I will say, don't take comments here personally. I for one am pleased to read your thoughts. Obviously I am one who enjoys the Azamara experience, but it's not for everyone. You tried it and it wasn't for you. We all have a good choice out there Safe trip back home and keep well. Phil
  6. Dave, I know you will take every opportunity to hammer Azamara with negatives, which if you want to do it here is entirely your right. Just to add a bit of balance to the FCC debate, I was on Pursuit in December when we missed a port due to engine issues. Everyone received an FCC based upon a pro-rata for the fare they paid. From memory mine was $200 or a little more. It was all dealt with efficiently. No complaints. I’ve also received FCC for being quarantined. Once again generous and dealt with totally satisfactorily. So it’s not all bad. Phil
  7. That's why it's great to have choices depending upon how you feel on the night. I know some who will never miss it and some who never go and some of us who like the choice. Phil
  8. There is an alternative to this if you want a bit of peace and quiet. Get your food from the buffet and go and sit in Windows to eat it. Nice and quiet and believe it or not you'll get wine service because the waiters come into the bar and kitchens there. I've done this before and then gone out afterwards to the party. Phil
  9. This is the port schedule on the 16th May when we are due there that I've posted on the roll call. I think whatever you do on Santorini that day is going to be very busy. I've never been there with so many ships and whilst it might inconvenience private tours I wish they would swap the ports around like has happened before if it's feasible distance wise. Phil
  10. It's scary what some worry about. Is this for real? Just chill. You'll be fine. Phil
  11. It's scary what some worry about. Is this for real? Just chill. You'll be fine. Phil
  12. It just depends on the itinerary, the conditions and if steps can be taken to mitigate the wind. Not long back from Rio to Lisbon on Pursuit and we had White Night as we left Cape Verde at 6pm. It was a really windy evening so Captain António headed the ship 180° at slow speed for as long as he could so we had the wind behind us and shelter. Once we turned round at about 9pm and it then got interesting! On a repo with few sea days there is usually enough time in hand to do something like that. Phil
  13. Try an email to the LCV Director in Miami and cite that after numerous attempts to rectify it you are still not getting communications. Mine is now ok at last (and for the time being). They investigated exactly what was on the records rather than just trying to add me again. Someone or something had overridden my email address causing them to bounce and I suspect this is what is happening to you. Write to Patty Gonzalez, LCV Director. Phil
  14. uktog, I totally agree with you. Public shaming on Facebook? Not at all professional to do it that way. There are other methods. A rant on their Facebook page is not one of them. Phil
  15. Rescheduling a port is not going to happen because of weather. It's just one of those things. I also think you are being unfair on the White Night question. For an 11 night cruise as yours was it is very tight on scheduling all events and as has already been mentioned, most of the time they have to be arranged when the ship is docked late in port because of the wind on deck under sail can make it dangerous. With the overnight Montevideo arranged as the Azamazing Evening that only left São Paulo when you left late. Add to that one night set aside for the Captain to be at the Best of the Best meal organised for the top suites and VIPs and you can see they really didn't have an option. It's just unfortunate that the weather didn't cooperate for you. It's happened to me too and you just have to go with it and understand the organisational factors involved. Phil
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