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  1. Oh no. I've got the popcorn out now. See what you started?🍿 Phil
  2. How do you come to that conclusion? My chances of catching Covid-19 at home are minimal. Actually they are probably zero. If I get on a plane and cruise on a ship my chances are definitely not. Phil
  3. Honestly? There is no guarantee of that. I hope you are correct, but you can't be sure. Phil
  4. No I wouldn't. Would you? The question you ask has no answer and certainly can't be used to change anyone's mind. We all have our own circumstances. Not least our own health situation. So it's meaningless. Phil
  5. I'm sure that will be the reason and an excellent hire for them I would say. It's just odd to me that he has decided to leave right now. Of course I have no knowledge of how much he was enjoying Azamara, any salary hike he might enjoyor the like, but in these terribly uncertain times, joining a company that is yet to start operations, was overdue even before Covid, has had issues with the shipyard building their ships and is over budget, it just seems an odd risk. Coming from working for the same group for many years. Just my opinion of course, but it does get me thinking of the situation at Azamara. Phil
  6. I've got a travel claim out at the moment that is dragging along very slowly. That's a bit of a saga! Phil
  7. Indeed! I think that is true of a lot of businesses at this time. It's tough. I know. One just has to do the best to protect oneself. Phil
  8. Me too. More control at this time. I'm just sad that I lost my contact at cruiseline some while ago and they is why I went away from direct booking and started using agents. I'm afraid everyone is up against it at the moment, not least travel agencies. Phil
  9. This is very disappointing to see. I found these cruises for sale on this particular agents website, although admittedly I didn't drill down to book. Prices however for all cabin categories are listed on the headline pages. Meanwhile I am still awaiting a refund from them that was promised two months ago. I think we all have to tread carefully with who we get quotes from at the moment. I suspect with all that's going on, the accuracy of websites of some is not top priority. Find a reputable travel agent if you can! Phil
  10. LinkedIn has him down as Hotel Director. What that entails I'm not sure. You really have to be on the ship I would have thought so more time at home doesn't seem to add up. Unless the contract time will be shorter and that is what he means. I did a bit of Googling. Ritz Carlton Yachts are behind schedule and that was even before Covid. And they are over budget. They have one completed ship, Evira, that they hope to start sailing in the Med in April 2021. To me it seems an odd decision to leave a group that you've worked for for so long to something so unknown and not even up and running. Unless Philip knows something we don't. Phil
  11. I know the ships are being well looked after just now. It's also dependent on how we get through the winter in Europe and that is of course a big unknown. And what protocols will have to be adopted. Those cruises are a great price. I'm just not confident enough in booking them. I need to see how it all pans out. I know it's not the same as a cruise, but I'm thinking land trips to start. I've seen some amazing places I'd love to visit. Just to get away. Phil
  12. Vicki, I'd say that is the million dollar question. Pursuit will be coming out of cold layup to start her cruises. Phil
  13. Funnily enough I was chatting to an Azamara room steward from Goa just yesterday. He is desperate to get back on the ship, notwithstanding that all three of the Azamara ships are in Glasgow at present. He lives in the more rural part of Goa where work is not so easy to find and getting a job in the larger places will involve a long journey. His young brother has had covid, but is ok. The whole family had to go into isolation. He earns very good money on a ship compared to what he would make at home and supports his family on it. Each individual is different and it very much depends upon their circumstances and the sacrifices they are prepared to make, but I don't think the cruiselines will have difficulty in filling positions. As to the mechanism for getting the ships going again I think it depends on whether the ship is in warm or cold layup and what systems need to be restarted. What a complex issue it is! Phil
  14. I think sometimes it's useful for the discussion to be expanded as happened here. Often topics go a little off topic, or sometimes very off topic, right? Phil
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