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  1. I don't have an issue with the cabin or balcony, but have noticed on cool weather cruises that the ship inside does feel crowded, somewhat mitigated by the introduction of The Den. Phil
  2. Yes, I’ve tried it before after final payment. What I’m not sure of is whether this is marketplace specific. I notice the OP is in the US so it might be different to me in the U.K. and worth checking, but my feeling is that there will be a clause somewhere. The other thing I notice is that stateroom categories are often hidden from the inventory during this bidding process. Same for Celebrity. They offer cabins to upgrade to which aren’t for sale. Of course they may be betting on someone vacating to another cabin to free that one up. It’s all a bit of a minefield to understand. Phil
  3. The problem is the OP would pay the balcony price rolled back to when the interior was originally booked. Like Everything pricing wise on Azamara it is not as straightforward as it first looks. Phil
  4. The Azamara document is wrong. The only time you need an evisa for Turkey is if you are flying to a Turkish city or if visiting on a cruise, stay longer than 72 hours. Phil
  5. Same for me Anne and considering you have the same size bathroom as other standard cabins I particularly liked the more open access to the wardrobes, which again are standard size. Phil
  6. It’s not all about size though. Case in point, cruising as I did on Celebrity and pretty savvy with getting cabins with larger balconies (I’ve had corner FV cabins a few times, the 1As on the angle on S-Class etc) it was my biggest concern that those on Azamara just wouldn’t be big enough and I’d hate it. Thing is, when I actually did my first cruise on Azamara I loved it. The smaller cabin wasn’t an issue and I was ready for a smaller ship. It was everything else onboard that was just so much better than I’d experienced. One can take a very statistical approach to the choice you have, but the brochures and number of square feet doesn’t tell the whole story. I seem to remember that you had an issue that your Azamara cruise was cancelled and then you weren’t able to get a replacement cruise at an advantageous rate? Is that right and perhaps that is why you post negatively so often here? Maybe I have that confused in my mind. Phil
  7. And this is another beef and further proof of the way things are. In the past Azamara made a big thing of being solo friendly. Now you can’t even look out for them because some are hidden until one drills into the booking. I’ve also had mistakes happen to me with advertised single supplements that actually weren’t built into the price at all. Hardly a confidence booster when looking to book a cruise. Phil
  8. You know. In the grand scheme of cruising things this is such a non issue, but I'm through arguing with you. Hope your phone now stays silent as far as Azamara is concerned. Phil
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-europe-49680383/torrential-rain-has-caused-flooding-in-spain-and-the-balearics Phil
  10. It depends what questions you ask. Google searching is a much better source of info and Azamara bring on a port guide person in each stop for those who are not sure what to do and want to wing it on the day. I just think you are complaining unnecessarily. And they won't ring you if something is up with your cruise. Email directly to you or your travel agent if you use one. Phil
  11. Sadly this seems to be the way Azamara have gone. So many deals at different times one can't keep up and it's totally confusing. Which is what I think they want for us as consumers. Added to that the fire selling of cabins after final payment is a further slap in the face. If they priced the cruises properly at the start they wouldn't need to do it. The consolidator businesses however are rubbing their hands. Phil
  12. I remember taking a Celebrity cruise to Norway a few years ago as a b2b after a Transatlantic. The average age of guest went up at least 20 years and I have NEVER seen so many wheelchairs, walkers and scooters. It certainly changed the atmosphere of the ship and for me I would not wish to repeat it. Having said that, it was pleasing to see that people could still go on a cruise at their age. I hope I can do it. I guess what I’m saying is be careful of generalising. I believe the Norway cruises typically attract an older demographic anyway. A chance to see some beautiful countryside without necessarily needing to venture off the ship. Corinne, thanks for your critique. I enjoyed reading it. Phil
  13. That does not surprise me at all. Not sure what your detailed questions were, but they are Azamara sales people trying to promote their shore excursion offerings, not port experts. Phil
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