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  1. I had given thought to an Azamara UK guests only cruise if they did one, but I'm having second thoughts about it. It would be a very different Azamara experience and a shipload of Brits does not appeal to me. Phil
  2. Spot on. That is just how I feel about the whole thing. Phil
  3. That's what I think too. The title of this thread is unnecessarily dramatic. Phil
  4. My own feeling is that yes, October is too soon for Europe. At this moment in time I don't see a European season in 2021. If there is it will be much reduced in what it offers. I'm holding off and not rushing in to booking on price. It's all too uncertain for me at the moment. And that includes what the onboard protocols are going to be. Phil
  5. Never had this experience or heard of anyone getting it. Where did you read it, just out of interest? Phil
  6. Oh for sure Sherry, it's a choice (which as I am in the UK is moot because I don't get to do that), but it still doesn't stop me from being surprised that Celebrity did it at all for the reasons I mentioned. Phil
  7. This is such a bad move. We look to Celebrity to take the lead on this, not the other way round. Desperate and wrong to get their guests (who they have no idea of the knowledge they might have) to do this. I have to say I'm a bit shocked they've done it. Phil
  8. Royals Zoom internet is amazing! I agree about the unlimited. It's too stressful to buy minutes if the system happens to be slow on your cruise. I know of one very frequent Azamara cruiser who won't do a Norwegian cruise because he requires internet access to carry on his business. If they do a b2b2b and more as they do they will miss out the Norwegian leg. It's hugely expensive to upgrade the internet and I just don't think it's going to be a priority for the new owner either. Being a destination cruiseline with generally much time spent in port there it's not high on the list
  9. Ya never know. I might see you there Vicki!👍. Hope you and Charlie are doing well. Phil
  10. Well that makes perfect sense. Why would it continue? RCG don't own Azamara any longer. Phil
  11. In answer to the first question, yes. The CC search function is hard to use. If you click on "topic" it will enable you to bring up cruise lines individually. In answer to the second question, it varies. I've been on Azamara to Norway and it wasn't great because of where you are in terms of latitude. The higher up you are the more of an angle to the satellite was how it was explained to me. As you get back towards the British Isles it should be better. I've had very good speeds in some parts of the world.and been able to stream music and video no problems, but of course no guaran
  12. Both Pursuit and Journey are in cold layup so I think it unlikely they would do them. Quest could be ready. Perhaps a couple of test cruises? Hard to say at this time what plans would work. My own view is that the start up of the ships is going to take a while to happen. They will want to be sure and get it right when they do. Phil
  13. These games aren't new and it looks like they might be here to stay, but I will see how things bed down. It's a difficult time to assess this as it's known that cruisers are desperate to get away and perhaps they feel they can charge a premium at the moment. Phil
  14. Fingers crossed it will happen on Journey soon.🤞 It should have been done by now, but then of course along came Covid. And hopefully the Den will appear on Onward too. It's a hugely popular and transformed venue compared to what it used to be. Phil
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