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  1. You can watch the interview here. I actually thought he came across much better than his two previous addresses to travel partners. No false promises and empathic I thought. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2020/05/21/watch-cnbcs-full-interview-with-royal-caribbean-ceo-richard-fain.html?__source=sharebar|facebook&par=sharebar Phil
  2. I think he came across much better in that interview than the two previous ones he addressed to the Royal Caribbean travel partners. Phil
  3. Honestly? I still feel the same and in fact there is evidence here now that things are starting to happen and the patience is paying off. Rather than a black hole of information there was at the start of this awful crisis. Phil
  4. sunllover, I hear you. I think I explained myself sufficiently in my posts here. You have been very vocal and posted multiple times on the subject. I've got a right to express my opinion here too. I hope you also are able to get closure and move on. Phil
  5. I have no inside knowledge of how Azamara operates. Or were you just being sarcastic? See my reply to Riocca. Phil
  6. Yes, that’s what I meant and in no way a put down of those waiting for refunds or an excuse for Azamara. Just an explanation of why they appear to be promising long and delivering short. I’ve seen similar things happen in my own work environment and other parts of day to day life. It’s not right, but it is human nature and happens. Fingers crossed they get these outstanding items sorted out soon. Phil
  7. Al, you are correct! He does indeed live in the Czech Republic. Silly me! Hope you and Donna are well. Phil
  8. I may be overly pessimistic (as I've already started), but do you think that the UK will be ready to welcome a cruise ship in July? I don't. Two hopes. Bob Hope and no hope, but fingers and everything crossed I'm wrong. You wouldn't get me on a ship this year, even if it was physically possible. Phil
  9. That's interesting. Thanks. Will just have to see what happens. I know many of the crew transferred to Harmony of the Seas and are headed to Barbados before flights home to the Philippines for example. It's a huge operation. I really do not want to be pessimistic, but wonder what is next? All three ships aren't going to get back in service at the same time. Oh and Captain Carl lives in Isle of Man. They could drop him off.😗 This is all conjecture. None of us know what is going to pass. Phil
  10. John, I get the frustration, but suspect much of the lack of honesty by Azamara stems from being backed into a corner with an inundation of claims and most probably a lack of patience and understanding of the issues by some of the claimants. Glad to hear it looks like you now have an end date. 🤞 Phil
  11. Yes, you get a Zenith pin, but Pinnacles definitely wear them. It's a badge of honour that I really don't understand. I've been cruising a lot on Azamara ships for the last 8 years and if you are talking of catching germs as opposed to the larger ships and in spite of cleanliness claims made, I've found no difference. I still pick colds up. Actually probably more on Azamara. Phil
  12. That's good to hear Lynda. I had similar experience with the credit balance sitting on my Amex credit card, but once I knew at least I had the money then was happy to exercise a bit more patience. Phil
  13. Me too. I know so many of them and chatted. about their lives and families. I can't imagine what is going through their minds ah the moment, but we all need to just keep the faith that they and we will be able to return. Phil
  14. Perhaps because it might have a bearing on places that Celebrity does go to? Phil
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