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  1. The ship does not move, you can see a little from the upper decks or you go to town to see it closer in. Some guests book packages for dinner cruises privately
  2. Verifly has worked! We have all our papers checked got the green ticks and our boarding passes are in our iPhone wallets - phew. Mind I’ve also printed paper copies of our accepted UK PLF our Greek PLF and of course the hardcopy of the test result the ship provided. Of course all this for uk guests will soon be a thing of the past but we have our badge of honour for mastering it 😀 Now this may or may not excite some guests. We believe this roll out had started pre pandemic but two changes in the shower/en-suite. A handy nightlight (and not that the predecessor bothered us) A very different definitely non cling shower curtain of a weave fabric is with us.
  3. It’s lovely for all the hard working crew, three live cruises and one test cruise and zero positive covid cases. So pleased for them! The ship provides you with a hard copy of your results but if you registered pre check in on the site link sent with the embarkation papers you can see your results online much quicker which helped us complete Verifly so hopefully it will be very straightforward with BA from here on in.
  4. I did but was left to feel like the out of date ignoramus! Grandma is right I think a lot of urban myths are created. It’s all to force a hard sell!
  5. Yes we sensed the knowledge was very very rusty
  6. You can’t buy them unless on the ship You then have an open reservation that has to be used by 2039! When you are ready to book back home you then use that reservation number to convert it to a named booking getting your loyalty discount on the price of that booking which is priced at the prevailing rate on the day you convert it to a named cruise booking
  7. No we’ve used them with our travel agent before hope we can again!
  8. Currently onboard and am struggling a bit with information from the Cruise Again associate/manager. We aren’t entirely happy with the current deal and are happy to play the waiting game. Initially we were told we could not have Cruise Again Open passages for an onshore booking as they’d never existed. Corrected that misnomer to be told it’s now been withdrawn. Challenged that one and now after 48 hours we have the certificates. The sales pitch is now high pressure spiced with what some might consider emotional blackmail so today when we said we would not commit to options that were priced for us we were also told best price guarantee only applies to bookings made onboard. I have checked the UK website and it’s still there but the associate says now the website is wrong. Does anyone know when the guarantee was withdrawn for new UK bookings made shoreside?
  9. So hope it changes- all we can say is we hope to have the trailblazer badge of honour for forms and testing!😂😂
  10. “White Nights” - ok it’s not what it used to be but it’s a great evening. They are serving the same reduced set menu in Windows and Discoveries. I’ve posted it below - the salmon is to die for and the lemon tart is so lemony, it’s a star. Socially distanced chairs on deck but given the ship is only a quarter full the dance floor is busy. They are also coming round and round with lots of nibbles but I’m too well fed from dinner! Santorini is a lovely spot for such an evening and we are really enjoying it!
  11. An update on disembarkation testing. This week it is being done in Mykonos (one day later, the Friday.). Good news for anyone staying overnight in Athens it probably now gets them home but for us flying home on the day of disembarkation it’s now wiping out tomorrow night in terms of then doing all the other locator forms and submit to Verifly which we need confirmation of before we can do online check in. The results in a format we can use for forms will not arrive until late afternoon at the earliest. Really big let down for us The ships WiFi is so slow it’s very difficult to get logged into the UK government PLF site and then the connections drop so you have to log back in, get more text authentication codes and hope you don’t get kicked out …… So my big advice is at present DO NOT if at all possible fly home on disembarkation day. Take that day in a hotel and decent WiFi to sort things out even if it means another tests - sounds like all the hotels have connections and even some set up taxis to local test centres.
  12. Thanks to Huntingdon we took the boat trip around the caldera shore excursion. If he had not spoken about it we would not have realised what a good trip it was so huge thanks. It was excellent covid secure they expected us to wear masks all the time but we are ok with that. Here are some pictures
  13. Yes classes are offered and other gym kit is free to use without booking. DH has been in and enjoyed socially distanced exercise
  14. Ok a report on an Azamara excursion from Heraklion to the deserted former leper’s colony The Island of Spinalonga and a snack lunch at Plaka. It was a five hour trip. The good There were only six on the trip, the bus was socially very distanced The guide was very good The less good Forget social distancing on the boat but we’d been asked to wear masks so some mitigation - the instructions on boarding were wear masks and stay 1.5 feet apart. Mask wearing wasn’t enforced and distancing was impossible- at least we were outdoors! At lunch we were all required to sit at one table indoors no alternative- that seemed wrong after all we’ve been through on the ship. But the platter was delicious! So if you can cope with the less good and are traveling soon it’s a good trip to do, very interesting history the island has had from Venetian times. It’s being slowly restored.
  15. Yes I meant to highlight this earlier sorry. Suites only in Aqualina have a reduced version of the menu served in Discoveries for breakfast. If this is a covid precaution fine but I doubt it is as Discoveries is pretty empty as is Windows. I think those that are there like to feel special so I suspect that change could be here to stay. Even if I was in a suite (which I’m not) I prefer breakfast outside whenever weather permits
  16. The current sale for UK guests is very very poor particularly if you already have free WiFi because of room type or loyalty. We thought instead as we were onboard we would buy some Cruise Again open certificates to cover what we were going to book plus some more we have in mind but can’t yet commit. In the past Azamara got a lot of our loyalty that way as we could preserve our Platinum discount. They also don’t seem willing to offer a substitute perk to WiFi which is very much a RC mindset, so as it stands they won’t be getting £20k of bookings. Their loss unfortunately. Unfortunately the future cruise sales person had never heard of these cruise again certificates and says they no longer exist as they prefer you to book onboard and rely on your “one free move” under best price guarantee. Absolutely barking mad imho especially as the certs are still discussed on the UK website. My late bookings (work frees up space last minute) always went to Azamara using certificates now we will shop around. Sad because we are so loving onboard and being back but then you find it’s not yet newco it’s very much either oldco - or newco is actually no different. Who knows.
  17. Tonight we experienced Destination Immersion onboard. Now I love Azamazing evenings but I have also been to some not so good ones. This onboard experience was very enjoyable though it only just managed to happen as there was lightning all around- the weather gods stayed with us until literally the last number when it was spitting rain. Pre evening they served a Greek themed menu in Windows and also a mixture of Greek and other dishes in Discoveries so nicer than the pre evening buffet. The show was excellent, nice covers now adorn the “white night chairs” and it was good fun especially when Staff Captain led the officers dancing as a true Greek should. Personally we enjoyed it as much as a trip of ship and for the staff they could really be in control to make it great Some pictures to share some of the evening but not spoil some surprises for those sailing soon.
  18. Today we enjoyed the delights of being able to go ashore alone and just wander. Some pictures from Rhodes. I always get amused by signs…. Tomorrow we will use a ship’s excursion in Heraklion so will report back.
  19. Well I have a sort of update Ryzard goes on leave in three weeks but it’s not clear what anyone’s schedule will be in 2022. Nghafira (sp) will cover and hopes after her holiday (not in NZ) she will return to quest but does not know. However for previous Azamara guests you will be interested in an announcement made on Sunday at the Captains welcome. This gentleman has been promoted (well deserved in my view) and will go into training next week as F and B/Hotel Director. What a sensible promotion Yes it’s Rob Doeffler now with hair 😀
  20. A little change I love. Grab and go boxes from the living room to enjoy where you like. (On your balcony, lounger wherever). I’m so glad to discover it’s not soup but one of the nicest freshest salad pots delicious lunch we shared today.
  21. No way sorry different mineral composition which affects me . Happy now to have that and Evian but others can take the included product if it works for them
  22. The shop now has some lovely items that would make great gifts. I’m not sure if they are cheaper ashore but these are examples of olive wood. Nothing in this picture is more than $40 and some are as low as $10
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